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Key features

  • 100% Microfibre Tubular – High stretch and seamless.
  • Polygiene Treatment – Fabric remains cleaner for longer without releasing odours caused by bacteria.
  • Moisture Management – Wicks sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable and dry.
  • Breathable – With humidity control, supplying you with air at altitude.
  • 100% Seamless – Reduces irritation caused by chaffing.

Honest reviews


Overpriced and doesn’t work

I have to say that I am not a fan of this item. The first day I got it, I needed to water the flowers in my yard. It was around dusk so I would need to spray for misquitos. I thought I would try this insect shield out instead. I pushed it around my neck, like a necklace and began to water. Within about 5 minutes, I had a misquito bite on my shoulder. Fail. Orignally I had purchased this to pull up over my nose and mouth for motorcycle riding. I think it will still work for that. But way overpriced and the inscent repellent doesn’t work at all.

Elvira Montrose, SD

Outdoor problems solved

I like it more than I thought possible. The fabric is like a soft, thin pima cotton tee shirt. Plus it is very cool against my skin, like instant shade. And no scratchy seams or threads or tags. I got the Buff UV Bug Slinger version and it fits me, a small female, and it fits my husband with a giant head (hat size 7 5/8) too. And it looks really good! Everyone wants to steal it! Forget about Columbia, Coolibar or an off-brand— buy a Buff, seriously. It looks so much cooler anyway.I love the beach, the forest, the water, boats, horses, trails, campfires… but I sweat like crazy, get sun rash, have asthma, am a mosquito magnet. I have tried many things including cotton bandanas, scarves, terry bands, hoodies, hats, lots of sunscreen, deet, worthless herbal bug repellants and "wicking" performance fabrics that don’t breathe and smear your sweat, dirt, sunscreen and deet around. Those have made me gross and miserable. It’s soft, and light and can cover your entire head and neck. I can tell you- nothing else does this in cold and heat. It keeps me ears and nose warm on the cliffs in the morning and blocks the sun from my forehead and scalp midday while absorbing sweat. Pull it up and over to block the blood suckers at dusk or walking through trees. It really shines when used as a face mask for dirt, cold air and smoke because it filters but is very soft and stays put really well.I was worried about the unfinished seams looking sloppy but it looks like a nifty bandana that stays on well. It’s not shiny and has good stretch without stretching out. The print looks so good in person. I watched the video on their website and tried every configuration. I could wear this in public and not feel weird. I will get a Buff headband too (a short version), because this full Buff is a little too much fabric to easily wear as women’s headband. And I’m hoping for tee shirts soon.

Letitia Horseshoe Bend, AR

Love it!!!!!

Its sooooooo light weight and since its multi color I can wear it with so many t shirts without looking odd… my hopes are really high with this buff as this is my first buff ever.. I have real bad sun alllergy on my face especially on nose area and my arms.. hopefully it will help me!! 🙂 an dI t shipped pretty quick too( 5 days)..

Aline Parshall, ND

One of the best Buff designs!

One of my favorite buffs ever. I actually get compliments on it when I wear it!

Cheryl Ava, MO

Buff UV Protection scarf

I’ve been looking for something that will not be hot or slide off my head, and keep the sun off and wick perspiration. The Buff is a brand name microfiber tube of treated fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. This particular model "Santana Red" has the UV protection, and will wick moisture. There are no knots to tie, no clips or pins. It gently clings to the head, and looks like a traditional bandana. But, Buffs come in all kinds of patterns, which I think could be addictive to collect them. Not all the Buffs are UV, which I found out later, but I like the pattern on the 2nd one I ordered. I’ll probably order another UV one in purply earthy tones—they have modern, sporty, geometric and tie dye, animals and leaves, sublimation-look, solids, etc. Ordering them is odd, as each color seems to be associated with various vendors, so I went to the Buffs website, wrote down which style-names I liked, and then came back to Amazon and ordered. That way, you can be sure to get the UV or Antimicrobial or pattern that you want, because the list is just names, and while you can open them up to view and get the specs on the Amazon page, 32 or so list gets pretty long to view.But, the service was excellent, the scarf is pretty, it fits well, and so far has not slipped off even when I tilted my head. I like it, and recommend the Buff.

Michaela East Saint Louis, IL

buff cuff

purchased for my daughter to wear however she wants to! and she has worn it every way possible and loves it. purchased it during the cold weather for her to keep her neck and face covered while she runs in the cold. she really likes it. would purchase again. also purchased a dog cuff for her lab to wear when she runs with her, and it is very nice, too. great product

Patsy Fisher, MN


Don’t be fooled by the photo. THIS IS VERY MUTED, the design, which I think is good, is discreet you can wear without distracting, or making anyone dizzy,lol since the design is" Hypnotic" . I think the white is more of a grey. So give it a try you won’t be disappointed. These are great if you’re doing any housework, painting, riding a motorcycle definitely!.Very versatileThis price is good too!, I buy from another company (catalog) this sellers price is better.

Minerva Tennyson, TX

Love buffs!

I am a HUGE fan of Buff products. I use this one mostly to keep my ears warm and own several different ones. This one is a little smaller than the wool buff so it doesn’t make a slouchy beanie when folded like the wool one does, but its a great lightweight form of protection. I own several and buy them for people all the time.

Shanna Dumas, AR

Love these!!

I like to have something covering my face when I ski. This is perfect as it is thin and quite long. It covers my neck and face without being bulky under my helmet or around my neck. Then doubles great as a headband to hide my helmet hair.

Julia East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Perfect for blocking bugs

Great for keeping bugs off my face and neck while biking – stays cool as well. Wish I had gotten it sooner, definitely worth the price!

Ericka Maybee, MI

Works well for warm weather running

I am a serious runner (1200 miles per year) and over the years have collected an assortment of headbands, bandanas, and other items to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I recently discovered the UV Buff, and now this is all that I use for warm weather running. Here is why:1. The Buff lives up to its promise of wicking moisture effectively, drying quickly, and being very breathable.2. The fabric is very comfortable and very absorbent.3. The Buff can be used in different configurations for head and neckwear. For running I use the “pirate hat,” which takes just seconds to make if you follow the directions included on the package. What I like is that midway during my run, I can make a new pirate hat in which the perspiration drenched front winds up in the back. (Note: When you make the pirate hat the left side of the Buff becomes your skullcap. Just make sure the dry part is on the left side when you make the pirate hat for the second time).4. With other fabrics, a “pirate hat” can make your head hot, but not the Buff because it breathes so well.5. Although you can also make a bandana, note that the Buff does not stretch. I wear a large hat size, and found that the bandana configuration was a bit tight for me.6. This comes in lots of colorful and interesting patterns that look great with any running outfit.The Buff has done a great job this summer of keeping my head cool in the sun and stopping sweat from running into my eyes. I bought my Buffs online at Planet Buff, which I found had a much better selection than the sellers on Amazon, and at prices that were equal to or less than the prices on Amazon depending on the style.Bottom line: If you a a runner you will really like this.Update July 23, 2011: We have been having a record breaking heatwave in New Jersey where even at sunrise the temperature is in the 80s with very high humidity. I went running for a couple of hours and was drenched after the first mile. But on a 10 mile run the Buff not only kept the sweat out of my eyes (I wear the “pirate hat” so it covers my entire forehead down to my eyebrows), but also kept my head cool. This is definitely the best headwear that I have used so far for running.Update October 25, 2011: Although cooler Fall weather has arrived in the Northeast, I still run with the Buff to keep sweat out of my eyes. It also helps to keep my head warm on cool Fall nights.

Sasha Lefor, ND

slightly small

The colors and pattern of this buff are lovely, but for my small head it is a little tight. Perhaps after I wear it and wash it a few times it will stretch, but so far it snaps back to size.

Deloris Hamlin, TX

Buff Review

perhaps it is just the style i purchased, i should have got a different one, its tight on my head, although i have allot of hair, i was looking to buy one to where like a beenie, i will keep it for camping trips and such, and where it to keep my hair down so i can where a ball cap,it should be 10 dollars not 20, they have so many styles it is worth it though

Peggy Riverside, NJ

A must for skiing – perfect as a lightweight neck gaiter or helmet liner

I’ve been doing ski trips for years with a buddy of mine who had one of these perhaps 4 years ago. Last year I noticed them sold at REI and many other locations. Decided to give it try.I was not disappointed – it works like a charm. Just go back from a week at Big Sky. This was perfect as a helmet liner, lightweight gaiter and balaclava. Even though it’s just a thin seamless microfiber polyester tube, I was really surprised at how many ways you could wear it.

Kristina Brimfield, MA