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Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 16 oz

BLUE CROSS Cuticle Remover 16oz. is Lanolin enriched to safely and easily remove cuticles without cutting. Removes dead tissue and leaves cuticles soft and pliant. Usage Tips Apply around base of nails and gently work areound cuticle. Wash off nails with warm water. Dry, and nails are ready to polish.

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  • Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 16 oz.

Honest reviews


Works well

It works really well for me and makes my finger tips much softer. However I don’t like the fact that the skin under my nails get dry and flaky so I have to watch that and scrub the skin and lotion well after. Otherwise good buy for when I don’t want to do my nails while showering.

Christie Zirconia, NC

Maybe it’s a little too strong?

I put the product into a small dish, I dip my fingers into it and let them soak for about a minute. Then one by one I carefully pulled away the loose cuticles. The product worked very well. That night I noticed that my fingertips felt very scratchy whenever I touched certain types of fabric. Not only had it removed the cuticles, but it also made for a lot of extra "loose" skin all over my fingertips and fingers. If I am to use this again I will do it one finger at a time.Carefully apply it to just my cuticle areas. When it says skin remover/cuticle remover, it really means it. My fingertips and any area that the product touched felt very dry and "scratchy" for the next week. I ended up massaging Vaseline and Aquaphor into my fingertips and cuticles for the next week or so just to bring them back to "normal". Like I said if you’re going to use this product, do one finger at a time, and use a Q-tip or small brush to carefully apply the liquid to the cuticle area only. It is not a thick cream or even a thin cream, it is runny like water, so the best bet is to put it into a little dish, and then apply from there. because if you squeeze it onto your finger you will waste a lot of it, and make a huge mess while you’re at it. This product does work, it does do what it says it is made for, but there is a little bit of a learning curve to using it properly, and a little bit of trial and error to getting it right. So if you have horrible cuticles like me this is the product for you, but please heed my warnings. When your manicure is done, your cuticles may benefit from a strong moisturizer such as Vaseline or Aquaphor.

Bette Hopkins Park, IL


This cuticule remover ir really good. Is very liquid so I use with a cotton ball but is awesome and do what is supposed.

Lydia Anson, ME

I’ll stick to this product.

I was using my second bottle of sally hansen instant cuticle remover when I placed an order for this.Oh my god! this is so effective and I don’t have to wait one minute to get to work.It works so instantly, I do it one nail at a time.My cuticle routine has decreased significantly in time and the result is superior to SH.I pour this to empty nail polish bottle and I still have 99% remained.

Nell Steele City, NE

Works Great but Liquidy

This softens and dissolves cuticles in seconds and works great for at home manicures and pedicures. Doesn’t really have odor. Doesn’t make my skin sting if I leave it on too long.One thing is it’s very liquidy. I try to apply it drop by drop straight from the bottle but it is difficult and sometimes it get everywhere and runs right off the finger tips. Wasteful but the bottle is huge and I foresee that it will last a long time. I’ve also tried putting it in a bowl and dipping my fingers or soaking a cotton ball and then applying to cuticles. But nothing works as well as just dropping it straight from the bottle to the cuticles. I might try putting some in a smaller bottle like an empty eye dropper and see if that works better. I tried this on some thick tough calluses and it didn’t really work on those.

Clara Park Ridge, IL

It works

It works, and it’s very easy to use. Even as a first time user I could easily do it without any difficulties. However, it tends to dry out my skin for some reason so I always need some kind of lotion or cream to apply after using this cuticle remover.The bottle is really big, and I think it will take me years to use this up since I use this only on my hands… Im so glad that I din’t get 32 oz… it would have been very overwhelming. But if you are planning on using this for pedicure, buy 32 oz.

Jan Custer City, PA