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Blum Naturals Dry and Sensitive Skin Daily Cleansing Towelettes with Chamomile, 30 Towelettes

Daily exfoliating towelettes formulated for dry and sensitive skin certified organic to NSF/ANSI 305 standard 100% viscose towelette.

Key features

  • Formulated for dry and sensitive skin
  • Certified organic to NSF/ANSI 305 standard
  • 100% viscose towelette

Honest reviews


Absolutely lovely!

These towelettes are awesome! I usually wash my face in the shower with mild facial cleansers, but these are great for those late night outs or for a quick refreshing cleansing. They smell absolutely fabulous and very mild, great for sensitive skin. I like them so much that I added them to my auto ship 🙂

Margaret Morganfield, KY

Love these!

After finding out my other favorite make up wipes were tested on animals (Garnier, Olay, Neutrogena), I went on a quest to find a great wipe, that was eco-friendly. This is it. I tried a ton of other organic wipes, most were too fragrant (I have sensitive eyes and hayfever), some were way too small for the prices and others just didn’t take the make off completely. This is a great size, has a nice light fragrance and really takes the make up off. I’m ordering more today. Very glad to have found this product!

Tonia Worth, WV

I had to return it

I have used and liked other Blum natural cleansing wipes. This one is loaded with sickening perfume. They don’t mention this in the ingredient list. I had to wash my face after using one because the odor was so overwhelming, but the smell was still apparent. I don’t think this is just a plant based scent, as they claim. It smells more like a chemical additive, like parfume. But if it is truly “plant based” they went waaaaay overboard. On the Pro side, all the Blum wipes I’ve used do clean well and are a convenient alternative to remove make up.

Roseann Lacoochee, FL

Smells good but doesn’t take off makeup

These smell delicious and aren’t greasy, but they aren’t effective in taking makeup off. They seem to spread eyeliner and mascara around instead of picking it up, giving me black eyes. I bought this for the EWG rating but will go back to the Neutrogena brand for the convenience.

Becky Pine Grove, WV

Smells nice

I think I read a complaint on the smell of this product. I disagree. I think it smells really nice. Sort of earthy – not sweet perfumy. The towel size is nice and big, they’re adequately moist, and they clean my skin and remove eye make up. And they’re not full of garbage. I’ll keep my subscription to these.

Mindy Mid Hudson, NY

Smooth skin

Trying not to clean my face with soap as it has over the years completely stripped my face dry, and with a combination of other things (like purified water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar) i found this stuff is awesome. It wipes of any dirt or makeup (not really mascara though) and leaves the skin feeling super soft and not dehydrated. Smells a bit like baby wipes though, but that doesn’t bother me as the scent is still fresh and clean and fades after a few minutes.

Mariana Gold Hill, OR

Nice product, a little drying

I love that this is organic and it feels nice on my face. The scent isn’t the best but I can easily see past that. It’s also a little drying so I have to moisturizer immediately after.

Johnnie Fletcher, MO

Love these towelettes!

They are very soothing and great for taking off makeup without irritating my skin. I have Rosecea and have a hard time finding mild cleanser. Glad I found these!

Gertrude Mcloud, OK