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Biosilk Therapy Shine On Spray, 5.30 Ounce

Farouk BioSilk Therapy Shine On Spray restores split ends while giving your hair the strength to control frizz and finishes with a super sheen.

Key features

  • Farouk biosilk therapy shine on spray restores split ends while giving your hair the strength to control frizz and finishes with a super sheen
  • It is recommended for daytime wear

Honest reviews


Worth the price

I love this product. It turns my dull hair into vibrant hair. The only downfall is that you have to be careful with the amount you spray on. If you spray too much your hair turns out looking greasy. However, with the right about it does a wonderful job.

Fern Jachin, AL

My fave!

I yet have to find a better shine spray then Biosilk. Yes, its expensive but sometimes for a good prodcut you gotta drop the cash 😉

Chandra Corinth, VT

Gorgeous stuff!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Shine On gives your hair a healthy gloss no matter what condition it is in. Dullness caused by over-processing is no match for this product.Use it quite sparingly. The mist is fine and you only need a touch. Check your hair out in a mirror when you’re outside in the sun. You won’t believe the amazing results. Your hair will shine like glass! This is an excellent product that will exceed your expectations.

Kayla Wren, OH

Love it, Love it, Love it

I use this every day and I get compliments every day about how my hair shines. It does not leave any sticky feeling on my hair and it smells great. It is a must have for all us women who love our hair to shine.

Mandy Burnside, LA

Hair shine protectant

I use regular Biosilk with a Chi iron. Sometimes, I use this spray, VERY lightly the next day for touch ups with the Chi. Be sure to use it lightly or your hair will look greasy and/or unclean. Hair that is thick, dry or curly would probably not have this same problem. It is a definite hair tamer.

Elaine Summerfield, NC

Hard to find

Not stiff or sticky, lends a shine to hair and avoids frizz from moisture if used at styling. but it does have some oil in it if you wear glasses.

Olga West Hartland, CT