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Biore Sarasara Uv Aqua Rich Waterly Essence Sunscreen 50g Spf50+ Pa+++ for Face and Body By Bioré

Biore SARASARA UV Aqua Rich Waterly Essence Sunscreen 50g SPF50+ PA+++ for Face and Body.SPF50+ PA+++ sunscreen for face and body.It is Water-base Wash off with regular cleanser.Fresh fruit aroma

Key features

  • SPF50+ PA+++ sunscreen for face and body
  • Water-base
  • Wash off with regular cleanser
  • Fresh fruit aroma

Honest reviews


Not for sensitive skin!!

I am in my mid 30’s and I have extremely sensitive skin. I used this product over a suggestion of a young Japanese beauty Guru who has amazing skin. I really wanted to like this but after 1st application I realized that it is not meant for people with sensitive skin. I had to return it.

Janine Beulah, WY

Excellent sunscreen

I have been using this sunscreen for about 3 months now (but not continuously). It works wonders. It feels very light on my face and is not oily at all. A little dab can go a long way as well.I have combination skin, dry on the bottom of my face and oily at the forehead. I have no irritations while or after using it. It is just a godsend and feels amazing compared to other facial sunscreens I have tried.My routine usually consists of moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, concealer, then foundation. So far my make-up looks flawless in this order with perfect protection.

Carmella Yulee, FL


This has to be a new favorite! -on like water (not greasy at all) with a delicate scent and makes foundation application so much smoother. I will use this year-round!

Socorro Woods Cross, UT

The most 5-star product I have ever encountered, and I am a degree-holding chemist that formulates my own products.

I can’t 5-star this enough. No nasty sunscreen smell. No nasty greasiness or white-cast. This stuff applies like a skin moisturizer, and feels amazingly cooling on already-sunburned skin.FOUNDATION WITH SPF IS NOT ENOUGH. You have to apply a sizeable amount of sunscreen in order for it to be effective. Unless you’re slathering your face with a 2-mm thick swathe of foundation, you are NOT adequately protected and should apply sunscreen under your foundation layer.In the US, people tend to ONLY apply sunscreen before hitting the beach in the summer. Most western sunscreens tend to focus on water-resistance, which necessitates an oil-based formulation, which is problematic for daily use because it balls up under makeup (foundation/primer will scrape it off and produce dark, balled-up chunks of sunscreen and dead skin), has a white cast (makes you look pale if you apply the therapeutically recommended amount to your skin), and has this awful embarrassing smell that will make people look at you funny during the winter months.In Japan and many parts of Asia, the dominant aesthetic is to be pale and young-looking. Asian sunscreens tend to be more suited for everyday use. This Biore Sarasara (Japanese onomatopoeia for "smoothness/silkiness" applies very smoothly under everyday makeup. It soaks in much more quickly than oily western sunscreens.Even if the sun isn’t out, visible light and UV light have nothing to do with each other. Take it from me, a chemist. Even on cloudy, overcast days, UV-A and UV-B light penetrate the cloud barrier and are capable of wrecking your skin with sunburn and skin-aging. It penetrates your SKIN; please, for the sake of your youthful glow and the health of your skin, do not ignore the significance of this. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, particularly when anti-aging "cures" will cost you thousands.I am a chemist and skin product junkie, with a degree from the top public chem university in the world (UC Berkeley). I formulate my own stuff. This Biore Sarasara absolutely blows me away.I used to hate applying sunscreen because of the greasiness, smell, balling-up under makeup, and a thousand other reasons. Ick. THIS DOES NOT HAVE THAT GROSS SUNSCREEN SMELL. AT ALL. And it absorbs quickly and plays nice under makeup.And if a sunscreen isn’t gross to apply, it could convince people to apply it regularly. And this alone will make all the difference.

Lacey Brookfield, NY

A little expensive but the best sunscreen I’ve ever used

I love this just because I don’t feel like I’m wearing ANY sunscreen at all. I don’t think it’s enough for protect you if you’re out in scorching sun all the time but it’s good for everyday wear.It’s expensive though and I haven’t bought it again after I lost mine just after a couple of uses :/

Cathryn Luray, SC

Smells like citrus!

I hate the smell of sunscreen. Being pregnant I hate it even more. This has a light nice citrus smell, so much better than American sunscreen. No white cast. Nice and clear. Easy to blend into your face under your makeup! You can’t the amount of SPF in this little baby! I use under my makeup and it’s light enough to not clog my pores, and washes off with my cleanser! A staple in my makeup bag! I should’ve bought backups lol I will be ordering again soon! Love this!

Krystal Keno, OR

Good sunscreen

PROS:- Non greasy- Doesn’t make your skin white- Slightly smell but nice- High SPF- You can use for face and bodyCONS:- Expensive

Therese Sayre, OK

the best sunscreen for acne prone and oily skin

Smells like fresh fruits but not so strong, goes very smoothly and feels watery on my face. After few hours apply my face does not look oily at all. fair price, nice seller and fast Shipping.

Kellie Lafayette, OR

Great sunscreen

I started to really focus on my skincare in the last year or so, and I realized I really needed to incorporate a sunscreen into my daily routine.I’m acne-prone and have dry skin. This chemical formulation does not irritate my skin and does not dry my skin out further. It glides on smoothly and sinks right into the skin.

Angel Harris, MN

New HG

I’ve found my new holy grail sunscreen! I love that it has great protection, and it has a primer effect that is great for when I wear makeup.

Luella Hingham, WI

I like the consistency, not sure its expired…?

I use this on a daily basis and I dont really know if it really works. The product looks like it has little dots in it, like it doesnt have a consistency color and consistency which makes me thing it might be expired (but I dont know how long sunscreen usually lasts)

Germaine Delano, TN

Five Stars

The one sunscreen that doesn’t make me look like I had been tipped in titanium dioxide. Thank u

Angelia Millersburg, PA

Easily the best sunscreen I’ve ever used

This is honestly amazing. I have oily, acne-prone skin and had been using Elta MD’s quality but quite expensive line of facial sunscreens, which cost between $23-30 for the same 1.7 oz amount you get here for $13.In terms of ease-of-use, performance, and cost, this sunscreen is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. In all of those categories I find that it easily is superior to Elta’s offerings. The only category in which their products have an edge is possibly in ingredients. I don’t have a problem with what’s in this – and the proof is in the pudding, it works flawlessly – but if you’re the type of person who is very particular about ingredients and formulations, you may find Elta MD’s stuff to be a better fit.This stuff, though, goes on effortlessly. It turns to near-water consistency as soon as you start to spread it, and it immediately absorbs into your skin. The skin afterwards feels incredibly smooth – I can see why people say this makes an excellent base for makeup, though I don’t wear any. And it passes the most important test of all: it doesn’t break me out.

Candy Granby, CT

But this Biore Aqua is a very good body sunscreen with a reasonable price

My favoraite sunscreen for facial area is always Allie. But this Biore Aqua is a very good body sunscreen with a reasonable price. I like Japanese suncreen cause they will not make you feel oily or greasy like most suncreen products her in the States.I believe it works for dry and combination skin. Not sure for very dry or oiy skin.

Denise Fort Bidwell, CA

best sunscreen ever!

wow, i think I finally found the right sunscreen! It made my face feel so refreshed and hydrated after I applied on my face, a must have for summer! and it doesn’t feel greasy, oily or heavy on your face at all.

Nola Portage, UT

Cleanest sunscreen I’ve ever used.

I have combination skin. Very dry, so I overproduce oil to compensate. This makes putting on makeup in the humid South a nightmare. On the one hand, I need the moisture because my skin is dry. On the other hand, the humidity turns my face greasy and shiny.I walk to class and need to protect my fair skin from the sun, but the SPF15 in my foundation usually isn’t enough. I regularly burn with SPF30. I don’t know why I didn’t turn to my Japanese roots sooner. (You’d think I’d have looked sooner into products that girls with similar type skin use.)Let’s look at this amazing sunscreen!PROS:- very, very light (almost watery)- you need very little to cover your face (large, pea size drop)- goes on like a liquid gel, easy to spread- no fragrance- dries PERFECTLY MATTE (I cannot emphasize this enough)- absolutely no oil (you can test it with a blotting sheet if you want)- causes no acne- no allergic reaction- works well under foundation makeup (I use Neutrogena’s rice complex)- most importantly, keeps me from burning until sundownCONS:- not exactly waterproof- sorta sweat proof (might crease your foundation)- expensive for sunscreen (use on your face, not your body)- not available anywhere except online- small bottle- did dry out my skin the first few times when I used it alone (put a thin, watered down layer of face cream first or use a cotton lotion mask, then use the sunscreen)OVERALL:At last! A sunscreen I can use daily under my foundation! I feel so much better knowing that I’m protecting my face from harmful UV and sun rays. I know my skin will thank me as I age. I anticipate this bottle will last a long time, so the cost is worth it.

Dayna Gary, SD

Solid Suncreen for Face

I’m super picky about sunscreens. I wear sunscreen 365 days a year, rain or shine. I don’t like sticky, shiny, white cast, thick, sunscreens that feel heavy on my face. This one is none of those. It’s mostly a chemical sunscreen which is why it doesn’t cast white on skin or have a shiny appearance. My last Shiseido suncreen was pilling under my makeup, this one doesn’t. Please remember to use 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon when applying to face to get the full protection offered. If you’re not sure how much that is, measure the amount in water and pour in the palm of your hand. It’s a lot. The bottle is much bigger than most facial sunscreens too, I think it might last me two months instead of one month. I’m very happy with this purchase and will be buying it again. Japanese sunscreens are truly supreme to American versions.

Beverly Harned, KY

Best Sunscreen

I found out about this product on U Tube. It is a very nice sunscreen, it is light weight, not chalky, and very much like a light lotion. I can’t believe that it has sunscreen. I plan to purchase it again. I have purchased other sunscreens that were so thick and extra white. THis is perfect and I plan to use this item over again. It does take a while to receive but it is worth the wait.

Elisabeth Riverton, NE

Does the job. Not oily

I have pretty oily skin naturally so I’m always concerned about finding a face sunscreen that want make my face look like an oil pit. This has been the best I’ve found at the end of the day my face is a little oily but that’s all natural, this is a great sunscreen

Cornelia Sherburn, MN