Biore Skin Boosting Night Serum 1.4 fl oz

Biore Skin-Boosting Night Serum – Nourishes And Soothes Skin As You Sleep For A Brighter, More Rested Appearance In The A.M

Key features

  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • RegeneratingVitamins A And C
  • Soothing Aloe
  • A blend Of Rosemary, Sage And Nettle Extracts

Honest reviews


Love this stuff

I used this years ago and loved it then I couldn’t find it anymore. All the sudden my skin started reacting to every moisturizer I tried with sun protection. So I couldn’t use any. I bought a sun hat to wear when I am outside but I can’t wear it all the time so I still get burned sometimes. I put this stuff on and it calmed my skin, and soothed it. It smells so delicious! I bought a bunch I just don’t know what I will do when they run out.

Eileen Elk, CA

nothing special

i was looking for a good skin serum….but this one wasn’t the one. it really didn’t do much for my skin. previously i tried aveeno triple boosting serum…but they no longer have it in stores…online it’s pricey….

Alexis Corona, SD

mmm good

this serum feels & smell lovely. it’s light, but doesn’t feel wimpy. i got a heavy moisturizer to use in between when skin feels super dry. i do love this stuff! i’m not sure why they call it a night serum though.

Luella Saint Joe, IN

Awesome product

Now that I hit the big 5-0 I’ve been experiencing major puffs under my eyes. Just apply a small amount underneath each eye before bed & puffy eyes are so much smaller!!! Great product!!!

Rosario Holiday, FL

A good addition to a regular wash & moisturizer routine

I’m 30 and have used Proactiv Products for several years. Recently I came across the Biore oil free moisture with SPF15 and realized it was the closest thing I’d ever found to the Proactiv lotion. The Proactiv lotion is just so expensive for regular purchase but its hard to get another lotion as light and non-greasy with SPF. After getting and loving the Biore oil free lotion, I thought I’d try this product.Being 30, I don’t really have wrinkles yet but I do have really fair skin and seem to freckle easily. I have found that this stuff seems to help skin imperfections that are ready to heal to heal faster such as the left overs of a pimple, for example. Also it seems to help my freckles go away. I only have them present in the summer usually, until the last couple years they’ve stopped going away as much in the winter. This seems to help fade the freckles.This product is not greasy at all and leaves your face feeling really smooth and refreshed. I have some slight skin crinkles on my forehead when I smile & laugh and this seems to lessen their appearance. At night I use the daily cleaning cloth then put this on afterward.

Shawn Wolfe City, TX