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Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, Packaging May Vary, 5.64 Ounces

Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum

Key features

  • One 5.6-bottle of hair treatment
  • Created with hydrolyzed silk proteins for strength and shine
  • Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids to help reconstruct, reinforce and revitalize hair
  • Penetrates and provides protection while improving the condition of the hair
  • For use on wet or dry hair

Honest reviews


Know your product!

It is important to know what hair types that products work on. From whatI see and have heard, it works on most anyone’s. I live in the south and there is HIGH heat and HIGH humidity here as we are near the gulf.I have long and thick African American hair type and I wash my hair and use the silk therapy while flat ironing. As a side note, I use all Ionic products from the Conair ionic brush, to the Andis ionic hairdryer and an ionic flat iron. It doesn’t matter if you do or not, but ionic products enhance everything good that you can do to your hair including this product. With it, my hair bounces and flows.If I wrap my hair faithfully every night, it lasts until my next wash without my continuing to put heat on it more than that. I have used silk therapy for years.Things to be careful with:1. USE A SMALL quantity!!! My hair doesn’t do well with oil AT ALL. Even though this doesn’t have oil in it, putting too much on it gives it the same over lubed effect.2. Every once in a while it is good to use a shampoo that rids your hair of build up with this product. But then, I have pretty thick hair and it doesn’t get limp often so I don’t really care, but it may help someone else. Over time you can feel that build up on your hair…3. There is alcohol in this product, you have to be careful not to over dry. Especially if you have a hair type that you don’t have to wash daily. Wrap your hair or do something where you don’t have to put the product on too much. As another person said in a post, this is a good reason to use a moisturizing shampoo…. But this is just knowing the product. Not everyone will have ANY reason to use caution and some will have to use maybe one or two of these tips. It TOTALLY gets 5 stars!

Evelyn Idaville, IN


I absolutely love this stuff. I would recommend this to any person that has frizz. It makes my hair feel so silky smoothe. I started using it about 2 months ago and cannot stand to go without it. Just use a little because it can make your hair look oily if you use too much and don’t put it close to the scalp either for the same reason. I tried the Chi Silk Infusion because I thought they would be the same since they are both made by Farouk but the Chi is not nearly as good. I would give this 100 stars I could.

Robert Gilbertsville, KY

Great product for certain types of hair

A friend told me to try this product a while back. I have long, curly, thick, course blonde hair.It worked so well for me that I will be a life long customer. A small amount while your hair is wet works wonders and sometimes I add a little more when my hair is dry for an extra silky look. It makes my hair shiny and healthy looking along with a smooth frizz free all day style.The results were so good for me that I recommended it to a friend who had fine, thin slightly wavy hair and the product made her hair look greasy even with a very small amount. I on the other hand have to go seriously overboard before it looks greasy on my hair.Basically I think its a great product but if you have thin, fine hair ask your hair stylist to try some on your hair before you purchase a bottle. I honestly don’t think this product is for all hair types but the ones who can wear it will be very pleased with the results.

Sherry Stoneville, NC

This is not Biosilk

The product does not have the same consistency as the real Biosilk. It’s very runny as if it’s been diluted with baby oil which is probably why it’s so inexpensive. I will not order Biosilk from this particular vendor again.

Cecelia Turlock, CA


Dont buy from them they will sell you the wrong thing and then not give you a refund even though there store page says they do!!!! Order from CosmeticMall or somewhere else instead!!!!!

Ruby Bellaire, MI

Barbie Hair

I love the smell, I love the way my hair looks but, I don’t know if it’s as great as people say. It’s very expensive and I don’t see why. It’s not exactly like other products on the market but there are similar ones. Pantene sells a silk product and it’s cheap and garnier fructis sells a product with some of these ingredients for much less. I do like this product though. It smells great and gets the job done. It does last a very long time, but so does the gargier fructis product under their sleek & shine line, its called weightless anti-frizz serum. I don’t think the garnier fructis product smells as great biosilk though. I probably will buy it again because like I said, nothing else is exactly like it. When I use it I get all sorts of compliments about my hair like “Your hair is like Barbie hair! It’s beautiful!” It seems to protect my hair from all the straightening I do, but it does take away some of the volume!

Dessie Jay, FL

This is the real Biosilk

This Biosilk is the real product. I was a little worried when I read the negative reviews claiming this is not the real product. In fact, I was so worried that I went to a salon and spoke with a hair stylist. I explained what my concerns where and then she looked at the product picked it up and shook it. After shaking the product, the consistency and smell was exactly the same as the open bottle she had been using her salon.Furthermore, if you take the time to read the directions on the back of the bottle it says “Shake well before use.” So I think people should take the time to read the instructions before they claim that something is a fake or a bad product.I have been an Amazon shopper for many years and I spend a lot of money here. I have only had one or two bad experiences with the products they sell. It is true that some of the sellers using amazon’s market place may not be on the up and up but Amazon will usually handle any issues you have with them too.I am an Amazonian for life.

Shawna North River, NY

Not the Best

I have purchased two bottles over the years used a little, used a lot, used it on wet hair, used it on dry hair. It would be shiny and soft at first and by two hours it would make my hair dull looking like I hadn’t washed it same with my daughter’s hair. I still have more than half of my second bottle left. My hairdresser used Sabino Moisture Block on my hair about 3 years ago and I instantly fell in love with it. It is like Biosilk but it is lighter and makes my hair incredibly shiny and soft with staying power. The bottle is smaller but you don’t have to apply as much as you do for Biosilk. I like to apply a tiny amount to dry hair, friends always make comments on how shiny my hair is. The only reason I would consider Biosilk is if they ever stopped making Sabino it costs $20 here on Amazon and it is worth twice that amount because it lasts a looooonnnggg time!

Noemi Niagara Falls, NY

Outrageously great results!

This stuff is worth every single penny, and a bottle will last forever, because you use it in such tiny amounts.I don’t know how this works, but I can tell you that if you put it on the most damaged hair from dye, perms, or bleach, it will look like new hair again when it is dry. Further, the comb will sail right through the worst gummy tangles of overprocessed hair, without the awful pulling and breakage.This stuff is better than BEST! If you haven’t tried it — YOU MUST! There is nothing else like it on earth.

Mellisa Center Harbor, NH

Beautiful smell and best hair oil!

Best hair oil out there. I have been using this oil forever and it’s awesome. Much cheaper then the drug store but still pricey but worth the price. It sooths and smoothes your hair after a nice blow dry or flat iron. Also it smells amazing!! Would so recommend!

Malinda Gobles, MI

Not what I am accustomed to

This is a great product but it was a little thinner and watered down then bottles I have purchased from other retailers.

Lina Wentworth, SD

Greasy Quick

This I hardly use because it is so thick but its great for those crazy stray hairs. Be careful though because it will look gross oily fast. It is the best thick frizz help I have found though but easily weighs down fine hair strands.

Sylvia Pesotum, IL

Biosilk Silk Therapy

Love love love this product. Makes my hair feel so silky and healthy. It smells good too. I use it while wet and before blowdrying and small amount before I use my flat iron. Cant say anymore than I love this product. Will purchase again and again!!!

Lula Readyville, TN

Love it but you can get it cheaper at marshalls

I love BIOSILK!!! its expensive but you can go to any Marshalls and find the big bottle for $19.99 and it is totally worth it! If you used there shampoo and conditioner they have it there as well (the big bottles)

Elaine Palmyra, NE

Heaven For My Hair

Leaves hair silky, smooth, soft, and manageable. This effect does not fade either. I have used it daily for 4 days now, and I see and feel a total difference in my hair. I am happy I splurged and bought this one. I was not expecting it to help my hair this much, this quickly.This is seriously the solution to all hair issues. Bad hair days are not a thing of the past.The scent is also heavenly, and you can use it not just in your hair, but on skin as well. It feels fantastic no matter where you apply it.

Terri Forest Junction, WI

The silkiest hair and smell great

My girlfriend switched me to this products a while ago and I love it. I have pretty thin hair that tend to fly all over the place at a smallest gust of wind. So annoying. It gets stuck to my lipstick… and then I get pink moustache. This product helps to weigh my hair down a bit that prevent it flying everywhere. it smells great too, sort of fruity. A bit expensive, but this small bottle lasts quite a while.

Beulah Wallingford, VT


I was first introduced to this when I was 14. Now I am 25 years old. This product literally saves me a lot of hair problems. I have a combination of dry, wavy, thick, coarse hair. I have a lot of frizzes and when I blow-dry, it’s bad. This has protected my hair from the damage I could’ve done to it whether it’s blow drying or hair straightening. I’ve tested it with and without the product. The difference is phenomenal.This product has the ingredients my hair needs. It turns my dry hair to a smooth and healthy looking one. It also smells really nice. Even though hair straightening is a culprit to damaging hair, this helps protect. I use this before I straighten. I have used it without and the results of my straightened hair is not as smooth.Either way, I highly recommend it, with or without straightening. It’s good to protect your hair even from a blow dry.

Ora Sonyea, NY

Great Stuff!!

I’ve used this product for years and years. (I’ve tried others and nothing compares) It makes my hair so soft and manageable (if I don’t use it, my hair gets super ratty). I really can tell that it protects my hair from heat because I use hot tools all the time and my hair is still healthy! I recommend it!

Fanny Little River, TX

Love this

I use this as a heat protectant before I blow dry or straighten my hair. I absolutely love it. It makes my hair look shiny & healthy and it makes my hair feel great throughout the day. The smell is very nice too, I feel like I just walked out of a beauty salon when I wear it.

Kelley Marion Center, PA

Awesome Product!

I have stick straight hair; naturally brunette with really light highlights that have been brutal to my hair. I bought this at a discount beauty supply company, and have been thrilled with the results. A couple drops in my hair and I can comb it through! It dries smooth and silky. More for a sleeker look and a little less if I want more texture.I have also noticed that my hair condition improves as I continue to use this (probably due to less stress on the hair overall)The smell is wonderful, reminds me of the old Breck Shampoo (in a good way) very clean.My two year old daughter has total curly ringlets, and I use this after her bath, and I can immediately comb right through them (time and sanity saver). Plus, with summer humidity, her hair just curls up into neat ringlets instead of frizz. I am sold.Like the others have said, start on the roots and work your way up. Too much on the roots will weigh your hair down.I bought the big 11 oz size in October. I use it for both of us and and 10 mos. later, I have a little less than half left. I would have paid full price for this and have been completely satisfied, if not blown away.

Lina Amenia, NY

leaves my hair soft

I really like this product. I have thin hair, so I’m very sensitive to anything that will be too oily or weigh my hair down and make it appear thinner. The Biosilk is my favorite leave-in conditioner. My hair gets really soft and manageable, and not oily. I use it on my hair right out of the shower, and sometimes I use a little more when my hair’s dry, if it is frizzy or getting fly-aways. This calms them down. It’s a little pricier than I’d like, to be honest, but I really like it.

Colleen Jonesville, TX

Keeps my hair frizz-free!

I was watching a youtube tutorial on how to keep hair healthy, manageable and shiny. The person mentioned about this product so I purchased a small bottle just to try it out. I just used two tiny drops of the product, rubbed it with my hands, and applied it to my above-the-shoulder-length hair. I couldn’t believe how much frizz was gone by applying just a small amount of this product to my dark brown, thick, curly hair. Every time I use this, either to wet or dry hair, my hair shines and becomes more manageable. Did I mention about its smell? Oh, it’s so heavenly and romantic! It smells like roses–but not the annoying, but captivating, smell. As a matter of fact, I put some product to my skin as well. It gives me a nice subtle glow. I have been using some hair (and skin) products. So far, this is one of my favorites. =) A tip when buying this product: Buy it here. It’s a lop cheaper than buying it from Walmart. I find this out from experience. 😉

Jenna Delta, IA

best for fighting frizz

I use this when my hair is wet – scrunch it into ends. It keeps the ends from looking frizzy. I use it daily. Keeps my hair very soft. Dries soft, not sticky.

Darla Orofino, ID

One great product

definitely one of the best hair care products on the market for smoothing & softening (even colored hair) You’ll notice a difference from the first time you use it.

Loretta Rapelje, MT

Silk therapy serum is a miracle worker!

I have long, very naturally curly hair but I prefer to wear it straight. Unfortunately that means having to use a flat iron almost every day. All of us ladies know that styling our hair with heat on a regular basis can do some damage. And since my hair is naturally curly, frizz is almost inevitable when it’s humid. However, about 11 or 12 years ago I was introduced to the Biosilk line and have been a faithful user and believer ever since. This Biosilk Silk Therapy serum works miracles if your hair is dry, dull or is prone to frizz. The serum truly does feel like silk on your hands and it has a very pleasant smell too. When it’s applied to the hair, you can turn any bad hair day into a great one. All dryness is gone, fly-a-ways disappear and humidity no longer causes an unruly poof to appear. It also appears to dramatically lessen the damage and protect from heat styling because considering how much I use my flat iron, you’d never know it when looking at or feeling my hair and I fully credit this silk therapy serum. One thing that’s very important to add is that it does not take much of this serum to achieve those results. In fact, it takes very little (for me just a dime sized amount or less in the palm of my hand) and if too much is used, it will cause a dirty or oily appearance. So if you’re using this serum for the first time I recommend putting a tiny dab in the palm of your hand, work that into the hair and gradually add more if needed to find that perfect amount for you. That’s one of the things I love about this serum – one bottle can last quite awhile since it doesn’t take much to achieve that silky feel and appearance, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Also, I have well water and I’ve found that it really helps do away with much of the dryness associated with having too much iron in the water. I’d imagine that it would help those with chemicals like chlorine (etc) from city water too. Even after using this product for 11 or 12 years, I’ve never found anything better. They gave it the perfect name “Silk Therapy” because that’s exactly what it makes your hair feel like. By the way, this is also a great product for dry skin – it’s gentle too so it’s possible that even people with sensitive skin will have no problem using it. So now your hair and your skin can feel like silk and have a beautiful smell as a bonus! I would definitely recommend giving it a try and maybe you’d love it as much as I do.I sincerely hope this review helps you!

Shirley Offerle, KS

Works like a charm, very smoothing

A standby, nothing else compares to it that I’ve tried. I have purchased this from Amazon and other retailers. Once you get past the sticker shock at some places, you soon realize it is worth it because it last me forever. The last bottle I bought was huge (like 12 inches high and wide) from Marshall’s for $19.99. It has now lasted me two years and it barely has a dent in it. Some background on my hair. I live in a very humid area and if I walk outside… my hair gets really frizzy in the summer. A drop of this (I use it year round) while wet before styling makes my hair do so much better. It smells great and is very smoothing in my hair. LOVE it. It looks super expensive compared to the ounces but since it lasts so long, it’s really not any more expensive than anything else. In fact less since it does last so long. If you get it somewhere like Target or CVS, you will be paying full retail. You can find it cheaper — either on Amazon or elsewhere like that one I found at Marshalls.

Jerry Louisville, IL

The Best Serum!

Love this product on how soft my hair is afterwards and how easily I can manage my hair and how great it smells! You don’t need to use a lot in order to receive the best results. Just a small amount on the palm of your hand and rubbing it on your hand before transferring it onto the ends and hair follicles will do well. Not getting it on your scalp to prevent from receiving oily hair (at least for me). I have used it and have blown dry my hair straight to not using the blow dryer and just applying it while my hair was still damp and allowing it to dry naturally and both times my hair turned out fine.

Mandy Jewell Ridge, VA

Biosilk silk therapy

I have very dry and brittle hair. I have tried everything to help soften my hair. Nothing has worked until now. Biosilk is amazing. You only have to use a small amount and it changes your hair texture entirely. This is absolutely the best hair product available.

Dee Pownal, VT


I have always loved BioSilk, and the price was CHEAP compared to what I was buying for a smaller bottle at Wal-Mart.

Briana Imogene, IA

expensive, but does last forever

You have to use just a litte, and that’s what is perfect, because you will have the same bottle forever. I just love this stuff. It smells good, makes your hair smell good, but does not weight it down or look dirty.It’s still the best thing too if you are using a flat iron.

Deana Tyler, AL