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blinc Liquid Eyeliner, Brown

Brush it on! Slide it off! blinc is the original liquid eyeliner invented to form a water resistant layer of color that contours your eyes. Since blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliner, it cannot fade, smudge or flake even if you cry or rub your eyes. Made in Japan.

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Okay, so I’ve been going through this big eyeliner crisis in search of the perfect eyeliner. Alot of them have been not so fantastic. I recall seeing Blinc eyeliner in an upscale beauty book and I’ve always thought about purchasing it. I was excited when it arrived and tried it on the next day for work. About 30 minutes after putting it on, I had little smokey rings under my eyes and a couple of flakes where the eyeliner must have touched my lower lashes and flaked off. I rubbed at the rings which made most of the eyeliner evaporate and made me look like I had two black eyes. Later that day, the eyeliner had completely sweated off. I believe in second chances so I tried again. The next day, same thing. Two black rings under the eyes and a partially sweaty mess, then nothing by days end. Additionally, the brush offers little control. If you get too much on, you will look like Alice Cooper after a long night (although some people might enjoy that ha ha). I didn’t find that this had any staying power or special qualities that the containers boasts about. I also find that if you have fair skin, it kind of leaves a “dye” or a faint black impression under the eyes (that’s not just my undereye bags thank you very much). For the money, I expected more. I think they call it “Blinc” because the second you do, it’s gone. Anyway, the quest continues.

Nita Bedford, MI

Great washable eyeliner, need get used to with the brush

I bought this eye liner because their mascara was so popular for its washable formula. I wanted to have a washable eyeliner so it would be easy to remove at the end of the day and the price was a lot cheaper than Givenchy eyeliner. This is exactly what I had anticipated as far as the formula goes, it was very easy to remove with warm water and there was no residue. However, the design of brush and long handle would need some time for practices even with a person like myself who’s been using fine eyeliner brush for over 10 yrs. I took 1 star out for the design of the long handle, but would definitely recommend to a friend. This eyeliner looks like it would last about 3 months, great volume.

Carolina Cos Cob, CT


I have had problems with my eyes watering and my liner and mascara running. This does not happen with this product. LOVE it!

Lela Jump River, WI

The best liner ever!

I love this, and combined with Blinc Mascara, I can have great looking eye makeup that lasts all day without smearing or smudging. My tip: get a separate eyeliner brush with short, flat bristles. This gives me a lot more control than the brush that comes with it. I paint the edge of my brush with the Blinc brush, and then I can draw any kind of line I want. I love it and it makes my eyes look huge. Comes off easily with water and a light touch from your fingers. Mistakes can be removed with a damp Q-tip.

Hollie New Cumberland, WV

A fan of Blinc

I’m a hugh fan of blinc eyeliner. Stays on until you remove it. The brown is nice with blue eyes.

Marietta Sabattus, ME

Great Product

This is a great product. It’s easily applied and easy to remove. Lasts all day.

Teresa Huntington, WV

It’s fine, but not special

The color is lovely. The application brush is fine quality. However, the product does not suit me. It stars to actually flake off after a few hours of wear. It is not as durable as their fabulouse eyeliner, not on me anyway.

Johanna Whiting, KS


Best eyeliner I have used. Does not smudge and goes on so easy. Blinc products are number #1 on my shopping list!

Krystal Elgin, MN

Best water-proof liquid liner I have ever used.

I have used so many liquid liners and, even when they advertised to be “water-proof”, they always smudged at the corner of my eyes when my eyes got waterly. I found this eyeliner by chance and gave it a try. This stays on all day! You will need a good eye makeup remover to remove this liner. I had this on when I went into labor, and after 30 hours, a nurse thought I had permanent makeup. Because the applicator is a small thin brush and not a felt-tip, it creates a rather cool, sharp look. If you want to create bold, thick lines, this may not be for you. Also, it is cheaper to buy through Amazon (Prime) than to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Thelma Seymour, IA


This eyeliner is unbelievable….I’ve tried everything…this one does *NOT* run. It dries to a strip that comes off when you wash your face at the end of the night. It lasts 10 hours straight. I’m a huge fan.

Janna Eldorado Springs, CO

No more raccoon eyes

I wear contacts and touch my eyes often. This has been the first product that has not left me with raccoon eyes in the afternoon. It’s great!!!

Meredith Iaeger, WV


I’ve used Blinc for years -best eyeliner around. Then they changed the packaging and the brush. The new brush is HORRIBLE. Goes on way too thick and is difficult to work with. What I ended up doing was buy a eyeliner brush which fits into the container and use that. I so wish they would return to the original packaging or at least the old brush which was so much better. The product itself is awesome!

Denice Nerinx, KY