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Black Opal Oil Absorbing Blocking Powder


Key features

  • Light-weight formula, with unique oil blotters to control shine breakthrough.
  • Leaves skin looking completely matte without a powdery residue.
  • Invisible powder is color-free to blend perfectly with every skin tone.
  • Won’t dry out skin or alter the shade of your foundation.
  • Can be worn alone or over foundation.

Honest reviews


I wanted this to work for me but I fear that it is breaking me out

I purchased this at a local store because I have the tendency to get ridiculously oily, even in the winter time, I need something that will absorb most of the oil. I purchased this with high hopes. In the few instances that I tried it, it seems like I would break out in huge cystic acne in where I applied it. I am planning to give it one more try and if I break out, in the garbage it goes. In the matters of its effectiveness, I would say it does a respectable job of keeping the oiliness at bay. It does not keep me totally matte but at least my face doesn’t look like I slathered my face in bacon grease. But I must warn those who have a deep complexion, do not load it on or else you will have an ashy cast to your face. Just lightly blot it on or dust it on the oilier sections of your face and you are good to go. BTW just to err on the side of caution, do not use if you are planning to be photographed.

Casandra Friendship, WI

Very good Powder for Oily Skin

I saw this Youtube Guru talking about this face powder and how it kept her skin matte and out oil all day and i thought i give it a try since i have oily skin and live in the caribbean , i have to say im very pleased with this product it does help to keep the oil and shine out of my face and since is color free i dont look gray or too white.For me it works very good .

Jerry Lakin, KS

Great for oily skin!!!

I absolutely love this product! It works great alone with no makeup. It absorbs the oil very well and it’s long lasting. Glad to have found something to combat my oily skin.

Concepcion Woodstock, NH

This does not help eith oilies…

I guess like anything if you have oily skin it is going to be oily. There is NO magical powder.

Heidi Camp Verde, AZ

oil absorbing blocking powder

I knew this product would be another "snake oil" product just like the Iman oil absorbing pressed powder, Palladio rice powder and the Neutrogena rice protein shine control powder that I wasted money on ordering; none of these products helped with my oily, shiny t-zone/combination skin problem; shortly after applying the product the shine/oil is noticeable; I will not throw away another cent on any oil blocking products.

Gail Howardsville, VA

Good, but not for me

This pressed powder does a really good job at controlling oil. I have oily skin, and usually an hour after I apply my makeup, I start to look shiny. I was surpriesed when I used this powder, because my face stayed matt for hours. I would definitely recommend this product.Update: 3/17 I had to stop wearing this after a couple of days, because even though it says translucent (it’s white in color), my skin also looked white, and ashy. Maybe this will work for some people with lighter skin tones, but it’s not for me.

Selena Frontier, WY