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WHAT IS BIOTIN Biotin plays a key role in the body. It supports the health of the skin, nails, hair, digestive tract, metabolism, and cells. Some studies show a direct link between Biotin supplementation and hair growth. HOW IT WORKS Biotin Is An Essential Part Of Enzymes In The Body That Break Down Substances Like Fats, Carbohydrates, And Others. Biotin Deficiency Can Affect The Health And Growth Of Nerves And Bones, Possibly Leading To Hair Loss, Dermatitis, Or Neurological Symptoms. With A Water Soluble Biotin Supplement, You Can Increase The Growth Of Your Body’s Cells, Promoting The Strength Of Your Hair, Skin, And Nails.* QUALITY GUARANTEE This product was made exclusively for Sports Research in a cGMP Certified Facility. None of Sports Research’s Vitamins or Supplements are ever bought pre-bottled or in bulk and each batch is 3rd party independently tested for quality. Each product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee Sports Research (SR®) is a Family Run Company dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness products that complement your lifestyle and enhance your well-being. Founded in 1980, SR® manufactures and bottles all its vitamins and supplements in the USA with a 100% money back guarantee. Today, Sports Research confidently remains true to its long tradition of helping families achieve their health and fitness goals by delivering high quality products at affordable pricing.

Key features

  • Biotin 5000iu in cold-pressed Organic Coconut Oil
  • Studies suggest Biotin may support Healthy Hair, Skin and nails*
  • Non-Gmo and formulated without Gluten, Preservatives, Soy Or Stearates.
  • Packaged In The USA In A cGMP & NSF Certified Facilities. 3rd Party HPLC Tested.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Made With Pride In The USA.

Honest reviews


My favorite!

I have taken Biotin made by other brands. There is no disputing the results, my hair grows fast and full, my nails are long and strong and my skin is glowing! Sports Research is fantastic! Their vitamin is small, easy to swallow and you only take it once a day with food. Couldn’t be easier to look this good!! Click Buy and you won’t regret it!

Nettie Waterville, KS

Great product! Noticed a huge difference in my nails …

Great product! Noticed a huge difference in my nails especially in less than 3 weeks! Seems very promising. Will defiantly reorder again

Maryann Broomfield, CO

Biotin works for me

I have used this product, not this brand, for 9 months. The health benefits were my initial purchase reason, however, I have noticed cosmetic benefits. I use other skin/hair products I have learned about from the internet and reading all the great comments on Amazon about a variety of products. Customer review is the best. My cosmetic find, whether this product or combination with other products is I have new hair growing in. I also use african black soap on my hair. I take statin drugs, hate them but my doctor insists and I started loosing hair, quiet a bit, mainly around the front bangs area…(female person review). I am now growing a lot of new hair in this same area, I have no other answer for the hair growth my hair dresser even mentioned this. Only problem, it is coming in curly. I am probably getting growth all over my head, but this area is most noticeable. Not going to complain about curly hair, new growth is great I can use hair product to control the curl. Will continue to buy and it’ is vegan no soy!

Maude Black River, MI

Upgraded my level of Biotin

Thus far, no negative effects digestively. Well made here in the USA. A lot of the fillers used on the other biotin I bought are NOT in this one. And this one is 5x stronger. Have no results as yet as biotin takes sometime in your system before any noticeable results of stronger nails or hair. We shall see.

Marcia Hardwick, MA

something NEW

I like these. They are softgels rather than the old solid white pill. All though they are a tiny bit larger they go down very easy. It just seems they will desolve faster. I will be updating this in a month to let you guys how they really work

Adriana Sun, LA