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Biosilk Silk Therapy Hair Treatment, 34 Ounce

This is a weightless,. Leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types. Not tested on animals. Made in usa.

Key features

  • Leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews



When I first came across this product on Amazon, I was very skeptical although it had several great reviews. I know this brand is fantastic but I wasn’t sure if the price would be fair for the size, or if it basically would just be too good to be true. I am SO happy I purchased this!! I’m almost certian there’s enough product in this bottle to last for a couple years, even though it may seem pricey it’s worth it! This stuff will last forever! If you ever look at prices in a hair salon (any store for that matter) for this product you’ll see what I mean when I say this is a serious bargain!

Mollie Windsor, OH

Best money can buy

This product adds shine and silkiness to any hair. I’ve used it for years and love it. This is the best price I have found anywhere for the size. You won’t be disappointed…just go easy…a little goes A LONG WAY. Enjoy

Nona Potecasi, NC

Best for thick currrrrlllly hair

I been searching 20 years for something to satisfy me and my hair, my hair has a life of its own being thicker then a lions mane and curly as can be without being a black woman haha. When my friend put this product in my hair about a year ago I heard angels sing. I used to keep conditioner only in my hair because that’s all I could do, my hair would get immune to anything else, I still put conditioner in my hair and leave it in because I wouldn’t be Ble to comb it other wise but right after I put about a quarter size puddle in my hair while wet down to my roots to my ends, and that’s all I have to do each day. It’s been a year and never have I needed anything else. It doesn’t make my hair oily because my hair without it is extremely dry, this is perfect for me.

Lucy Ridgefield, CT

Great for frizzy hair.

I used this when my hair got burned by a bad perm. It helped to smooth out my hair so it didn’t look so bad.

Antonia Big Flats, NY

hair moisure

makes hair silkier- makes hair shinier and softer- is best for long hair and can be used on dry or wet hair-

Rosa Morristown, SD

Good Shampoo

Complements the Conditioner and the leave-in conditioner well. Not harsh on the hair and cleans well.

Mabel Webster, TX

bigger size for cheaper

I normally buy the smaller bottle cause it is easier to store but i couldn’t beat the price on this so i just kept the old bottle and poured this on into it for easier storage. love this to keep the frizz down esp with the warmer months coming

Ladonna Manassas, VA

Great hair product…

Biosilk Therapy Hair Treatment is great and I’m glad that I found out about the product. It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny without feeling oily and I have noticed healthy hair growth since using the product. It’s one of the few leave-in hair products that I use and I plan to purchase more in the future.

Stephanie Follansbee, WV

Wife swears by it

My wife needed a refill as she uses this almost everyday. Amazon had the cheapest price around for the size and the bottle came sealed and with no issues, She was very happy. (Some have stated in the past that the solution can be thin and diluted, I asked her about it and she stated its the same as the one she has always bought from numerous other places, online or locally).

Dolly Peoa, UT