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Black Opium – Auric Blends Perfume Oils

Black Opium… Auric Blends Fine Perfume Oil… 1/3 Oz Roll-on Bottle…

Key features

  • Black Opium
  • Auric Blends Fine Perfume Oil
  • 1/3 Oz Roll-on Bottle

Honest reviews


Ordered BlackOpium got patchauly by DayDream

I ordered black opium and day dream send patchauly… What a junk… I’m not affordable return this item, don’t deal with these junks… Waste of money and trust of amazon sellers… I ordered 3 different products 1) Egyptian Godess scent smell gone after 4days, 2) Black opium that was good so, I ordered again same BlackOpium but 3) got patchauly instead of Black Opium.Thanks and I will sure never deal with you guys.I ordered couple of Black opium by XTremek it’s nice and ordering more… Long lasting, got correct order from xtremek… I like this xtremek seller only..HP

Darcy Rosario, PR


This Black Opium scent reminds me of those cheap Chinese plastic goods you get at the Ranch 99 or those Chinese markets that sell plastic goods – plastic cups, bowls, lunch boxes, etc. I bought it from Amazon but I am very displeased with the scent. I’m more into floral and berry scents like Victoria’s Secret. I don’t think this is suitable for women in their 20s. It has a deeper, earthy, somewhat ethnic scent. I wouldn’t call it a fragrance good to wear. Maybe as a soap fragrance for the hands, but definitely not for the body. It doesn’t smell that inviting.

Carolina Jonesborough, TN

First time wearing black opium

This is my second perfume oil I have the love auric blends this is very lovely sent great seller fast shipping black opium is very different from what I normally wear iam more like fruity type perfume light sents kind of girl but iam very surprised with this and these perfume oil last all day long and great for trips and travel.Found a new perfume I like great job once again amazon you never seem to amaze me I can all ways find something on here.The perfume looks just like the picture did a great job with the shipping will deal with this seller again.

Mary Cheney, KS

Weak Scent

I’ve bought oils for the past 25 years everywhere from the bazaars of Saudi Arabia to the fine perfumiers in Paris and the French Quarter in New Orleans and have always been a fan of oils vs perfumes. For years I’ve made my own scents from oils mixed with various carriers as well. Disappointingly weak single note fragrance doesn’t last long at all..maybe a half hour…poor quality and very weak. At this rate, it’ll be gone in a few days. Not a good value for the $$$ would not buy again.

Sharlene West Lebanon, IN


This is a very sultry scent. I just dab a bit on my wrists and the back of my neck. Then I spray on Marilyn Miglin’s Encryption. I get so many compliments. A seductive woman’s scent. Wow!

Marci Pewamo, MI

Not quite for me

Ive bought several of the Auric Blends perfumes and loved them but this one I just don’t like it. More of a masculine scented oil bordering on aged powder.Its not a disgusting scent, just not what I thought it would be.It would probably smell nice on an older gentleman though.

Rosetta Chapel Hill, NC

Gives “cheap perfume” a whole new meaning!

I’m running low on my signature perfume, and I want to experiment with different fragrances but don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money. Auric Blends perfume oils are perfect for this purpose. You may be able to find these at health food stores, wicca shops, even in a farmer’s market; but the easiest place to find them is here. It’s a bit of a gamble to buy things like fragrances online, especially if you don’t get a chance to sample smells, but for $6 or $7 a bottle it’s worth it. And if you don’t like the smell, you can always give it to a friend.I bought Black Opium and Majik, and I really like both. Here’s what they smell like:Black Opium- A floriental with touches of vanilla & patchouli, smells absolutely intoxicating, you can’t go wrong trying it. It reminds me of a perfume my mom had, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s gonna be one of my regulars. This is probably how Stevie Nicks smells–in a good way!Majik- A sweet woodsy, earthy smell with touches of amber & myrhh. When I first smelled it, it smelled kinda soapy, but on my skin it was sweet and a little spicy, with vague touches of cinnamon. It’s not for everybody, some may consider it headshoppy, but it’s a unique scent and I like it.Keep in mind that these scents will develop over the course of a few weeks, so give it a little time if you’re not sure you like it. I love that these are quality, long-lasting perfume oils with no alcohol or chemicals. The packaging is also very convenient; a small and portable bottle, and the rollerball doesn’t leak. These are great perfumes at a great price, and I look forward to trying more 🙂

Rochelle Wyarno, WY

Not what I was expecting

I wanted to love Auric Blends, based on everything I had read and accidently stumbling onto their perfume oils here I decided to order three different scents, based on their website descriptions. This scent, Black Opium is decent, I suppose but only by comparison with the others that were horrible failures Majik, and Egyptian Goddess. This is the only scent that actually smells okay and stays on you for a few hours. I had hopes of ordering 5-6 others but based on these three, I will not be buying anymore Auric Blends.

Cathryn Randall, IA

Love this stuff!

I love this perfume. It smells so good. I love to put it on, especially after a bath or shower. Has strong staying power, so you don’t need to apply it often.

Erma Dickens, IA

Positively intoxicating

What can I say, this perfume is amazing! It’s rich, spicy, sexy and very womanly. It’s a mature scent without being old lady-ish. Think sultry bombshell draped in rich brocades and silks.

Donna Collinsville, MS

Love this Perfume…

I love Opium oils, I am out and probably have to purchase some more, this is the company to go to for that smokey oil, I love it.

Goldie Terril, IA

Morphs into a smell of body odor

I just simply do not like the smell of this oil. Different body chemistries make the fragrance different on everybody, so you should probably try for yourself. After I first apply it, the smell is like that of Opium perfume. Unfortunately, on me, it morphs into a body odor smell shortly afterward. I didn’t realize at first that it was the perfume oil and was concerned that I was having a sweating problem (even though I was not sweating and I shower at least once a day) – after smelling my wrists repeatedly, I realized it was the perfume oil. I am going to give this to a friend to try, I hope it works better for her. I won’t be ordering this fragrance again.

Janice Hart, MI

Smells Good

This is a great smelling perfume oil. I cannot describe the scent other than to say it stays close to the skin and is very sexy. This particular line of products are all wonderful.

Isabel Hayward, CA

Goes on Strong – Dissipates

No fault of the seller- my perfume oil sat for four days at a USPS facility within twenty miles of my home. Finally, it was delivered, I get to try the product. Goes on strong but does not last. Each persons body chemistry is different, this could be one of the reasons for the scent of the oil dissipating within an hour. I had to keep re-applying the oil. Fragrance is nice, I wish it would last on my body longer.Would I place another order (??????), I do not know .

Adrian Clifton, SC

OMG, it smells like the REAL stuff

I got this in the mail today and walked back home so fast I was so excited! I wanted to smell it! Well it smells exactly like the real presume that costs 2 arms and a body and two legs. My BF smokes and first he said, I can’t smell anything, and I said Well, if you don’t like it its your smoked up nose. He took a shower and I chased him down like a little girl, I said try again, smell it. He said Oh yeah, I like it! Winner,,yippie! I just love it, I am going to buy one for my twin. She Loves this sent as I so do~ Its so exciting I am still so excited!! I do Love it. I am in Bed and put some on! Its Heaven in this bottle! I would say to any women, if your wallet is like mine and you can’t afford the real stuff, then Buy this!

Helga Bellport, NY

Smells wonderful.

This oil smells heavenly. It’s rich and spicy and the longer you have it on the better it smells. My husband was very pleased with the scent and he wears it too. A little bit goes a long way and it lasts all day and into the next day. I would absolutely purchase this oil again!

Graciela Payson, IL

This scent grows on you.

The black opium scent was not a favorite upon opening it (though the sandalwood vanilla I received last week WAS). It has a musky, dark smell to it. I’ve never been a perfum fan so I can’t compare it to any name brand scent on the market currently. I was fairly impartial to the scent to begin with, but I dabbed some on. It did not give me a headache as I thought it might, so I put a second dab on a little while later. I was able to catch whiffs of it all day, the scent has staying power, and it grew on me throughout the day. It won’t be a fave, but it was good enough for me not to label it a dud. I’m sure I’ll try a third and probbaly fourth scent from them in the future, just not this one again.

Alisa Hillsboro, AL

Holy Black Opium Batman!

Whoa doggy! This is a strong, strong scent!!! My first time using it I got nauseous from the scent. I have been wearing perfume and oils since I was 15 and none of them have had that affect on me. I like strong perfumes, but this took the cake. Maybe next time I try it I won’t roll, but dab and then see how it is. The scent was strong all day.

Willie Mansura, LA

yummy smell

This oil smells smooth and it has a soothing affect for me ‘ A little bit goes a long way as well ‘ Great oil, I love it ‘

Gloria Valley View, TX

Very warm

This is a very soft and heavy scent. It probably best suited for an older woman. I use it only as an evening accessory

Sallie Langston, AL

Love It

I love this Black Opium. I have had several compliments. After finding out that the original Opium is no longer "Original" I was not willing to spend the money for it. The reviews for this oil were very good and very well deserved. I will be reordering.

Adriana Grand Blanc, MI

“Black Opium” perfume oil

It does remind me a bit of the well-known perfume, Opium, which I loved. It has a very strong scent, so I would recommend that you try just a little at first. For the low price, it is quite nice. It makes me feel a bit sexy, which isn’t easy when you are my age!! My husband doesn’t like strong scents, though, so it would make his eyes water and nose plug up, but not with endearing emotion!

Willa Sulphur Springs, IN

Great for those who love manly scents

I’m a female but I love scents that are a little woodsy or mossy. The type of scents that a lot of people classify as manly. It’s funny because when I wear scents such as that I get a lot of compliments. I love sandalwood, cedarwood and vertiver. They just blend with my own natural scent in a special way. I love this oils and used it almost everyday whether I was going out or not,

Glenda New Orleans, LA