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Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes, 30 Count

Biore makeup removing towelettes for easy removal of makeup. Made from 100% renewable resources.

Key features

  • Instantly dissolves makeup to thoroughly clean pores
  • Free your pores from daily buildup by instantly dissolving makeup – even water-proof mascara – and lifting away pore-clogging cosmetics without leaving an oily residue
  • By cleansing before exercise, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting post-workout blemishes
  • Dermatologist Tested, Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores), Alcohol-Free

Honest reviews


Biore Makeup Remover Wipes

I confess that I am guilty of going to bed without removing mascara. I do it more often than not because removal is unpleasant. The usual mixture of oil and whatever usually leaves me visually impaired for half an hour. Soap and water stings. My usual modus operandi is to let it wear off on its own.PROS: I really like these wipes. They smell good. They removed my waterproof mascara quickly and easily. You don’t have to wash your face after use. It didn’t irritate my eyes.CONS: It’s recommended that you use these 45 days after opening. I’m a casual wearer of makeup. I know there’s only thirty wipes in this container but it would probably take me three months or more to use all of these.4.5 STARS: These are perfect for quick and easy makeup removal.

Jade Ackermanville, PA

Easy to use, gentle but thorough, good product.

I’m a guy, and don’t wear much makeup, but this product gets thumbs up from both me and my wife. She uses to clean off makeup, and to clean up the kid’s face after a messy meal. I use them to clean up my face, and even though I don’t wear makeup, it does a great job of cleaning off dirt and oils. Good product to have by the sink, very gently, doesn’t dry out skin, pleasant scent.

Nola Sanders, KY

Finally – a really good facial wipe!

I have reviewed three or four types of facial wipes here, and have tried a couple of others that I haven’t bothered to review. For the most part, they’re all the same – the wipes aren’t sturdy enough, so they ball up when you’re using them (like a wet Kleenex), and they leave a film on my face. These Biore wipes are a vastly better product. First, the wipes hold their shape well while you’re rubbing them over your face. Second, they leave my face feeling nice and fresh, slightly moist (i.e., not dry), with no perceptable film. I’m very pleased. I have been trying to find a facial wipe that I like for a long time, and I finally have. I’ll definitely buy more of these.

Angelia Cameron, IL

works for acne prone skin

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, and these towelettes work great for my skin. It helps remove makeup and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. I dont always soap my face after using these. I sometimes rinse my face with water after using these to get the extra moisturizer off, and my skin remains squeaky clean and acne-free till the next day.

Dixie Lake Harmony, PA

Removes well, dries skin

These towelettes are good at what they do. Even thicker stage-style makeup gets removed pretty well (though you’ll likely go through several in one go). And the towelettes are a nice thickness — no tearing, and both sides can be used without too much bleed-through.The cleanser is a bit irritating, though, especially to more sensitive skins. These were being used side-by-side with Noxzema branded remover wipes, and the verdict was that Noxzema definitely wins out over Biore in the “gentle cleansing” battle.

Myrna Charlestown, IN

burning feeling, bitter tasting

I have used the Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes for about a week. My skin is very sensitive, and this product burned after I wiped my face. It also left a very bitter taste on my lips after I wiped off my lipstick. The towelette did take off my makeup very well though. I would not purchase this product because of the burning.

Alisa Belmar, NJ

Cloths are moist and smell is pleasant – better than hot water and soap.

I bought some very waterproof mascaraMaybelline Extensions XXL Mascara #592 Brownish Black. Initially I used a warm face flannel with hot soap and water on it to remove the mascara. It was difficult and left my cheeks red and rough the next day. So I decided to try theBiore Makeup Removing Towelettes, 30 Count.My first challenge was opening the package. I thought the top might have a slider on it likeZiploc Big Bag Double Zipper, X-Large, 4-Count. I removed the plastic bag of towelettes from the cardboard box that covers its lower-half – frustrated by a blob of goo on the back that I rolled around and threw away. I then saw the plastic flap on the front of the bag and opened it to reveal a towelette.I gently rubbed my eyes and after about 2 rubs the mascara started to come away – it took about 8 rubs to clean each eye properly. My eyes didn’t sting and the smell was pleasant. Also, unlike some cleansing towelettes, they were quite moist. I expected them to be a bit creamier. The skin under my eyes was not as rough as it had been when I rubbed my eyes with water, but it was dry in the morning. So maybe a moisturizer would be a good addition for older, dry skins.The product works better than using soap and water.

Rosanna Laotto, IN

odd smell, but feels good

The only negative comment I have about this product is that it has a medicinal smell that some other wipes don’t have. But the smell wasn’t so strong as to make me not want to use the product. I did like the feel of this wipe better than others I have used. It left my skin feeling clean and ‘light.’ Some wipes I felt like I needed to rinse after–these I did not. They work great. The wipe itself is soft. I’m happy with this product and definitely recommend it.

Susanne Richton Park, IL

A nice way to end the day

These towelettes have a nice, subtle, fresh fragrance. I am sensitive to fragrance and these are just fine, which is why I mention in case you are, too. I have sensitive skin and no problem with them on that score, either. They also get the job done. I use them to clean makeup before I cleanse my face with my more expensive lotions and potions. Some nights, when I am too tired for the whole process, I am satisfied just to use two of these: one to remove makeup and one to clean. Great little product and the respectable name of Biore.

Eileen Mount Marion, NY

Great makeup-removing wipes!

I’ll admit it: I’m lazy when it comes to makeup removal. If I don’t have makeup-removing wipes, then chances are my makeup will stay on my face overnight. It’s terrible, but it’s true. So I jumped at the chance to try this Biore product.As far as makeup wipes go, these are pretty standard (not a bad thing–they just don’t stand out from other wipes I’ve tried). They come in a resealable package to keep them from drying out, and they do what they’re supposed to do. They especially remove eye makeup well, and I like that one side of the wipe is textured. There is a slight scent, but I didn’t find it overpowering.Bottom line: I like these wipes, and I would definitely buy them again.

Summer Raleigh, ND

Wonderful and easy to use!

These are simply wonderful to have on hand to remove makeup and are very easy to use. The only thing I’ve found wanting is that they are a bit tricky to just get one out of the package and tend to come out multiples at a time.The makeup seems to come off quite easily but it does take two wipes at times.These are also super handy when traveling!!! I love being able to toss these in a carry on since they don’t have to fulfill a liquid requirement.

Kelli Richmond, MI

Like the convenience

I have tried many of these products as they are wonderful for travel. No need to carry liquids on trips and can quickly dispose of the towelettes which lightens the luggage. Love using them when traveling. It is important to read the information on each brand and product within the brand to assure they are what you need for your particular skin. This was a bit harsh for my very sensitive skin, hence the 4 star. However, it is a good product for the right skin.

Consuelo Oxford, PA

Removes make-up, but not “instantly”

I am a middle-aged woman who uses what I would call an average application of make-up during weekdays for work. I do a full “face,” but I try to make it look natural. My make-up consists of liquid foundation, powder blush, loose powder, eye shadow, eye liner (soft pencil), eyebrow pencil, lipstick and non-waterproof mascara. Here is what I have found after using this product for seven days:Pros: The Biore towelette material is soft and cotton-y. It does not shred or pill.The towelette contains just enough liquid make-up dissolver to feel moist but not dripping wet.Once you get the make-up off, you do not have to rinse. Your skin feels smooth, not tight or dry.You do not need a mirror or water. You can figure out if you have gotten all your make-up off by looking at the residue on the towelette.Cons: There is no way I can get all of my make-up off using just one towelette, even with using every corner and turning the towelette over. It takes at least three before my face is perfectly clean.If you do not “soften” your mascara first by laying the towelette over it for a minute or so, you do have to rub to get the mascara off, even non-waterproof mascara.Conclusions: For everyday use, this product might get a bit pricy because you cannot get off a full make-up using just one towelette. The selling point for these make-up removing towelettes is that they will remove your make-up “instantly” just by wiping your face with a towelette. The make-up does come off, but not “instantly.” However, for traveling or for situations where you need to take off your make-up and don’t want to wash your face, like re-doing your make-up after work for an evening out or when you are in the car or perhaps after hiking or at a horse show when you just want to remove grit and grime, this product is really nice.My daughters, who are college-age, and use less make-up than I do during a regular day really like this product. They can get their make-up off with just one towelette. So if you don’t use so much make-up, or want a clean face when you aren’t at home, this product may be just what you need.

Janet Ephrata, WA


I first tested these towelettes on the year’s ultimate make-up removing day – after a Mardi Gras celebration. Though I was wearing multi-coloured eye make-up, and had face painting plus glitter, the Biore product removed the lot! It assuredly is the best product I’ve ever used for make-up removal, and it causes no irritation of the skin.

Laura Geneva, TX

Works great for removing makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.

My wife uses these to remmove her makeup before bed. She uses them before and after she washes her face with soap and water to ensure all makeup and dirt is gone. She likes the way they leave her skin feeling clean and refreshed afterwards. I like to see her naturally beautiful with her rosy cheeks and shiny clean skin. A great product!

Patty New Milford, NJ


I try a lot of these and this one is a favorite. It cleanses and removes makeup easily with no irritation or dryness.

Desiree Almyra, AR

Excellent face wipes

My wife has been using these for years for nightly face cleansing and makeup removal. They’re great for when you don’t have time to use soap and water and can remove sunscreen, sweat, etc. and leave your face feeling refreshed. They’re also good for pre-teens to use on their acne trouble spots. You also don’t get a strong astringent feeling that other alcohol-based products have. I would buy these again.

Shelly Palmer, NE

My eyes are too sensitive

I never used make-up remover until about a year ago. I switched to a new, long-lasting eye shadow pencil (Bundle Monster Pro 12 Color Jumbo Eye Shadow Liner) that lasts all day but requires more effort to remove than regular eye shadow. Soap wasn’t cutting it. So, I’ve been using a liquid make-up remover I got at Wal Mart for the last few months. When I saw these Biore towelettes, I decided to try them since they look so much easier to use.These are very convenient and work very well. The make-up came off with ease: shadow, foundation and mascara all came off in just a few wipes. However, some people with sensitive eyes may have problems. I suffer from allergies and my eyes are extremely sensitive. After removing my make-up last night, I felt stinging all around my eyes (but not in them) and they started tearing. This lasted about an hour. The skin around my eyes felt tight too, like when you use an astringent. It’s possible that I am reacting to an ingredient in these that might not affect others – one reviewer with sensitive eyes had no issue. Also, I would prefer these came in better packaging, perhaps a container like Lysol wipes. I’d be willing to pay a bit more to ensure they didn’t dry out (which these “resealable” bags often do).These do work, and the price here on Amazon is excellent. These are a good value. Highly recommended, especially to those who do not have sensitive eyes.

Alyson Fanrock, WV

Clean, fresh-feeling face after using these

Let me start by saying that I don’t have sensitive skin, so I didn’t have the issues that a few other reviewers did. My face did tingle after using, but in a pleasant way that felt refreshing. In a similar vein, after I cleanse my face I moisturize, so I did not notice this product drying out my face. This was true even when I waited a little bit before moisturizing just to see how my face felt.I have used other facial wipes, and this product seems to remove make-up with less effort – and without having to use several wipes before feeling like your face is clean. I did use 2 wipes, typically, because I do like to ensure my face is clean. I keep these on my bedside table, and they are a quick/easy way to cleanse and revitalize my face.The fragrance is light but essentially unobtrusive.

Faye Hudson, IA

Non-irritating and non-stinging

Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes are non-irritating and do not sting but sometimes you have to use a bit of pressure and time to get off all of your make up. There are 30 towelettes in the package which is convenient. [Review assisted by my 17 year old daughter]

Kimberley Sturdivant, MO

Love these!

These makeup removing towelettes are great. I love not having to worry about taking my makeup off at night – just grab one of these towelettes and wah-lah, makeup is gone. They don’t irritate my skin and they take my makeup off easily.

Karina Sigourney, IA

Biore Towelettes

These wipes are a good size. They are soft and gentle. Makes make up removal super easy and fast. These are great to have in a gym bag or for use before bed.

Angelica Eufaula, AL

Biore Makeup towlette

I received this product from the Vine Program and was very pleased with it. These towelettes come in a heavy plastic bag. The were very moist but not dripping wet. The had a nice fresh scent and one towelette will wipe off your makeup very well. I don’t use heavy makeup but wanted an easy way to wipe my face before retiring. They also work well in the morning to freshen my face before I add a small amount of creme makeup. I had a plastic container with a close fitting lid and towlettes fit in so they would stay moist. You could add a small amount of water when you feel they are getting dry. These should last you a month if you use just for removing makeup as they come 30 to a package. If you use a face scrub after removing your makeup these work well in freshen your face. At my age of 87 I am alwasy looking for something to keep my face clean and moisterized.

Kimberly Cream Ridge, NJ

Skip it

I was a little hesitate to try this product. I have extremely sensitive skin, especially on my face. I was even more concerned when I realized this product is NOT marked as hypoallegenic. I was running very low on my existing towellettes, so I decided to give this a try. As soon as I used wipe on my face, it felt like my face was on fire. There was a major burning sensation. I also felt like it really dried out my face. Needless to say, I won’t be using this product again. If you don’t have sensitive skin, this product might be great for you. But if you do, take my advice and skip this product.

Celeste Brandamore, PA

just average

I received this Biore’ makeup removing towelettes through the amazon on the vine program. After trying several brands to me, this one was just ok. The wipes are moistened just right with a pleasant scent and one does the trick for removing all my makeup, other than mascara. It did remove makeup without any drying and made my face feel clean. However, it did not completely remove my mascara as its packaging claims to remove waterproof mascara (and my mascara wasn’t even waterproof), it did however remove most of it just not all. I also experienced a slight burning or tingling sensation around the eye area only when wiping the eye to remove eye makeup and mascara. Although I experienced a slight burning sensation when using to cleanse my eyes, it never caused any redness or drying in that area and I thought it may be due to my moisturizer which has retinol in it. All in all they are an ok choice but in my opinion I have had better.

Kay Theriot, LA

Good Cleansing, but Rough

Makeup Towelettes are a commodity at this point, so I’m just going to do a relative comparison:Pros -Feels like it really cleans and helps get even stubborn eye make up offFeels clean afterward – no residue leftThick towels – one gets the job doneCons -Pretty rough. It kinda hurts to get the eye makeup off.

Lela Harper Woods, MI

Great Cleansing Towelettes

I really liked these cleansing towelettes. They effectively removed all my makeup (eye makeup and tinted moisturizer) effortlessly. The texture of the cloths scrubbed away my makeup without being harsh or abrasive. They were also sturdy and didn’t disintigrate after a few passes over my face. I also appreciated the fact that they didn’t make my eyes burn and tear up while using around my eyes. I would definitely purchase these makeup remover towlettes in the future.

Vilma Winside, NE

Works Great!

I like the Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes better than most that I have tried. They have a nice, clean, light scent and cleans makeup off with one towelette…I hardly ever have to use two. Biore towelettes also leave my skin/face feeling clean and moisturized…which is not the case with other brands that I have used. Works great!

Pauline Brant, NY

practical but average efficiency

These towelettes come in a package that does not close. I used a clip to keep it closed so that the towelettes would stay wet. The smell is fresh and the surface of the towelette is great. But it has a little rubbing effect on the face and feels like rubbing with a wet paper. Also it absorbs probably 75% of the make up but not all. It does not leave an oily residue. I would probably continue using my hydrophilic oil that removes make up without drying the face.

Myrtle Cashiers, NC

About Average

I use makeup remover towelettes primarily to take off mascara, and I cannot tell that these towelettes are any better at that task than any other brand.I wear waterproof mascara which is notoriously hard to remove. All of the liquid eye makeup removers that I have tried have little to no effect on my mascara, even the ones that claim to be made especially for waterproof mascara. A few years ago, I switched to makeup remover towelettes rather than using the liquids with cotton or tissue. However, I still found that I had to rub the mascara quite a bit, and there was still mascara left on my lashes. I feel like all of that rough wiping was probably not good for the delicate eye area and was contributing to my crow’s feet. Then, I started “pre-treating” my lashes with gel-style baby oil prior to using the towelette. I just rub a very tiny dot on the lashes of each eye, then use the towelette to wipe away the mascara and gel. Voila! Success with no harsh scrubbing, plus my eyelashes are longer than they have been in years, probably due to less breakage of the lashes.Without the addition of the baby oil gel, these towelettes still require a lot of scrubbing in the eye area when trying to remove my waterproof mascara. However, they seem to wipe foundation and blush off relatively well. They smell nice without being “perfume-y” and are generous in size.

Angelique Johnson City, TN