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Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil Starter Kit – Crisp – Better Than OPI Avoplex

What it is: A blend of Jojoba wax ester (more than you’ll find in any other nail product on the market!), olive and grape seed oils, vitamins, and scented oils designed to penetrate your nails and skin while filling your nostrils with a divine scent! What it does: Because Jojoba is almost molecularly identical to our body’s natural “oils” Pure Nail Oil penetrates your nails, keeping them strong and flexible. The Jojoba also penetrates your skin, keeping it soft and healthy. Why you need it: Hard, brittle nails break. Strong nails are flexible and bend against outside forces. Pure gives your nails what they need to flex so they break less. Your nails will be longer and stronger! Plus, Pure is the only nail and cuticle oil that works by repairing brittle, chipping, and peeling nails in 3 days (when following the Initial 3-Day Hydration Treatment), eliminating hangnails within 5 days, and visibly reducing skin wrinkling. Crisp Starter Kit: Our Starter Kit is just what you need when you are getting started with our nail oil. During the 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment your nails and cuticles absorb A LOT of oil while they are getting back into balance. Our Starter Kit comes with one 2ml Nail Oil Pen and one 15ml Nail Oil Bottle so you will have plenty of oil to get your nails in balance. Our Crisp scent is an intoxicating and effervescent blend of lemon zest, pink grapefruit, juicy pomegranate and spiced vanilla. We’re pleased to be able to say that Crisp has a 100% LOVE rate among hundreds of customers.

Key features

  • Repairs peeling, brittle nails in 3 days, eliminates hangnails within 5 days, and decreases skin wrinkling
  • All natural ingredients – safe enough to eat – nontoxic
  • Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial
  • Prevents cracking of nail polish, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements
  • Convenient brush pen applicator

Honest reviews


A Real Nail Saver!

I’ve spent the last few months using a jojoba based oil I made myself but wasn’t getting quite the results I was looking for. I’d seen Pure Oil many times on other blogs that I follow but didn’t decide to take the plunge myself until recently.I received my starter kit last Friday, well ahead of the first estimated deliver date, and started right away. My 3 day challenge ended about noon today but I forgot to take the after pic before I put on polish. I can say, however, that I am a customer for life. I saw immediate improvement with the first application. The oil just soaked into the dry patches and made my cuticles feel soft and moisturized. by the end of the day, I felt like I was constantly oiling but that’s just how dehydrated my nails were. By today, I was oiling a lot less but my nails still looked well hydrated, even after exposure to water.The pen is easy to use. Just click the non-brush end several times and you’re good to go. Really makes it easy to apply the oil on the go. I tend to apply more of it when using the bottle but no worries. the oil works great on the rest of my hands, too.I had intended on ordering the fragrance free but apparently failed to make that choice when I placed the order. No worries there, either. The Crisp scent is wonderful and doesn’t irritate the scent-sensitive people in my life, which includes me.If you’ve got problem nails and nothing else has worked, give this oil a try. Seriously. My results after only 3 days makes the cost so worth it.

Jade Fort Belvoir, VA

Best cuticle and nail oil out there

OMG! I love it so much…smells amazing, works great, and really gives you strong and beautiful nails.I get compliments all the time on my nails and people actually ask me what I do to make to get them that way.Make sure you follow all the steps and apply it all the time and you will see me

Letha Matherville, IL

The BEST oil ever!!!

I’ve been using this oil for a little over a year. I’m so glad I got introduced to it. My cuticles are healthy and supple, I haven’t had hangnails in forever, and my nails are strong and flexible!!! I’ve even gotten my husband and daughter to use it. It has worked wonders for my daughter and her excessively dry hands. Another plus is the smell!! Crisp smells amazing, you will catch yourself smelling your fingers. Excellent product!!

Tanya Central City, PA

Improved my child’s eczema

I got this product due to its list of ingredients, hoping it will help my kid’s eczema. My pre-tween was suffering from eczema on her eye lids. It was painful, itchy, and hurt her self-esteem a lot. I tried a bunch of both conventional OTC and Rx drugs and natural products (about a $1000 worth, I kid you not); and this one helped the most. I cannot say it was a miracle – most likely it was a combination of different factors – but I saw an instant improvement with Bliss Kiss. At first we used it with Elidel; now, as a maintenance, we apply Bliss Kiss only.In case you are curious, I used this oil for my cuticles; and did get good results. However, both my nails and cuticles were in a good shape to begin with.I will made do with cheaper oils and balms for my cuticles; but will continue to buy Bliss Kiss to keep my daughter’s eczema at bay.Thank you, Ana.UPD 07/08/14: I just placed and received my third order. NOTHING works better to improve my daughter’s eczema. She still gets flare ups as we were not able to find a trigger, unfortunately. If it’s really bad, I have to supplement Bliss Kiss with a tiny dab of Elidel. However, most of the time oil works without any added harsh (and very expensive!)drugs.

Ora Damascus, PA

Absolutely love this stuff

Absolutely love this stuff! It definitely works! I would try to avoid touching your face because of the oils but otherwise no problems.

Loretta Knowles, OK

cuticle and nail oil

I have used the 3 day and it has helped my cuticles alot and my nail look better so I will keep using

Laura Liguori, MO