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Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 6 Count

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Deep Cleansing Ultra (6 Nose Strips). With invigorating tea tree oil and witch hazel. Unclogs and Invigorates, pulls out even more dirt and oil for the deepest clean. Don’t be grossed out. Unclogged and invigorated pores are a good thing. Use only on the nose.

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Honest reviews


Good Product but Wrong Box Arrived

Regarding the product and only the product, it’s great. It really does clean your skin. Pore-clogging debris is literally lifted out and stuck on the strip, albeit a little uncomfortable removing them. REMOVE STRIPS CAREFULLY TO, HOPEFULLLY, AVOID CREATING SPIDER VEINS ON THE NOSE AND ALONG THE DELICATE SKIN BELOW THE EYES, ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE OF YOUR NOSE.WARNING: The one we ordered from AmericaRx, a company that has otherwise been great, was the wrong box. The one pictured is the 8-pk that clearly shows, at the top of the box on the front, “+2 bonus strips,” but the one that arrived was the normal 6-pk, which, clearly, isn’t as economical. AmericaRx was, as always, professional. After we sent proof via pictures, they credited our account with $1.99 to make up for the absence of the two bonus strips, yet that doesn’t do anything to guarantee the same thing won’t happen again with future orders, so we’ve decided to buy these in-store from now on, where we can make sure we’re getting the right box at the right price. Besides, the prices were about the same between buying it here versus in a drugstore, but we ordered it here to save ourselves a trip and enjoy curbside service, only now we’ll just wait unti we’re going to stop by the store and get the right box. If the price were reduced on line, we’d get the 6-pk, but they’re selling the 6-pk as an 8-pk according to the picture, for the store’s 8-pk price.

Jasmin Wind Gap, PA

Not as good as I hoped

I seem to always have blackheads on my nose no matter how much I wash. These do pull some of the blackheads out(about 1/3rd) but not all of them unfortunately. That said I haven’t found anything that really works.

Estelle Middlebury, IN

clean beyond skin deep

I’ve been using Biore pore cleaning strips since they first were introduced. The regular strips did a good job at clearing the pores on my nose but these Ultra strips go a little deeper and do an even better job at clearing my pores. They have a bit of a medicine-y scent that the regular strips do not. They are also significantly harder to pull off, often taking a few tiny hairs with it – might make your eyes water a little bit!When I use these regularly I find that not only do my pores stay clear but they also appear smaller. This box only has six strips as opposed to eight of the regular version for about the same cost but I use these Ultra strips just a little less often than the regular ones since they get superior results.Very pleased with this product and highly recommended

Laurel Littleton, CO

daughter loves it

My daughter has blackheads on her nose which bother her and with this product and regular use, they are greately reduced.

Dianne East Palestine, OH

Great As Usual

I have used these strips for many years. When I first tried them on my nose! they pulled off hair as well as blackheads. It does not hurt at all. Sometimes I cut them for small areas. One package lasts forever.

Katelyn Beaver, AK