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Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, 4 oz.

Used on the beard, shampoo can dry the skin while facial soap leaves an annoying residue. BlueBeards Original Beard Wash gently cleanses both facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath, leaving both beard & face clean, soft & smelling great

Key features

  • Gently cleanses facial hair and sensitive skin underneath.
  • Softens beard and cleans face.
  • Smells great.

Honest reviews


Not for itchy scalp

I tried it because I was suffering from itchy scalp, but this stuff does not work for hair so don’t buy it unless you have a beard or mustache. It does not work on the scalp.

Brenda Hillsdale, WY

Great stuff

Works great. My fiance uses this on his trimmed beard to keep it looking and feeling good. Started with the 4oz size to try it out and now he purchases the 8oz. It is a little pricey, but worth it if you want to maintain your beard and keep it from feeling too scruffy.

Brenda East Kingston, NH

Great man gift with a beard!

Great beard wash! Smells great and helps rid beards of food and smells! Great man-gift! I bought the beard conditioner and a comb with this as well and it made a great set!

Deidre Mount Holly, NJ

Smells Great

Leaves my boyfriend’s beard smelling and feeling amazing. I bought this mostly as a joke for him but he actually really loved it. He has since used all of it and we will be repurchasing in the winter when he grows his beard back out.

Maribel Winslow, NE

It expired….or something.

Smelled great with that lime in there and worked as a beard wash. However, after a couple months (the bottle lasts a while) it smelled horrible. Like it went bad or something. Strange.

Ruthie Ambler, PA


I love beards, more specifically my boyfriends, but I love all beards. So this was a great Christmas gift for him. He loves it and I can even see a difference. Its more controlled, smells good, and it even makes it soft (for a beard).

Lana Glenvil, NE