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Black Wig Stand, Portable Wig Stand, Wig Dryer, 6P

Perfect to hold your wig Perfect for natural Air Drying after washing or for displaying wigs when it is not in use. Keep the shape of the wig unchanged, give longer usage time

Key features

  • 6 Pack of Black Wig Stands
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used for daily use and travel
  • Professional hair salon use and home use.

Honest reviews


Great Produce For the Price!

This is a great stand. It does require assembly, but it is very easy to put together. The wig stand is very versatile, and can be used for hats as well. I use mine to display my wigs as well as my hats. I highly recommend this product.

Lilian Price, MD

extremely useful

I don’t have a lot of space to spare for a bunch of wig heads. These are wonderful and perfect for drying my wigs after a wash. I love that they collapse.

Deena Jackson Heights, NY

Surprisingly well made

I purchased these for a couple of wigs (obviously) and they arrived quickly. I was surprised that the plastic was thicker, and not the type of plastic that cracks or breaks in half if it’s slightly bent. They were super easy to put together, all the pieces were smooth and fit perfectly together, and most importantly they all sit evenly at the base. This was a great price for six.

Staci Boyceville, WI

This is a bargain!!

This set is so nice if you are starting a wig collection. It will keep them propped up, but don’t expect to be able to style your wig. This is merely a placeholder. This is a great buy for anyone trying to organize wigs.

Hilary Wellston, OK

worth it

Arrived on time and were well packed and look pretty sturdy for a bunch of plastic hoops. My wigs fit on them easily, so i would recommend these.

Flossie Beaver, PA

These are great

I like these. The face stands creep me out so these are great and work well as I am drying my hair. I would definitely buy more if needed.

Bettye Cayuga, TX

Perfect stands

I like the fact that these stands are narrower than the traditional Styrofoam heads so I can fit more wigs on a shelf. They’re fairly sturdy and won’t come apart easily. Definitely better for drying wigs also. I love them.

Bernice Reedley, CA

Nice Stands!

I really like these wig stands because they snap together quickly,, are affordable, and you can style. wash to dry, or trim your wig on this stand. Great product storing all my wigs!

Eloise Colton, CA


These are very handy, easy to assemble and firm enough to hold even a heavy wig. Definitely worth the purchase!

Odessa West Chatham, MA

A Winner!

Product is sturdy and does what it’s supposed to. Be gentle putting it together-you don’t want the pieces to snap/break.

Rebecca Sabattus, ME

Nice stands

Good quality plastic use for well made stands. These snap together and don’t fall apart with a wig or hat on top. Makes a good drying stand after shampooing. Not so good for styling. a full manequin head is really needed for that. Stands steady in a flat surface with a wig attached. Recommend.

Courtney W Hartford, CT


I live in a small apartment, I don’t have to room for the wig heads. These work well in drying and storing away flat. they are fairly solid when standing had are easy to put together.

Esperanza Tenino, WA

A Purchase That You Didn’t Know You Needed It, Until You Buy It

I didn’t think I would need 6 wig stands, but I quickly realized I like to keep a about 3 wigs ready, and I needed 1 stand to place my wig on at night, 1 to dry another with, and 1 stand available for travel.These are also easy to put together, don’t tip over and the plastic seems to heavy duty enough to last. You obviously cannot style your wig on these as the stands won’t keep it from slipping off if you tried, however for keeping a wig at hand, this is for you.This is truly one of those purchases that you did not know you needed until you got it.

Lauren Emerald Isle, NC

Perfect for what I wanted

I read the previous reviews about not using these for longer-haired wigs. The aside, these are cheap and GREAT for the medium-length wigs that I have! I have a couple masks that I store on these as well and they work great. I will end up purchasing another pack of 6 at some point.

Esther Jeffersonville, VT


It was delivered pretty quick, easy to put together, & I’m going to buy some more, but one had the same two pieces & doesn’t work. The top falls off easily and it it falls off every time I take a wig off, I’m pretty disappointed in these especially because I spent a lot of money and got a lot of them! =/

Hattie Pemberton, OH

they work!

I will have a total of 10 wigs soon and this really helps me keep my wigs from getting thrown around. my wigs are long and I thought would weigh down and knock over the stands but they’re pretty stable.

Elizabeth Lusby, MD