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Blinc Kiss Me Mascara, Dark Brown

Stop painting your lashes, tube them. Kiss Me is the original mascara invented to form tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascaras. Once applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Kiss Me mascara will add both volume and length to give you a radiant natural look that lasts all day. Only when you are ready for removal, the tubes will effortlessly slide off your lashes into your hand without the use of a harsh makeup remover. Made in Japan

Key features

  • Forms water-resistant tubes around lashes
  • The tubes add volume and length without clumping
  • Cannot run, smudge or flake
  • No makeup remover required
  • Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


Dark green is almost like a dark gray

I love Blinc mascara and I’ve tried all the colors. I have green eyes and thought this one would bring out the green. It doesn’t. It’s more like a dark gray so if you want a mascara that’s lighter than brown then green would be great. I like the purple better then the green but if you don’t want to play with the different colors just stick to dark brown or black. You can’t go wrong with Blinc mascara.

Maxine Fairview, TN

new favorite mascara

I’ve used Lancome for years. Lots and lots of lancome. I’ve tried almost every mascara from Maybeline to Too Faced, Nars, Dior, you name them, thanks to Sephora, I may have tried them. I’m a mascara/ big lash freak. I’ve had fake lashes, lash extentions (very pricey), I’ve applied cluster lashes and individual lashes and this is alot easier.This is different than any waterproof mascara I’ve used. It goes on easy. The two part systems are too time consuming and messy like the one Too Faced makes, $40 and what a sticky mess! I always curl my lashes. I think I can almost skip the curl with Blinc. I used this for a few days before I reviewed. I left it on all night and in the morning no racoon eyes. It doesn’t look as good the next morning but it does stay on. I also worked out. my regular 1 hour 40 min routine… no mess. I didn’t find any “tubes” in my bed or on my face. The only way I got this off was to use lots of warm water and a gentle pull. Neither Estee Lauder or Lancome eye makeup remover took off Blinc. But my lashes were all there after removal so that’s good. As for the appearance of my lashes after using, they were long, really long and fatter too without the clumping. (I still use a straight pin to seperate my lashes). My lashes popped! So for the price, and the water proof and the “no raccoon eyes” I’m happy with Blinc. I don’t know if I’ll completely switch from Lancome but I can’t think of anytime I wouldn’t use Blinc. Here’s the good part. My eyes are super sensitive, Blinc doesn’t bother them a bit. I may pick up the purple and brown ones, I’m still thinking about it. I don’t know if I recommend any products to anyone, that’s so personal, but for me this is working fine and I like it.

Kathrine Clearlake Oaks, CA

one only smudge proof mascara

This mascara was recommended to me by makeup artist Carmindy. I will never ever go back to regular ones that make me look like a panda even after eye makeup remover. This is so clean and easy. I have brown eyes and light skin, I just gave a try to dark blue and it looks better/softer/lighter than black. Love it!

Ma Stewart, OH

Buyers Beware

Unfortunately this mascara says ‘dark blue’ but to my eye it is ‘electric blue’. It seemed like the product was dry coming out of the tube, even though the tube was sealed. Sent this right back.

Sylvia Lodgepole, NE

Great color

Really makes hazel eyes pop, where black and brown mascaras subdue. Easy to apply and remove at end of day. Makes skimpy lashes lush.

Veronica Little Plymouth, VA

Great Mascara, Rich Color, no smudging or flaking

Blinc products are terrific. At long last I have found a dark brown that works with my skin tone. With my fair skin, oftentimes, jett Black mascara gave me a bit of a goth look.This mascara is a little different than most in application. Don’t wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second one. With typical mascara it’s often best to let that first coat dry completely. Not so here – read and follow the direction or you won’t get the results you want.This mascara is supposed to encase each lash in color that forms sort of a protective tube around the lash, so while it is ok to keep applying coats while the product has not yet set, if you wait until it’s dry things will start to fall apart and you actually have to start over again.This mascara has a beautiful dark, rich brown color, and when properly applied looks phenomenal. No “spiky” lashes. No clumpy lashes. Just beautifully colored lashes that seem thicker and look very natural.I don’t come home with flakes under my eyes or smudges that give that raccoon appearance either which I so appreciate.This one is a winner and well worth the try.

Alexandra Oak Hill, WV

Great Mascara, Just Wish it Looked Fuller on Me

I have waited a while to write this review so I could get a real sense of the staying power, look, and comfort of this mascara.First, this is the best mascara I have ever tried! It kicks the butts of all mascaras sold at drug stores. Of course, this gem comes with a $24 price tag.It is a great product, it doesn’t flake, stick, or significantly smear like other brands. The color is deep and as described. However, it does not build “dream” lashes…if you have thin, sparse lashes, then you will continue to have them after application. The upside? Blinc is not heavily drying or difficult to remove which means that less often do I lose lashes. It really is like “little tubes” surround your lashes. The mascara can be easily removed with hot water and a towel.One other comment: don’t sleep in this mascara. It will become drying if it gets into your eye ducts. I made this mistake and my eyes wouldn’t open until I immediately removed the mascara with eye make-up remover upon waking. It feels pretty terrible and my eyes were irritated all day.

Annmarie Peabody, KS


This concept sounded great to me, but I can’t use it. At first, I tried to take it off at night in the customary way and had an awful time. Then I went online and realized that you are supposed to use just water and use your fingertips to take the little tubes off your eyelashes. I don’t have thick eyelashes to begin with, and I swear that some of the stuff that came off were my actual eyelashes. I have read rave review about this product, but it is not for me.

Anne Penasco, NM

Best Mascara I’ve Ever Used

This product is beautiful and stays on without smudging. Now, I also use the Blinc Lash Primer first, so I don’t know what the performance would be without using the Primer. I’ll save the primer review for that product.What I like is that:1. There is no clumping.2. Length of lashes is increased easily by applying additional coats.3. Lashes really don’t come off unless I use water AND rub the lashes off. Thus, neither rubbing ONLY nor water ONLY will remove these lashes.4. I don’t need makeup remover to remove these lashes like with waterproof mascara. And waterproof mascara smudges when you rub–these lashes don’t smudge–they come right off without pulling out my natural eyelashes.5. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, skin, or hurt my natural eyelashes.6. Instructions say don’t put on any moisturizer, etc., before using the product because that may make it harder for the product to stay on. Well, I do use my eye cream first, and I wait a few minutes before applying the Primer. So I have not had a problem with the product adhering to my lashes. Again, this may be because I’m also using the Primer first.Also, I use this Dark Blue color even though I’m African American, my eyes are brown, and my eyelashes “appear to be naturally black.” I read somewhere that the Dark Blue color really makes brown eyes “pop.” I was concerned about the color, but now that I have worn it, I will never purchase black mascara again. As an African American, it was important to me that my eyelashes add something more than just length. The Dark Blue color does appear to be Black from far away. People notice it’s Dark Blue when you’re up close and especially when your eyes are wet. Gosh, I look good wearing this color, and whoever said the color would make my eyes “pop” was right.I have no “dislikes” for this product. I really cannot find enough great things to say. It’s worth every penny. And when you start wearing this product, your friends will ask you what you have on your eyes. The next comment is typically “oh I’m going to have to steal that”–:). So you know it looks good on!

Edith Oakford, IN

This is PERFECT if your eyes burn from regular stuff, or you don’t want to look like Robert Smith from the Cure at night’s end

I cannot ever see myself going back to the dull-smudggery of traditional mascara. I ALWAYS curl my lashes before I use this product, and I find that to be a necessity for maximum effect. I mean, why would you blow dry your hair without brushing out the tangles first? Curling is easy and I highly recommend it for this product.The Medium brown is ideal for my freckled Redheaded profile and I have no irritation from the ingredients.The 2 negatives are:1) If this product gets on your clothes – WASH & TREAT the spot Immediately! Or else it will stain the fabric, especially cotton, forever.2) If you are so addicted to reapplying mascara at the end of the day for night time mode, then you will have a hard time getting used to this stuff. You will have to get accustomed to removing your eye makeup and starting over for evening wear. This can be a bit of a pain, I admit, but I also think washing your face at the end of the day is one reason my skin is very clear and reapplying my eye makeup is actually a good idea.

Irma Farnham, VA

Will never break your own lashes while enhancing them!

I have used this product for about 10 years and I will never use anything else. If you like to have natural looking lashes that are feathery and look like your own, only longer, then this is your dream product. I’m a California woman and the tips of my own lashes have lightened from enjoying the sunshine. This product darkens them plus adds to my own length and slightly thickens them as well. I use it for both daytime and nighttime and it washes off with simple water, yet never runs or puts streaks under your eyes. Other products would look good, but leave dark circles under my eyes whenever I rubbed them. I tried waterproof types but bits would fall off into my eyes and irritate them, and worse, end up taking my own eyelashes off when I would remove it later with eye makeup removers. I have used both the Black and Dark Brown colors, but for daytime, I prefer the Dark Brown as it looks softer, but still looks close to black to me. If I am looking for a more dramatic look, I switch to the Black. My eyes are Hazel/brown/green, and my hair color has been everything from honey blond to medium dark brown to auburn. If you have lighter skin and hair, I highly recommend the Dark Brown Color over the black. A really great product!

Cheryl Milburn, OK

Not for me

this product did not work for me. Felt heavy and burned my eyes. I am willing to try new approaches and products but sometimes it just does not work for my sensitive eyes.

Bette Brooklyn, KY

The only mascara that works on my oily eyes!

I have extremely oily and hooded eyelids, and I can’t tell you how many "smudge-proof" mascaras I’ve tried unsuccessfully. At the end of the day, I always had raccoon eyes. No matter what.That all ended the day I tried Blinc. Seriously, not a SINGLE smudge. EVER. It’s been a makeup miracle for me.The only tricky part is getting it off. It comes off easily with water, but doesn’t rub off like typical mascaras. It comes off in "chunks" or "tubes" as others have described. Not a big deal, just make sure you don’t get any in your eye during removal.

Mercedes Livonia, MO

Very happy

Once applied this product almost looks black with a hint of blue. Put it in before you put on face cream and it will last all day. I love not having to fuss over racooning anymore!

Amanda Fairplay, KY

Not So Great

Sorry to say I am disappointed. The product does not flow onto the lashes. Multiple attempts needed to get the look of having mascara on.

Dollie Fort Mc Kavett, TX