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BMC UV Gel Nail Art Polish Acrylic Aluminum Nail Wrap Soaking Pad Remover Kit

Gel and acrylic nails removal kit. Easy way to soak your nails while making less of a mess. Works for both fingers and toes. *INSTRUCTIONS*: (1) Sand the tops of the nails with the 180 grit side to rough up the gel/acrylic. (2) Saturate the sponge with acetone. (3) Wrap foil around finger trip with sponge placed on top of the nail. Wrap securly to keep heat in to help soften gel/acrylic. (4) Soak for 10 minutes minimum. Certain colors/brands may take longer. (5) Remove foli and and gently remove remainder gel/acrylic with the cuticle pusher given in the kit. *NOTE*: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. b.m.c is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. The b.m.c trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • STOCK UP ON YOUR GEL REMOVAL NECCESITIES! Kit comes with 100 pre-cut aluminum soaking strips.
  • LOAD UP WITH ACETONE and set the cotton sponge on your nail and wrap to soften the gel polish.
  • BEFORE WRAPPING YOUR NAILS, use 1 of the 2 nail files (100+180 grit) to break the top lair of gel.
  • IT�S A MAGICAL TOOL FROM THE NAIL GODS. Kit also comes with (1) stainless steel cuticle pusher.
  • WHETHER YOU HAVE GEL OR ACRYLIC NAILS, this kit is a winner for all DIY nail art manicurist!

Honest reviews


I’ll pass next time

The product is what it describes but I feel it’s pointless. Acetone still gets on your fingers, it’s just a wasted step, I feel. Takes much longer to do, too.

Eleanor Geneva, NE

I love bundle monster.

These really work nicely. The foil is super thick and they really take on the shape of your fingers, which of course is necessary if you want the little pad soaked in acetone to stay right on the nail. And of course you need that otherwise what is the point.The pusher it comes with is very nice but slightly wide for the tips of my fingers? Works though. The emery boards are VICIOUS. They will tear some stuff off of your nail. Very efficient!! Great bundle and I will rebuy when I run out.

Nellie Atwood, TN

Great wrappers for gel polish removal

These wrappers work great and I was actually able to reuse them. Not sure if I was suppose to but didn’t have a problem with results.

Maryann Hill City, ID

Great set – everything you need except acetone

This is a good little starter set for removing gel nails. Just FYI, you can easily use these more than once if you just unfold them when you’re done and let them dry. I sometimes use these 5-6 times before throwing them away. It’s not like they’re a ‘germy’ item, so if you just save them they give you more than a single use. In fact, I often just remove the gel from one hand at a time (so I can still go about the house and do things) and just use them same foils – slipping them off the fingers and then onto the other hand.

Rene Pacifica, CA

Works good for polish removal

I like that it isn’t a mess trying to remove polish. Polish and remover are contained in the wrap which makes removal easier. There is a little pad that you put the polish remover on and then fold the foil around your nail and finger. It’s easier than the method that I used previously and I think this is worth the costs. Two nice sized emery boards came with the kit.

Verna Glendora, MS

Great kit!

This has two files, and a cuticle pusher which helps with gently sliding off the gel polish. The foil is nice and sturdy and wraps around the nail very well. I will defiantly repurchase this kit again at 8.99 it is a fantastic deal and will keep me coming back. A+

Karin Deltaville, VA