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Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub – 5 oz

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, with spherical beads, targets what clogs pores and clears away impurities leaving you with a healthy-looking complexion and noticeably softer, smoother skin after just one use.

Key features

  • Salicylic acid acne treatment cleans clogged pores of dirt and oil that can cause blemishes
  • Our gentle yet effective face scrub uses perfectly spherical beads, not jagged edges, and the pore-unclogging power of salicylic acid to deep-clean clogged pores
  • The scrub unclogs pores by penetrating deep down where blemishes start, and helps prevent future breakouts
  • Show the door to nasty pore-cloggers with this face scrub and get ready for beautifully clear, smooth skin
  • Oil-Free

Honest reviews


Great product for the price

I had been using Skinceuticals anti blemish product to control my black/white heads and “bumps” on my face. While the product worked great, it was leaving my skin dry and it was too pricey.As per my dermatologists’ recommendation I decided to try a scrub instead. I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I haven’t had any breakouts and it doesn’t dry out my skin like the leave-on product did. And Biore costs one tenth of the price I paid the other product.I like that1. The beads are not too abrasive, yet effectively exfoliates my skin.2. I get a smooth feeling after wash.3. The fragrance is mild.4. It is gentle enough to be used everyday.I have mild eczema and sun sensitivity. If I don’t use sun screen when I use the product my skin gets more sensitive. I guess minimum sun exposure and sun screen is a must with any product with salicylic acid.Will update after couple of months of use.

Eunice Guinda, CA

Decent, not great

The Biore product line is usually fairly strong. The unclogging scrub is a blemish on their record though. Get it? Blemish? Cause it’s supposed to clear those?…nevermind.First off, the micro beads are a little small. They don’t scrub as much as you would expect. Then there’s the fact that it seems to dry out your face if used on a daily basis. If you don’t plan on using it that much, you might be fine.Past that, it is a decent cleanser. It does give a pretty deep clean. There hasn’t been much of a problem with black heads. But it goes back to the fact that it’s not a great daily scrub.Everyone has different skin, so be sure to try it yourself if you’re curious.

Lorraine Livonia, MI

Excellent exfoliant

Since my skin is both ageing and oily, I am always delighted to find a scrub that does not irritate or excessively dry the surface. This scrub has excellent exfoliant properties, with no irritation, redness, or scaling. Highly recommended.

Maricela Mc Gill, NV

For all skin types

This product is used by me (70 years old), my daughter (50) and her two daughters (13.) It works well on all our various skin types which range from my dry-and-fragile to a granddaughter’s young-and-oily. It has a nice, fresh, light menthol scent. We all like the texture — not gritty and coarse, because the tiny, round beads make it surprisingly smoother and creamier than most exfolients. Sometimes this type of cleanser can feel like clay, but not this one. It rinses easily and leaves skin fresh and clean without feeling sanded or dried out.

Lidia Lebanon, NH

Good face scrub product

The Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub is suitable for use daily as it isn’t harsh on your skin. It helps in those trouble spots on your face and reduces instances of ingrown hairs.

Rhonda Howell, AR

Friends Have Noticed … So Have I

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub with 2% salicylic acid is a fantastic product. Although I don’t have acne, I have very fine facial pores and they tend to become easily clogged, especially since I spend so much time out-of-doors in a dusty rural setting. For years I used various facial cleansers for oily skin, but none of them seemed to be very effective because I kept having problems with oily patches on my nose and forehead. Next I started using an apricot scrub, but the product turned out to be way too harsh and sometimes left some raw patches; the idea was to exfoliate my skin, not perform a do-it-yourself dermabrasion!I started using the Biore scrub two weeks ago, and the results have really been incredible. My skin feels clean after I use the product; it’s tingly, as though I’ve also used an astringent, but it doesn’t feel tight or dry. Best of all, my pores have remained unclogged, and the product hasn’t irritated my face at all. My sister noticed the difference within a week’s time, and a couple of days ago, the teller at the bank complimented me on my “shining face” and my “nice skin.” I’m sold!

Mara Courtland, VA

Biore Unclogging Scrub

I received this product through the Vine Program as I wanted to try a deep cleansing scrub. I don’t wear heavy mnakeup and am out doors a lot with golf and other activities. My face seemed to need a face scrub and wanted to give this a try. After I remove my makeup in the evenings I use just a small dab of this scrub on each side of my face. I work the scrub in and around my nove and mouth keeping it away from my eyes. It has a small blue bead and I can feel the scrub working as I move slowly around my face. You get a very clean feel and a simple wash off your face with water and you feel refreshed. My skin has aged with wrinkles and grooves from my 87 years of sometimes neglect. This scrub leaves it soft and refreshed. With just a small dab of face lotion it keeps my face feeling clean and soft.Letta Meinen

Kimberley Bethpage, NY

Good product

I have not used a lot of other products like this, but compared to what I have used this is a good product.It is not real grainy like some; some others are so grainy that it feels like I am rubbing sand on my skin, but this product is not bad in that area, therefore I plan to continue using this product, whereas I hardly ever use that other product.This also has acne medicine in it, so it makes it that much better.The only complaint I have is that it does not tell you how much to use or how long to rub it in, just put it in your hand and rub it on your face, instructions.

Bernice Burrel, CA

They shouldn’t be calling this a scrub.

Putting a few blue beads in a heavy, waxy cream is not a "scrub." A true scrub should have a very dense quantity of grit in an emulsion of cleanser. I also think this does the opposite of clearing your pores. It’s full of wax and though your skin feels soft after you use it, what you’re feeling is that wax coating your skin. You’ll definitely need Biore Pore Strips if you use this regularly.

Lillian Mc Clellanville, SC

Not much of a scrub.

I don’t have acne-prone skin (too old for that) but I do like to exfoliate often to remove dead cells. Since my skin is not sensitive I like those cleansers that give me a good scrub that I can really feel. The spherical beads in this Biore scrub only work up a mild scrub and they are in a cleanser that is too foamy and creamy for me. I do like the inclusion of salicylic acid, which is not just an ingredient to clear up acne but also works as a mild peel for the skin. (Salicylic acid is even a major ingredient in that old stand-by facial creamOlay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cream 2 ozwhich has been around for years.)Bottom line is that this Biore “scrub” is a pleasant facial cleanser but when I want a good scrub I’ll still be getting out myderma e Microdermabrasion Scrub, 2 oz (56 g). Now that’s a scrub that’s really a scrub.

Gay Angus, MN

Heavy and ineffective.

I have fairly typical combination skin — some areas are oily, some are normal, a couple have a tendency to dryness. My usual facial cleansing routine is a foaming cleanser likeAveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, 6 Ouncein the winter and a scrubbing cleanser likeSt. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub, 6 ozin the summer, with a light facial moisturizer likeSimple Hydrating Light Moisturizer, 4.2 Ounceyear-round, and that keeps my complexion pretty clear as long as I useBiore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 24 Counta couple times a month.This was my first time trying a cream-based scrub. I thought it would be gentler than my usual apricot scrub, so that I would need less moisturizer in the summer, and it does in fact moisturize my skin in a way my usual scrub doesn’t. However, it completely fails as a scrub! It takes forever to rinse the cream off my face because it’s so heavy and waxy, and two days after I started using it the hollows under my cheekbones broke out like they haven’t in years.I guess this’ll teach me to mess with a system that was already working. . .

Isabelle Elk Grove Village, IL


I have been looking for a face scrub that is not too harsh on my skin, but one that also does not leave my skin feeling greasy like the Neutrogena one I have been using. This scrub really seems to deep clean my skin and unclog my pores, all while leaving my face feeling clean. It arrived on time without any issues!

Lidia Webster, MN

Quite a good facial scrub!

I like Bioré products, and this is no exception. This unclogging scrub does an excellent job of exfoliating, and after using the entire container over more than a month, my skin felt smoother and cleaner and seemed not only to breathe better, but to be softer and smoother – less dehydrated. I used it daily, but just a small amount, and put a little bit of lotion on after showering. Recommended.

Emilia Wheatland, ND

scratchy, irritating

I used the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub a couple of times, and it gave my skin a scratchy, irritating feeling. My face did feel clean after each use, but my face was very red and irritated. I would not purchase this product because of my sensitive skin.

Lorna Maysfield, TX

It works on kids, teens and adults

I found this to be one of the few scrubs that did not irritate my skin. This product feels smooth and smells good. I definitely notices that my skin became softer and my pores are not full of ….whatever it is they were full of. As result of daily use, my pores shrunk.My teens have fewer acne breakouts as well.I use it in the morning because I use Retinol cream in the evening .

Willa Dalton, GA

Smoother texture than most such scrubs

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub feels nice on the skin. It’s not too harsh like a lot of these scrubs where the granules have a sandy texture. This is smooth, but just rough enough that you can feel it digging more deeply into the pores than other facial products.It has a slight scent that I can only compare to milk. It’s not unpleasant, but I could do without it.

Ines Bruceton, TN

nice product but nothing unusual

I purchased this as a result of a miserable sunburn and peeling process I recently endured. I had hopes using this product would help the peeling and flakey skin to sluff off sooner. Didn’t do a thing to help the peeling. I’ve continued using it on my face and do feel it cleans well and unclogs pores that I could be unaware of but it doesn’t do much more. There is no fragrance or sense of cleanliness when I’m finished with the product. It works well but like other items of this nature, nothing extraordinary.

Louisa Sultan, WA

Great Scrub

I have been using the Biore Pore Unclogging scrub for a few years now and I really like it. The exfoliating beads aren’t too rough or grainy like other brands I have tried. I like the light scent it has which is not too chemically but rather pleasant. This works really well.

Denice Victor, IA

Waxy Feeling – Not Much of a Scrub

I suppose everybody has a different body chemistry, so perhaps this scrub works better with some compared to others. I personally do not like the feeling after using it. It is a very heavy pasty cream, and my face feels smooth.. but waxy afterwords. This causes the clean feeling to go away rather quickly and leave my face feeling greasy. As far as ‘Pore Unclogging’ goes, I haven’t seen any hardcore results there either. The product is okay, but I certainly have used better…

Melva Otter, MT

Liked it.

At first I was pretty skeptical of a product that has magical blue beads in it to help scrub your face clean. But after using it and having my son use, it has indeed made a difference for both of us. His face has cleared up and mine just feels clean.My face also felt a little dry/tight after using this so if your skin is sensitive you might want to try a little less to start.

Rene Shirley, WV

Not Really Abrasive But Skin Felt Softer

I think skin products are hard to evaluate for Vine because everyone’s skin has different issues (or none, for you lucky ones) and reacts differently to the ingredients in skin care products. For me, this seemed pretty mild and not aggressively abrasive (this could be good or bad, depending on your preference; for me, it was fine). It didn’t perform miracles re: unclogging pores, but my skin did feel pleasantly smooth afterwards (if this was due to wax, as another review claims, I don’t know, but it felt fine and looked fine). FYI, for those for whom fragrance is an issue, it does have a smell that’s a bit like rose or lilac, it’s not unpleasant, but it’s not unscented. If none of this is a deal breaker, I’d say it’s probably worth trying, imo at the discounted price.

Hollie Bergman, AR

Easy to lather

The product was good, but not great. There are a ton of other similar products on the market similar to this that may be a bit better. As a scrub, I didn’t feel as much of the grains, but it did lather easy w/o wasting much of the cream. So a little goes a long way. Did I notice any difference in the product? Only a small bit. If you have achne problems, I don’t hink it will help with that, and it does dry out your skin to some degree.Overall, it’s a good product, but with so many other similar products on the market, it’s not that remarkable.

Lashonda Somersville, CT

biore pore unclogging scrub

the wife and daughter loves this stuff. it cleans their skin squeeky clean. they say it gets the dirt and makeup out of the pores and your skin just feels cleaner. so girls if you trile on the makeup this product is for you. it cleans all that makeup off so you can reapply it the next day with a new layer.

Erica Mooreland, IN

Not Much of A Scrub and Unpleasant Feel

I routinely use products with salicylic acid and they keep my skin clear. I did not have any breakouts while using this, so in that respect it was a success. However, calling this a “scrub” is misleading. The scrub particles are few and far between. Further, they are suspended in a lotion that has a very unpleasant feel to it. I can’t decide if it’s muddy, slimy, waxy, or what, but I don’t like it. The fragrance, while not especially strong, is also unpleasant. Another thing I noticed is a burning or stinging sensation around my lips and nose after I rinse it off. The Biore isn’t so bad I’ll throw it away, but I won’t buy it again. I will go back to the Neutrogena pink scrub I was using before, which is a bit more expensive, but much more pleasant all around.

Petra Belmore, OH

My New Favorite Facial Cleanser

I am a 40+ female who has had acne pretty much my whole life. It’s always spotty, but it still tend to get breakouts now and then, even as I approach 50! Anyhow, I’ve used a lot of different facial cleansers and I really likeAveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser, 5 Ounce. The Aveeno product and this Biore product have the same active ingredient: 2% Salicylic Acid (for acne treatment), but they are formulated differently.what I like best about the Biore product is that it feels refreshing – it has some menthol in it which causes a soothing, cooling feeling as soon as you start to apply it. Some reviewers I’ve seen have felt that it is too “perfumy” but I think it’s more of a clean, fresh scent rather than perfumy. I’m not big into perfume and if it was too perfumy my boyfriend would be sneezing and have migraines as just about any type of perfumy fragrance gives him a reaction.The other thing I like about this Biore cleanser is that it’s not as “gritty” as the Aveeno. Granted, the Aveeno is still a great product and it’s not as gritty as other facial scrubs, but this Biore cleanser has like small smooth beads in it that roll over your skin as you wash. For some people they may like the feel of the “gritty” stuff and think that is really cleaning their skin, but if your skin is oily, you have large pores and/or you break out often, those “gritties” could be causing more harm to your skin. It can cause tiny tears in your pores and actually make them larger (or appear so), so best to stay away from the gritty scrub stuff. (and, no, I’m not a dermatologist, and it’s possibly I am mistaken, but I learned this from the many seminars/workshops I attended when I was a skin care consultant for a major cosmetic company during my college years).I have been using this Biore cleanser for a little over a week now and my skin does appear cleaner and my pores are less clogged than usual, even with using the Aveeno cleanser daily. (I do have large pores, especially around my nose, which are tough to get completely clean since I wear foundation pretty much every day – Biore facial strips and a creamy facial mask are best for a deep pore clean – but only use those like once a month or my face gets really dry with peeling skin).Bottom line, while I still like the Aveeno cleanser, I’m sold on this Biore cleanser! I love the clean, fresh feeling I get when I wash my face with it.

Kari North Adams, MI

Great cleansing product!

Cursed with problem skin since pre-adolescence, I’ve definitely tried my share of products. I was pleased to try this scrub. It’s fresh-smelling and leaves your skin feeling tingly clean. Also, you only need the smallest dab – put it in the palm of your hand and add a little warm water! I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Bertie Lakota, IA

My Wife Likes It, But Not an Instant Result

My Wife uses Biore strips, and with those you get an instant result. You peel off the strip and you have a little forest of stuff that’s been ripped from your pores. This is far less dramatic, but just as useful. This will prevent, or at least help prevent those pores from getting clogged in the first place. So far, it is doing a great job. The real test came from using a Biore strip after almost two weeks of using the scrub. The harvest from the strip was almost nothing. That’s proof enough for me that this is effective.

Lorrie Albuquerque, NM

Decent face wash

I wasn’t blown away with this face wash. I’ve used Biore in the past with decent results, but the reason I gave it only 3 stars is because of the long term experience.The face wash certainly delivers on its promise to be pore unclogging. The little gel balls inside the face wash are invigorating, cleansing the skin, and effectively washing away dead skin cells with its scrubbing power. The good thing about the face wash is that the scrubbing power is not too intense (some face washes feel like you are scrubbing your face away). This product doesn’t do that, instead it leaves you feeling fresh and revived. It has just about the right amount of scrub power.The reason I gave this only a 3 was because of the long term effects. I used the product for several weeks and at the beginning of my experience my skin was primarily clear, but after a few weeks my skin seemed to revert and the product was less effective. I’m not sure if that is because of outside influences or the face wash. But in hindsight I would use this product a couple times a week in order to exfoliate your skin and follow up with a gentle cleanser in the interim.

Graciela Baxter Springs, KS

Love this Face Wash (A Grade)

I can always count on Biore for a great face wash. This scrub is no exception. It really does work and I feel as if the dirt in my pores have been lessened from using this. I like the way it tingles as I use it, which makes me believe it’s working fast.I would recommend any Biore product, including this one, for those who want a successful face wash/scrub.Katiebabs

Penny Bunkie, LA

Nice scrub

This is a good scrub for a slightly oily complexion, helps to keep pimples down, and moisturizes just the right amount. Biore always makes quality products, and this one is no exception.

Ana Carmel, ME