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BMC 2pc Facial Skin Care Beauty Ultrasoft Pore Cleansing Spa Wash Massage Exfoliation Brush Set

Maintain your natural beauty with the help of this innovative facial cleansing accessory! Abrasive scrubbing can cause micro tears to your skin, making you more spot prone as bacteria can easily get inside and cause breakouts. This set includes 2 Ultrasoft Pore Cleansing brushes to aid you in a deep, gentle cleanse! When dealing with big pores, blackheads, or other pore related grievances, rely on this Cleansing Brush for an effective cleaning experience. Made from refined, anti-bacterial synthetic bristles, these brushes are gentle enough for daily use. When dry, the bristles are extra dense and feel as soft as a cloud! When wet, the bristles can help you reach places that your fingers can’t, adding to the effectiveness of this item. You will be able to create a dense lather of your favorite facial product with the assistance of this brush. HOW TO USE: Wet the brush with water and add a small amount of your facial cleanser. Gently massage your face in a circular motion. Once cleanser has been thoroughly massaged on the face, wash off skin with water or a warm, moist towel. After use, be sure to rinse the pore cleansing brush and squeeze out the excess water. Hang in a well ventilated area for driving and optimum upkeep. **INFORMATION ABOUT SET: Pore Brush Size: 3 in x 1.9 in. NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. b.m.c is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. The b.m.c trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • Maintain your natural beauty with the help of this innovative facial cleansing accessory.
  • MONSTER deal for a bundle of two brushes! Usual market price for one brush is usually $25!
  • Great when dealing with big pores, blackheads, or other pore related grievances.
  • Created with 290,000 tiny specialized bristles, this brush can help you reach places that your fingers can’t and get all the grime out of there!
  • Gives a deep clean, but is gentle enough for daily use.

Honest reviews



I know you’re supposed to not scrub your face but these brushes are just too soft. It feels like you’re not doing anything at all to your face.

Cherry La Pine, OR


After reading great reviews, I was really excited to purchase this item.When I received the item, it was exactly the way I expected from all the positive reviews that it received.The bristles are really soft. Additionally, before buying this item, I checked to see if it was anti-bacterial bristles and it was stated that it was.However after I started using this brush, I started breaking out even more! I was really disappointed with it. So instead of using it on my face, I use it for my body now.I gave it a two star instead of a one star because I actually love the softness of this brush.

Kathleen Woodsville, NH


This brush is much softer then other brushes I have used and it works better without leaving red marks on my face. The red marks with the other brushes went away quickly but this brush does a better job of cleaning pores. It leaves your face smooth and pretty.

Hannah Hixson, TN

SO Soft!

Ordered these and am so thankful they don’t scratch my skin like previous ones. One for travel and one for home!

Eve Rociada, NM

Sooooooo soft

at first i was confused, but they really get the makeup and dead skin off without being too abrasive. i use this at nite and my clarisonic in the morning

Shari Dunsmuir, CA