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Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 6 Count

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Deep Cleansing Ultra (6 Nose Strips). with invigorating tea tree oil and witch hazel. Unclogs and Invigorates, pulls out even more dirt and oil for the deepest clean. Don’t be grossed out. Unclogged and invigorated pores are a good thing. Use only on the nose.

Key features

  • With tea tree oil, menthol & witch hazel
  • Free your pores!
  • 6 Pore Strips
  • Unclogs pores & achieves the deepest clean
  • Clean and invigorate your pores with these deep cleansing pore strips from BIORÉ
  • These easy-to-use strips will help extract built-up dirt and oil from your pores that can cause blackheads, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean
  • These unscented strips are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, so they can be used even by those with sensitive skin
  • Oil-free

Honest reviews


SO much better than the original

My blackheads are super stubborn.When I had the “original” biore strips, sebum, dirt, and blackhead rarely came out. If they did maybe 1 or 3. But this one, if you use after you steam and exfoliate dead skin cells, than it picks out 10~20. The regular ones, although it is cheap or contains more strips, this is very much more worth that the others.But the smell is disgusting. I think its the witch hazel. Also it is better, it doesn’t take out the whole mess and gunk in there so don’t hope that in one use, your blackhead problems will be gone.

Tami Longs, SC


I just recently started using these strips and so far they have removed some of the blackheads on my nose. The disappointing part was that the only way I could tell was the fact that I could see them on the strip. My nose really didn’t look much different at all.I’m hoping that after I use all 8 strips that I’ll be able to notice a considerable difference.Crossing my fingers.It’s certainly not an instant form of elimination(not that I really expected such a miracle).Word of advice: It helps to put an extremely hot cloth over your nose to open your pores before you put on the strip. Makes a difference compared to just quickly wetting your nose.I’d say this product is worth a shot if you have the money. In my opinon 5 less blackheads are better than none.

Lakesha Corinne, UT

works ok

this is ok but nothing great. i dont really have a lot of black heads on my nose. my pores fill with stuff on my nose and thsi kind of gets it out but like i said, nothing great

Elizabeth Semora, NC

Highest Quality Pore Cleansing Strips On The Market

My Wife and I both use the Biore Cleansing Pore Strips. These work wonderful. We have used Biore and Pond’s and these work much better than the Pond’s brand. It is unbelievable how much is dirt is under the skin on your nose. When used properly the strip is usually full and looks like a porcupine. They leave your nose clean and smooth and you can really feel the difference. You can also use these strips on other areas of your face as well.

Lula Tortilla Flat, AZ


Expected this to work a lot better than it did. I have very fair skin and very small pores, and the strips only got out a few of the several blackheads on the sides of my nose. As for the top of my nose, where the pores are slightly bigger, the strips removed absolutely nothing. I followed the directions perfectly and was sadly disappointed!

Kayla Geneva, FL

Original vs Ultra vs Kose

I decided to compare three different pore strips, Biore Original, Biore Ultra and Kose, a Japanese brand that I can’t remember whether I got on ebay or at Daiso. I chose to use the Kose strip first because I really wanted to compare the two versions of Biore, and I figured it would be a more fair comparison if I used the Kose first and ripped out the tiny little hairs on my nose as well as making an original pass at my clogged pores. The Kose strips don’t work quite as well as Biore, but pretty close and they are less expensive. Plus, they are BLACK so if you want to be like that woman in the commercial who is examining her pore strip and going “oh gross, it looks like a porcupine!” (and isn’t that half the point of using pore strips?) the black makes it very easy to see all the gross stuff you get out of your nose. Fun, fun!Anyway, after the Kose strips I waited about five days and then tried the Biore “Original”. I like to use pore strips right out of a long, steamy shower. I then remove the sides of the pore strip pouch, loosen the slits on the actual strip and set it aside while I take a cotton ball and thoroughly wet it with warm water. I squeeze most of the water out of the cotton ball and then wet my nose and the area on either side. After peeling the strip from its backing and forming the strip around my nose, I wring even more water out of the cotton ball and then use it on top to complete the formation of the strip around my nose. I find it is then important to not doing anything to move my face. No talking or chewing. Only very careful sipping of liquids. A little fanning with a piece of paper or a paper fan is helpful to get the strip to dry faster but not too fast.After peeling the “original” strip from my face, I found a fair amount of pore gunk, and also plenty of tiny fine hairs. I was a bit surprised to see so many just five days after the Kose strip. Finally, about five days after that, I used the “ULTRA” strip. It vexes me that there are two types of Biore strips and at the store it is necessary to choose – do I want a few more strips for the price or do I want the promise of an even stronger unclogging of clogged pores? What I found was that the ULTRA seemed to work slightly better, seemingly by having a stronger adhesive. It was a bit more painful to rip from the nose and arguably had a bit more pore gunk (and still more tiny, fine hairs. Where do they all come from?) The ULTRA basically costs 33% more and is maybe 33% more effective – but if you use the entire package then I guess they come out about the same in the end. The ULTRA strips made my nose feel a bit sore and raw after using. In the end I think I’d choose Original over ULTRA because I feel it’s less damaging to the skin, but if I had younger (maybe teenage) skin I might be more likely to go for the ULTRA.

Geri Odin, IL

Nice for small pours

I have HUGE pores with deep dirt. I found out I actually need to use a facial steamer, but this has done better than any other scrub or cleanser out there for me. I do notice that if I don’t use it for a week or so, my pores look worse, but if you have small pores with only little cleaning to do, I think you’ll like it.

Janelle Burns, CO


took a star away because they are expensive for what they are, but i love them and buy them when i can. they work well when you steam your face beforehand, especially if you use mario badescu’s silver powder before. awesomeness.

Rosemarie Holmes Beach, FL

Like a little concrete cast!

I’ve been amazed at the little spikes on a Biore strip when you pull it off your nose since they were introduced. What is that stuff anyway? Blackheads and sweat and lotions and gunk? All that was in my pores!?? These Ultra Deep Cleansing strips take things to another level. And it feels like, in order to do that, they had to add more of whatever it is that hardens (cement?! 🙂 ) to the strip. These things harden TIGHT and you need to remove them slowly to avoid losing a layer of skin. But what is on that strip will fascinate (or perhaps nauseate?) you! I don’t feel like these strips are an overall solution and I’m not sure they’re even necessary, but they do serve as a sort of “cleanse”. If you’ve let your facial routine lag, get a good start to clear the pores with one of these, then get back on the daily routine.

Melinda Fort Monmouth, NJ

My Skin Is Clean Enough

I am a huge fan of Biore products and use several of them.A couple things surprised me about this one.First, I found it somewhat painful when taking the strip off my nose. I’m not the biggest baby out there, but I did feel some genuine discomfort when I removed the strip.Second, after removing the strip I saw virtually nothing on the strip. I do use facial scrubs and other cleansers, so my skin might not be too dirty to begin with. Still, I do have to say that the area where the strip was removed did feel smoother.Ultimately, I don’t feel a real need for this product.

Cathy Grindstone, PA

Don’t really see what’s so “Ultra” about it…

I like Biore pore clearing strips. I use them pretty regularly. (Probably a couple times a month.) But after going through this whole bot of pore strips, I noticed absolutely NO DIFFERENCE from their regular deep cleansing pore strips. It didn’t clear out anymore pores than the other one, it didn’t make my skin feel any different. I don’t notice any special difference that would make these “ultra,” and also more money.I would recommend saving yourself some money, and going with the regular pore cleansing strips, like theseBiore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 24 CountYou’ll get twice as many for the price of two of the boxes for the “ultra” ones, and the best part is, you’ll get the same results!

Ashleigh Dowling, MI

Works great

These pore strips are great for getting out nasty blackheads. It really is amazing how much dirt is pulled out of your pores when you peel these things off. Just follow the directions: wet your nose, peel strip off plastic, and press onto nose. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I would not go any longer than that. I remember using these when I was younger and falling asleep with one on. It becomes more difficult to peel off the longer you leave it on. Trust me. When you remove, lift from the outer edges and slowly pull it away from your skin. It’s a little uncomfortable but I wouldn’t call it “painful” as long as you stay within the 10-15 min.I used these a lot when I was younger but haven’t used one in at least 7 or 8 years. They must have changed something in the ingredients because I don’t remember feeling the cooling sensation, which is probably from the witchhazel. That is a nice addition, not only for the cooling sensation but my skin is not as irritated after I remove the strip. There also seems to be less residue left on my skin after I peel it off, which is nice.I wash my face first, with Olay Daily Facial cloth, dry, then moisturize everywhere but my nose. Then, I wet my nose, apply the strip, wait, and remove. After it’s off, I use my Daily Facial cloth to remove the small amount of residue, then moisturize my nose.Like most people, I’m fascinated by the little globs of nastiness that comes out of my skin. The downside is that it seems like no matter how regularly you use these strips (I wouldn’t use them more than 2 or 3 times per week), there’s always more dirt and blackheads leftover. It’s sort of a losing battle, which is why I’m giving it only 4 stars.

Jolene Leland, NC

Didn’t work

Didn’t work for me. It pulled stuff out, but didn’t improve my complexion or prevent my pores from becoming clogged again. It seemed to make my face breakout and would leave behind residue plus dry my skin out. I would try the regular ones first before buying the ultra deep cleansing strips.

Harriett College Place, WA

Here’s the ‘Skinny’ on these Biore Strips (for Older Faces)

When my son was a teenager, he used Biore strips to help clear the clogged pores on his nose. They worked very well. He was amazed at the results and how much he liked them.Unfortunately, his most recent use of Biore strips did not give him the results he anticipated. He doesn’t believe the product has changed, but rather, his skin has. The strips did an average job of removing some of the debris in his pores, but they also left spider veins. The veins are noticeable and his nose looks even worse than it did before using the Biore strips!He carefully followed the instructions. It’s possible that he has sensitive skin around his nose and the problem arose because of his skin’s sensitivity, and may not be the fault of the product. He said that in retrospect, all the perfect skin models from the Biore commercials were all very young. Could that make a difference?So, with age comes wisdom–and spider veins!

Aurelia Elka Park, NY

Not as effective as I’d remembered

When I was a teenager, I would pull off hundreds of blackheads every week with Biore strips.In My old age, my blackheads have not gone away, but I found these Ultra strips to be less capable than the regular strips. Two applications only managed a dozen or so blackheads.

Amie Whittier, CA

Porcupines look out!

I think Biore is an outstanding product. Using magnifying mirror and an extra small tweezer is no way to spend your Saturday afternoon to get black heads out. However, with biore you won’t need to do that. What I found was that after a quick 10 minute treatment it does a really good job of getting out most of the blackheads. But it does miss a few stubborn ones, so you’ll have to do it again if you really want to get them all out. I like this version because it actually has a nice scent. Biore can be a bit tricky to put on, but it’s worth the effort.

Margret Lacona, NY

Okay but results could be better

Being that this is the “ultra” deep cleaning formula expected better results than the original Biore strips, but I got the same results. Upon first applying the strip, I immediately noticed the tea tree oil aroma. After leaving the strip on for 15 minutes and letting it completely dry, I was left with a white residue all over my nose and it was especially caked into the crease between my nostril and cheek. The strip only had a few small blackheads on it, the rest were still on my nose. It seemed to take out the smallest blackheads but left behind the largest ones which are the most noticeable and ones I want to get rid of.In my opinion I don’t think these strips penetrate pores enough to pull out the majority of blackheads.

Rocio Newgulf, TX

Hands down best pore strip available

I have tried just about every pore strip available and most of them, including the original Biore, have given about the same results. Application with the new Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strip is the same as before – you wet your skin, dry your hands then peel the strip from the plastic backing and apply to your nose. After about 15 minutes, the strip should be hardened to something similar to paper mache. Gently peel the strip away and you can see just how much dirt, sebum and blackheads are removed. After just one use of this newest version of Biore’s Ultra strips, you can see a HUGE improvement over any other pore strip on the market. The strip itself is larger than the original and contains witch hazel and tea tree oil, both of which help minimize the pores and for me, have a wonderful soothing effect. I do think these strips hardened a bit more than the original so if you have sensitive skin, you will want to be especially careful when pulling them off. My only negative comment is the cost – all of the other Biore versions of pore strips (along with other brands) are much less expensive. But even with the premium price tag, you will never go back to anything else.

Karyn South Orange, NJ

They pull out more stuff you don’t see than what stuff you do

The trick I’ve found when using Biore strips is to make certain the strip gets very wet/moistened. The more water, the more the glue on these sticks to your face, and the more stuff it will pull out when you take it off. Just be certain to leave the strip on till the strip is very dry and solid. That way the glue has attached to everything it’s going to, and will come out with you pull it off. Biore strips are also great for using on the chin, not just the nose.I was teen and Biore first came out with their Pore Strips and loved the idea that something could pull blackheads out of your pores. I found that the more open your pores are, the better these work. Now all these years later my pre-teen daughter uses them to help her complexional. One thing I have found is they don’t exactly pull anything out from the tops of your nose, but it’s a magnet for anything in the pores on the sides. That’s where you really notice these working. What these strips pull out from the sides, you usually can’t even see before they pull them out. It’s similar to the experience of waxing your eyebrows. When you wax, you’re expecting to see the dark eyebrow hairs get pulled out, but are then surprised to sell a bunch of fine light colored eyebrow hairs there as well you didn’t even realize were there to begin with. These strips work the same way, pulling out some stuff you didn’t realize was there.

Elisabeth Loretto, VA

I really liked the addition of Witch Hazel and tea tree oil

I really like several face care products with tea tree oil and like that these strips feature it on the pad along with witch hazel. While you only get 6 strips in this box compared to eight in the boxes that aren’t “Deep cleansing” these are cheaper, so the price per strip basically evens out. I looked into this because I was contemplating taking ordinary strips and moistening them with tea tree oil and witch hazel instead of plain water if these had a much higher purchase price.If I ever found a great deal on the plain ones, I would still try this technique out as I really feel like these offer slightly better results beyond the clean scent and tingly feeling they provide. Despite the fact that I cleanse before using regular strips, I still felt like my nose was nicer looking in terms of smoothness and pore refinement after the “deep” ones.

Juana Elkwood, VA

Rule of Thumb: Apply after a hot shower

I’ve noticed that with this product, the strips tend to take a while to harden compared to other brands, which is a really good thing in my opinion. The other brands’ strips would act like those Screen Protectors for your phones, where you would get air vacuum on some spots. But, not with this one.

Gwen Rehoboth Beach, DE

Gets most of the blackheads out

I use this product after a hot shower and it never fails to remove gunk out of my pores. I cleanse and exfoliate quite religiously, but there always seem to be blackheads sometimes. Some are from quite awhile ago and were never removed, and these strips alone usually cannot remove all of them. However, these strips do remove most of them.I leave them on for about twenty minutes after my shower because the room is still humid so the strips take a bit longer to dry. When they are removed, it’s not exactly painful, like waxing type of pain, but you are trying to cleanse your pores so do expect a pulling sensation.I will continue to use these pore strips, as well as the normal ones, but I feel like these ultra deep ones are better.

Selma Castalia, IA


I use it once a week to get a nice deep cleaning in my pores. I took off one star because it does not get *everything* out, I know that, but I kind of expected more to come out. You can probably get more out just by squeezing your nose, but it helps to have these strips get some of the stuff out for you. These are kind of expensive. I recommend it for if you REALLY need all the help you can get for clearing your pores. If you have pretty clean pores, no need for these.

Maura Buffalo, WY


For some reason, I thought the Ultra pore strips were just a slightly larger version of the originals. I know as soon as I opened them this was not the case. While they are VERY SLIGHTLY bigger, they also have a totally different smell. Personally, I couldn’t really tell a difference between the normal strips and these.

Evangelina Skandia, MI

Seems to work.

I have had terrible blackheads on my nose for a few years now. So I decided to try these and I have been pleased with the result. The scent of the oils is a strong one, but invigorating nonetheless. I don’t really see a lot of dirt or anything like that when I pull the strip off, but my nose has been clearing up so they do work. I plan on continuing with these since I haven’t had luck with anything else and these do clear up my nose.

Bessie Advent, WV

works okay

I used these pore strips as directed. Washed face, applied strip and waited 10 minutes. It was completely dry by then. Removing it was more uncomfortable that I expected. What really bothered me, though, was the gooey residue it left behind at the edges of the strip. I had to wash my face again to get it off. Anyway, after closely examining the used strip, I saw that it removed some debris from the pores, but not as much as I would have expected. I also noticed a few fine hairs.

Rena Lumber Bridge, NC

Works Very Well – Highly Recommeded

These Biore “Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips” work great at removing pore clogging dirt from your nose and it is oddly satisfying (if not a little gross) to see the results. My teens have used Biore products with good results for years and this is decent addition to their skin care regimen.Using as directed will keep your nose pores clear but it can be a little rough on dry skin during the winter months. My kids have noticed an improvement in their completions since starting to use these at night.Highly Recommended!CFH

Nanette Sterlington, LA

Good performance, but not worth the extra cost over the original version

I very much like the original version of the Biore strips, and was interested to see what the “ultra” version could do. They perform very well, but I really can’t discern any appreciable performance difference.The ultra has some additional ingredients (tea tree oil and menthol) not found in the original version. The ultra also boasts of having witch hazel, but that is also found in the original. The ultra has a scent, which I assume is due to the menthol; the original does not have a scent. It’s not a bad scent, but it didn’t do much for me – I’d just as soon have it not be scented.The ultra is supposed to do everything the original does, plus “invigorate.” I didn’t experience any invigoration. It worked just fine, but no difference in end-results from the original.Both work very well, and deserve 5 stars. However, given the price per strip differential (the original comes 8 per box versus 6 for the ultra), I’ll stick with the original (and my deepest apologies for not being able to resist that phrase).

Dina Hopkins, MI

Works so well that it’s gross

I didn’t feel any invigorating effect which is advertised and expected with ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel but the strips worked really well.I’ve used Biore’s regular nose pore strips for years and the Ultra did seem to unclog a little more. The box says the Ultra strips target more pores than the original strips because they are longer. They were just a tad longer, just enough to wrap a little more around the bottom edge of your nose so if the regular ones are a little short for you then you may want to try the Ultra ones.You stick the strip to your wet nose, it dries for about 10 – 15 minutes then you slowly pull the strip back off and there is gunk all over the strip from your nose; it’s quite gross and yet amusing in a weird way.They really work and if you’ve never tried them, you should.

Ilene Bay City, TX

Strips Off Tiny Hairs and Unclogs Pores

These Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are grossly satisfying. All you need to do is wash your face, wet the target area, apply the strip, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, and strip away hairs, blackheads, whatever is on or near the surface of your skin. When I looked at the strips after I was done, I could see all the debris they pulled out of my pores. Yuck. But hey, that’s exactly why I used them. My skin felt remarkably smooth after I did it — I couldn’t believe that these could make such a difference with the surface texture.The instructions say to use them only on the nose, but since Bioré uses different shapes of the same material for different parts of the face, there should be no problem also using them on your chin (as I did) or forehead. The shape and slits are designed to fit the nose, of course, but they can just as easily fit on other areas.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Kari West Fairlee, VT