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blinc Lash Primer

Your lashes are exposed to the same environmental stresses as the rest of your body. Additional demands like continuous mascara application, curling, pulling and rubbing can lead to fewer and thinner lashes. Lash treatment is something that is often overlooked, yet your lashes play such an important role in how you look. That’s where our lash primer comes in. blinc lash primer was developed with two objectives in mind, lash/eyebrow treatment and eyelash enhancement. Whether your lashes are tiny and require a larger base with which to work or you are simply looking for incredible volume and length, blinc lash primer is the solution. Developed by blinc to complement the blinc mascara, our lash primer provides a greater base of volume & length for your lashes, prior to applying your mascara. blinc lash primer is dye-free and does not contain any fumes or fragrances that will sting or irritate your eyes. It contains anti-inflammatory and healing agents to soothe and enhance the strength of your lashes/eyebrows while increasing their resistance to breakage. blinc lash primer is also enriched with Vitamin E which nourish by replenishing and augmenting the level of Vitamin B5 in your lashes/eyebrows. Together, your lashes/eyebrows are protected from damage caused by over-heating and/or over-drying, free radicals caused by the natural body process and environmental stresses like ultra-violet light. blinc lash primer imparts long lasting moisture, conditioning your lashes/eyebrows without any build-up. But that’s not all: as additional coats are applied, the ingredients work together to build up a greater base of volume, allowing even people with barely-there lashes to notice an enormous difference. Best of all, blinc lash primer does not require any eye makeup remover. Like all blinc products, simply use warm water and gentle pressure for removal.

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forget the primer

I LOVE Blinc Mascara. I bought the primer to build up my lashes. Well, it did build them up, but the number of disappointing results I experienced when I applied the primer prior to my mascara was enough to feel I’d wasted my money.It makes application of the mascara more difficult, it becomes brittle and causes the mascara to flake off and most importantly, removal of Blinc Mascara is difficult. Forget the primer and stick with the Blinc

Sherri Collison, IL


I have used lash primer before, but never saw the point. I’ve been using the BLINC mascara for over three years now and decided to give the primer a try after reading the reviews. What a difference! It makes my lashes look thicker without looking clumped, as long as I do not over do it on the primer application. My BLINC mascara actually stays on for 24 hrs without flaking.Amazing.

Nadine Hunter, NY

Fantastic Stuff!

I’ve used the blinc mascara for years because it’s the only thing I can find that truly stays on your eyes. Lately I felt like it was damaging my eyelashes, so I decided to try this stuff. It’s amazing! It makes my lashes stay softer, helps the mascara go on and come off much smoother, and gives me about double the volume that I was getting before! I will never go without it again!

Isabel Freedom, WI

WOW! Longer lashes!!!!

I’ve been noticing that almost every young lady has unbelievably long lashes these days … and then one of them peeped out "lash primer" so … being that I live rural, but still want to look great … I went to Amazon, bought this brand, since I love the mascara … and WOW! Long beautiful lashes – no allergic reaction – full thick lashes – and then I used the blinc mascara on top – I used 2 coating of the primer …. I have to say again … WOW!

Sydney Bassett, AR


This was great for a month until it dried out. I never had a primer that dried out but I won’t be buying again.

Felecia Lakeside, MI

Not for me.

Meh. It goes on pretty dry and flaky. My lashes look crunchy and don’t hold a curl. I’ll be sticking with my Dior primer.

Krista Oswego, IL

Definitely use this before you use your blinc mascara

In agreement with a lot of the other positive reviews, this definitely makes your eyelashes appear more full when used in conjunction with the blinc mascara. My eyelashes also feel softer when I use this with the blinc mascara vs. using the blinc mascara alone.

Marilyn Tupman, CA

Indeed, must have!!

I’ve been using blinc mascara for about 5 years now. It’s an excellent mascara that doesn’t rub off during events of the day and is easily removed in the evening – without leaving the black/gray film that other mascara’s leave after removing. The one minor issue with blinc mascara is that it really doesn’t build up nicely to give that thick lash look.blinc Lash Primer fixes that. I put the primer on first. By the time I have the brush back in the tube, I’m ready to apply the mascara. No down time required. The mascara goes on and covers the primer easily and the end result is pretty good.

Myra Bluffton, SC

Blink Lash Primer

I purchased both the Primer and the Blink mascara and sooo glad I did! Way beyond good -it is GREAT !I use the primer in the morning under the mascara. Alittle goes a long way. Then follow with the mascara,again it does not take much. The results are beautiful. Long, silky AND thick !I take the mascara off at nite, after a day of no smudges, did not run in eyes wearing contacts, no burning etc.Comes off in little pieces, no black paint mess.I then put on this Blink Primer before I go to bed to nourish lashes.My lashes are longer by the day!This product is like a miracle……LOVE IT AND AMAZON FOR ALWAYS BEING ON THE CUTTING EDGE!!!THANK YOU

Katherine Pittsburg, IL

Okay primer but not worth the money

I love Blinc mascara because it doesn’t smudge, flake or budge at all until I’m ready to take it off but it doesn’t add as much volume as I would like. I was hoping the primer would help, and it does, as it did a great job the first few times I used it. However, I’ve used 2 different tubes of this primer and noticed that it became increasingly clumpy very quickly which made my mascara appear a bit clumpy as well. (I’ve very picky about having clump-free lashes!) I’ve since stopped using this primer and moved on to Blinc Amplified which uses a thicker wand for added volume.

Sasha Sauquoit, NY

Fantastic primer

I used to only buy cils booster by Lancolm, but the price was just too expensive, so I thought I would try this. What a great surprise, I like this better, it really adds volume to your lasher and stays on very well, this is a must buy and I will definitely buy again.

Lottie Slanesville, WV

Great Product

Blinc Lash Primer should be applied to eyelashes prior to applying Blinc Mascara. Heck, you could use this product under any mascara–I like that! And I also use this product on my eyebrows prior to applying my Blinc Eyebrow Mousse (see my review of that product for more information).I believe Blinc Lash Primer does help nourish my eyelashes. My eyelashes are definitely longer after I apply this product. I like that I can apply this product, curl my lashes, and then apply the mascara over eyelashes that have already been elongated by the Primer. The Primer brush does a great job separating lashes, as well.I’m applying this Primer after applying my eye cream (I wait a few minutes). The Primer helps protect my natural eyelashes and helps adhere the Blinc Mascara (again, you could use any mascara with this Primer. See my review of Blinc Mascara for more information on that great product).The product goes on "white" so you will want to use mascara over it. I’ve never worn it alone or longer than a few minutes to see if it stays white. When I apply my Blinc Mascara over it, I first apply to the white tips of my lashes to ensure I’ve covered that. Then I apply to remaining lash area.What I like is that:1. There is no clumping.2. Length of lashes is increased easily by applying additional coats.3. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, skin, or hurt my natural eyelashes.4. This really thickens and fills in my eyelashes as a preparatory step before applying my eyebrow mousse. And covers grey eyebrows really well–yes!!!!!!!!!!!I have no "dislikes" for this product.

Carla Porterdale, GA

I’m in love!!

This is positively a must have for those of us that have mascara on our bottom lashes fall directly under our eyes- blinc really helps!

Melva Pittsville, MD

Very Good but be sure to let dry before mascara!

I love this primer! It makes such a difference before putting on the Blinc mascara. It took me a while to get the hang of it and I finally discovered that you need to let this dry for about 30 seconds or longer before applying the mascara. I am amazed at how long my lashes look and how they don’t smudge (but I think the non smudging is from the mascara). This last weekend I went canoe camping and just for the heck of it I decided to put on some primer and mascara before I left Saturday morning – it still looked fine Sunday night when I came home! (Note: I don’t normally wear makeup to go camping.) However – getting it off is easy as pie. It is so wonderful to start off each morning with totally mascara free lashes since it rinses off so easily in the shower.

Patrice Lemon Grove, CA

gives lashes a boost

Years ago I tried thr blinc mascara and hated it. My eyes have been sensitive lately and I decided to give it another try with this primer. I am very happy with the results because without the primer I did not get as much volume. Together the two products givea very nice result.

Lilian Enigma, GA

I’m a primer fan

I am a big fan of all "Blinc" products since they are long lasting. The primer works as it should.

Paulette Orangeville, OH

Longer Lashes, Peace of Mind

The brush seems to get a bit ‘globby’ more quickly than the blinc Mascara, But I love this primer regardless.I’ve been in love with Blinc mascara for around a year now but have fretted somewhat over how often I find myself doing the specifically ‘wrong’ thing: tugging the tubes off my lashes sans adequate water. I hadn’t noticed my lashes thinning (as someone women seem to suffer with the mascara), but figured that a vitamin-enriched primer might not be a bad idea.This primer substantially amplifies the length of my lashes, and I get the bonus of feeling like I am doing something nice for my eyelashes.

Gwen Mullen, NE