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Black Long False Eyelashes

We believe it’s your eyes that make you look amazing until you’re wearing some of our fantastic and natural looking eyelashes. For party and daily use. Simple to use and comfortable to wear. Can be removed by eye makeup remover FEATURES: False Eyelashes are highly recommended by celebrities, makeup artists, beauty blogs, TV shows, fashion in house. 10 pairs of eyelashes in natural style. Thickening your eyelashes make them look more curly Popular high-quality and soft handmade false eyelashes How to use: 1. Carefully remove the eyelashes from the box 2. Trim to suitable length and width if necessary 3. Add eyelash glue along the false eyelashes root with cotton bud 4. Hold the eyelashes on the root of your natural lashes with pressure 5. You can apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eyes look more natural. To remove, gently peel false eyelashes band off lid, starting at outer corner.

Key features

  • In order to guarantee the quality of the product & 100% same as description, please choose sold by Ladies Beauty Box
  • Make your eyes look bright and attractive
  • Specialized made by hand entirely,High quality and low price
  • For party and daily use, Simple to use and comfortable to wear! Can be removed by eye makeup remover.
  • 10 pairs of eyelashes in natural style, can be used for many times!

Honest reviews



They’re good for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on falsies. They don’t look very natural, but if you have dark hair and wear eyeliner, they could pass.Before you put them on, cut off the excess band on the sides and make the band flexible by bending it a little bit so it’s easier to put onto your eye.

Erin Pascoag, RI

Lash Band might be a little stiff

Be sure to have enough glue and line them up right the first time. Take your time because if you miss the first time, you might as well trash that lash, clean up and start all over again. Do it when you have plenty of timel if you’re rushed, odds of mis-placement are higher.They’re thick, fun and flirty, great for night time.

Karla Rosepine, LA

Very great buy!

I absolutely love these false lashes. The price is even better. I have ordered more and will continue to buy these lashes. Very great buy. And they look awesome one.

Rachelle Box Springs, GA

not in this country

If you are desprate get it! there is enough to go to war with.I have seen worse.If you are use to the third world they should not bother you.Im going to give them a try.

Natalia Glencoe, KY

Super cheap, really nice product for what you pay!

I got these in the spring, and I still have half of the box untouched. I don’t use them everyday, but on days I do use them I usually will cut the lash up in two and just glue the smaller halves to the outer part of my eye to add drama. I get lots of compliments on them and people don’t believe me when I say I got these online for fifty cents!

Brandi Waynoka, OK

Great for the price, look like the more expensive ones too.

Great for the price, not too costume-y and good to wear daily. if you take traveling take little nail clippers or scissors to trim the tab off the ends though. Tried to pull them off and ruined one.

Marcy Fort Bridger, WY


Only who’s they came with glue but at this price who cares.. they work great kinda hard to put on but the fabulous when u do get them on natural beauty

Madge Worton, MD

Super Pretty! Love Them!

I love these! I try to wear fake lashes a few times a week (if not daily) and I love these!!!! my mom (who never likes my makeup or cares) actually complimented me on these lashes and said they looked good!! I really like them they are not super natural but what do you expect its FAKE lashes but yeah if you like fake lashes I’d say these are a must have to add to your collection!

Bernadette Clear, AK

I can’t say too much more about this product., my wife love’s them and that’s what I was seeking when I bought them, Thank You all so much, I’m a big hit now, even on her job…

Chris Newport, OR

Very plastic-y

Very thick and plastic. I cant imagine them staying on without tons of glue. didnt really like them to wear in a regular bases but fun for costume wear.

Kaitlin Felch, MI

great deal, not that great of quality.

i wear falsies on a regular basis so i go through quite a few pairs in a given month. these arrived pretty fast, being as they came from china. i like these because i love the more "fake" looking false eyelashes, so if you’re going for more natural they may not be for you. for me they worked perfectly. the 4 star is because these are kind of cheap, the plastic strip doesn’t allow for easy bending to customize for your eyes.all in all, i suggest this to anyone who goes through a lot of falsies. compared to paying $6-$14 for one pair that will maybe last a few weeks at the store, this is a great value. will probably purchase again when i run out.

Minnie Ararat, NC

spine is not flexible enough

Spine of lashes is not flexible enough. Plastic is too hard.Does not form to shape of my eyelid, so finished look is not acceptable. Looks like it was my first attempt at applying lashes and I had a few drinks.Lashes are very long and heavy looking, which is great if that is the look you want, definately not natural looking everyone will know they are false, even from across the room. I don’t mind people knowing my lashes are false but these are a little to stageshow for my taste.Quality of lashes is what you would expect for price charged, I ordered hoping that the good reviews were true, but not worth even the one dollar charged.

Alta Pleasant Valley, VA


They take a while, but were faster than anticipated. These are amazing for the price, definitely not an everyday or natural looking lash

Elisha Larchwood, IA

I Love It !

These came in right on time. When you see them up close they are thicker than ever. I haven’t worn them yet, but I can’t wit to put some on.

Elena Tate, GA

cute for cosplay

I just started to wear fake lashes everday I use to only use it for cosplaythis is really good if u just trimmed the side and it really full

Ebony Corydon, IN

Love , love them

I usually order these eyelashes from different sellers but, these look very nice realistic almost look like human hair not too thick and not thin just right I really like these I still will order other styles but I am sticking with these!!!

Corrine Fedscreek, KY

Good product!

These are very cute however very long! I had to trim them alil to blend better with my own lashes but thats ok.

Daphne Georgiana, AL

LOVE! dramatic, fun!

I just started wearing falsies, and I love these! I love the dark dramatic look, you put them on and you look flawless! Of course some can tell their fake but they blend really easy with your own lashes. I actually was able to wear these for 2 and a half days on vacation and they were great! I didn’t even need makeup. I will definitley purchase these again, super fast shipping and I love the price! Not heavy on your eyes either!

Penny Turner, MT

cute lasshes but hard to put on lol

i have been putting on false lashes for the past 3 years on a daily basis and I wear them FOR beyond 14 hours lol I kno the problem isnt my glue cause It just isnt lol (dolly wink glue the besttttt)these lashes are CUTE but its a struggle to apply them 🙁 lol well I wasnt expecting perfection either i meannnn you get what you payed for ^.^ overall i do like them ~ i use them when i dont have any other lashes to use. yes i use lashes everyday because I have none literally i dont =_= never did…… *sigh* lol <3

Dona Zachary, LA


So, I wear lashes a lot. These are my standbys when I dont have my regular Go-To lashes. They are more plastic looking so dont expect natural look with these. They are more dramatic looking too.

Trisha Portageville, NY