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Blendercleanser, The Ultimate Make Up Sponge Cleanser

Modernize the way you clean up! You wouldn’t eat dinner without first washing your hands, so don’t use your Beautyblender repeatedly without first cleaning it. Hygiene is a must when it comes to keeping you skin fresh and healthy. Oil and dirt from your face will stay on your applicators if you don’t take a moment to properly clean them. That’s why Silva and Lorenz offer Blendercleanser, the perfect hygienic companion for your Beautyblender. Blendercleanser is a lightly lavender-scented cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. It’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly and fun to use. Soy has the added benefit of being one of nature’s finest moisturizers and lavender is a natural anti-microbial, so by all means, clean up with class and do it often.

Key features

  • To be used to clean Beautyblender after every use.
  • Blendercleanser can be use on all sponge applicators
  • Blendercleanser can be used to clean your make up brushes too!
  • Specificly designed to maintain the integrity of your Beautyblender.

Honest reviews


Ok Cleanser

After a recent unsatisfactory experience with Mineral Fusion’sBrush Cleaner – 3.45 oz – LiquidI decided to try the Beautyblender Cleanser. The product did a good job getting my brushes clean. I have several light-colored brushes that the Mineral Fusion Cleaner left less than clean. The Beautyblender was much better at returning them almost back to their original color.Overall though, I thought that the process of getting my brushes clean was rather lengthy. It took quite a while to get the rich lather to rinse out and the water to run clear again (and yes, I only used the recommended tiny amount of product). Having to use that much water and being forced to rinse for that long also meant to get the brushes wetter than I would have liked, and several times I got them wet up to the handle – something that should be avoided in order to keep the brushes from falling apart. But how else to get all that lather out?So – the three stars are strictly for the cleaning ability which is good. Personally I think that the same results can be achieved with a mild shampoo for significantly less money. In the future I will go back to theMAC Brush Cleanser 235ml/7.9ozit just seems to work better for me and also is better for the longevity of my brushes, even though it quite a bit more expensive.

Sharon Greenvale, NY

The proof? my dirty sponges become SNOW WHITE. not 80% clean, but 100% clean

I don’t get the low scores on this. I’ve been washing my brushes/sponges for YEARS with different shampoos, facial cleansers, & soaps, from mild to strong, and they only end up 80% clean at best (and that’s after a lot of rubbing). Many times, there’s a residue, especially if you use creams and foundations with your brushes. That’s why i fell in love with Beautyblender’s cleanser — it works to dissolve all the gunk and goo – instantly. My brushes are sparkling. My dirty, sullied sponges become white — SNOW WHITE!The thing is, only an oil-based cleanser truly breaks down makeup. Think about it — would you use baby shampoo to remove your eye makeup, mascara, and foundation from your face? NO! Does Dr. Bronner’s remove mascara? NO! Then why use it on our brushes and tools? That’s fine if you are ok with a 75-80% level of clean, but i’m OCD about cleanliness, AND I’m a heavy duty makeup user — and that means concealer, foundation, mineral powder, mascara, primer — the works. To remove makeup, ppl like me use Shu’s cleansing oils and Lancome Bi-Facils — because they WORK to dissolve oil-based makeup instantly. BeautyBlender’s cleanser does exactly this, yet also rinses clean so you don’t need to “double wash”. It’s like a cleansing oil and surfactant based wash all in one.Despite the price, you are getting the most time efficacy out of this cleanser b/c you don’t spend precious minutes rubbing your brushes and sponges like a fool. My brush cleaning time has been cut by over half! And you get sparkling clean, fluffy, snow-white brushes and sponges with nary a spot of residue. Ultimately, this results in better application and less bacteria on your tools. Better for you!I have never raved about a brush cleanser of all things, but this is legitimately one of the best purchases i made.

Terra Ottine, TX

My go to cleaner

I love it! I thought I could clean the beautyblender and my brushes well without this product – well not after i tried this marvel! It gets rid of every little bit of makeup. It is essential for people with sensitive skin to get their tools really clean and that is why i am a big fan.

Nora Riley, OR

Smells not so great, but this is a GREAT cleanser……

Great cleanser for makeup blender sponges!! This product works great on removing makeup from blenders and also makeup brushes. The smell leaves a lot to be desired, but you only need a pea size amount to clean your brushes. It does not suds up a lot so rinsing your brushes and sponges is super easy. I would recommend this product to anyone from makeup junkies like myself to minimal makeup wearers who want to keep their brushes clean and bacteria free. I will be repurchasing this, if I ever run out!

Monique Edwards, CO

This Stuff Is Great!

Not only do you use this cleanser on the beautyblender but you can use it to clean your makeup brushes as well. There’s no harsh fragrances when you use it, which I like, and it really does a good job of cleaning my makeup tools and the beautyblender. Though, keep in mind that you have to replace your beautyblender every 3 months and the amount that you use to clean the sponge is not that much. You only need to use a little amount to clean whatever it is your cleaning.

Jolene Elmer City, WA

Best cleanser

Using shampoo or soap to clease brushes and makeup sponges leaved residue and marks of product in them, especially foundation. This one cleanses immaculately! Highly recommended.

Aileen Montebello, CA

great product

this cleanser does it’s job! it perfectly cleans my beauty blender! it also does a great job at cleaning brushes!

Mellisa Forestville, WI

Cleans well

I bought these to use with my beauty blender, but they also work to clean your brushes, and has an interesting sweet smell. They do remove make up quite easily, and I find it to be quite effective and mild on my skin and hands when I use it. I recommend this to use with your beauty blender and to clean brushes.

Claudette Shamrock, TX

They Need a Different Bottle!

Stick with the solid blender cleaner; this doesn’t even produce much lather and the bottle is terrible!! All the reviews that say the bottle is a piece of junk are correct – I should have listened and am sorry I bought this anyway. You need to be the Hulk to squeeze this bottle. It’s like glass. I can’t believe what they’re charging for this and they can’t even invest in a user-friendly bottle. Do yourself a favor and either buy the solid version or make your own DIY formula at home!

Jeannie Spiceland, IN

Super Cleaner!

I never thought that I needed this stuff to clean my beauty blender and my makeup brushes because I used baby shampoo…but let me tell you, this stuff gets not only my beauty blender super clean but it cleans my makeup brushes so well that it’s like they’re brand new! I absolutely love this stuff…only thing I have to complain about is the smell…it smells just blah to me!

Aisha Collinsville, IL

you need this

i bought this only to use on my beauty blender which i love, and if you leave the soap sit overnight it gets rid of stains easier. my sigma f80 soaks up excess foundation which is great when applying but terrible when washing, it never seems clean. i used this and all of it came out! i couldnt believe it, it also is really good at keep stains off white hair brushes which i love, its an OCD thing for me to see the stains. honestly i will probably use this cleaner for a really long time it works really well on my dense f80 and all my white hair brushes!

Janie Lochgelly, WV

Works great!

I love this product because it keeps my beauty blenders free of bacteria and they’re like new each time you wash them. It lasts a long time because you only need to use a small amount to get the job done. I also use this product on my makeup brushes as well. Packing and shipping were great.

Susanna Corinth, MS

Solid cleanser, if a bit overpriced.

I purchased the 3-oz size hoping I could see how the cleanser fared against other options available before dropping more money on a larger bottle. Overall, the cleanser does a good job in keeping my blender sponges clean, and I like the light fragrance. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything incredibly special about the cleanser compared to cheaper alternatives.Don’t underestimate this cleanser’s ability to clean out the makeup and grime. Just because it doesn’t froth doesn’t mean you have to drench you makeup applicators to get the job done. The 3-oz bottle will last longer than you expect and will not be as hard to rinse as long as you’re not over applying.

Eva Stockton, IL

Blender + Brush Cleaner !

I love this stuff. A little goes a long way. I use it to clean my beauty blenders and brushes, once per week. No smell to irritate me later. I just wish it were a little cheaper than $10.

Glenda Columbiaville, NY

Works great

This works great. I was skeptical the first time I used it, because the directions mention working it into a lather but the cleanser isn’t very foamy. But when you work it into the BeautyBlender and squeeze it, and of course add water, it does get up a little lather. It’s satisfying to see the makeup residue wash into the sink! I wash my BeautyBlender once a week and this does the job. It looks like new each time!

Rosalind Walland, TN

Good Cleanser

This is a great cleaner for your makeup sponges. Works well for eyeshadow brushes but not for concealer or powder brushes. It last a long time and it doesn’t irrate my skin or breakdown my makeup tools.

Michaela Granada Hills, CA

It’s okay

Nothing fancy to write home about. Just another cleanser. I personally think any hand soap or baby shampoo works just a well. This is kinda expensive for the size. Will not purchase again.

Rae Day, FL


This cleans the Blender Sponge as well as any other product. I may try Joy dish washing soap when this runs out.

Laurie Waynesfield, OH

Great way to stretch the life of your beauty sponge!

I love the Beautyblender sponge and bought the cleaner to help extend the life of my sponge. It only takes a couple of drops to clean your sponge.

Margo Redan, GA

Perfectly complimentary

The perfect compliment to my beauty blender sponge. I love the small compact size. I use very little and it gets my beauty blender clean every time without leaving residue behind.

Mina Inglewood, CA

Smells like lavender, works well.

My favorite thing about this cleanser is the scent. It does work well, I use it on my beauty blender sponges as well as my makeup brushes. I will honestly say though, that Dawn dish soap is just as effective and gentle as this cleanser. I will use it up, but I may not purchase it again for cost reasons only.

Christi Port Republic, MD

Got to have it.

If you need a good cleaner for your sponge or any other makeup applicator you need this. I have used countless different cleaners and this is the best.

Shirley Easton, IL


I love this stuff. It cleans my sponge and gets most of the make up out of. Should have bought the bigger one.

Tracey Rutledge, TN