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Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Combo Pack, 14 strips

Instantly removes pore-clogging dirt, oil and blackheads. Give yourself the confidence your crave and the looks you desire with the Deep Cleansing formula.

Key features

  • Unclogs pores & achieves the deepest clean
  • Clean and invigorate your pores with these deep cleansing pore strips from BIORÉ
  • These easy-to-use strips will help extract built-up dirt and oil from your pores that can cause blackheads, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean
  • These unscented strips are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, so they can be used even by those with sensitive skin
  • Oil-free

Honest reviews


not too good I gotta say

Welp, not great. Didn’t really do anything. But I found a natural way to make it, 1 TBSP of gelatin powder, mixed with 1 and 1/2 TBSP of milk, heat in microwave for about 10 seconds,then apply to your face with a brush, let dry 10 minutes, peel off.BAM, there’s your strip, easy to make. can use Guar gum, xanthum gum, or Agar powder for a vegetarian mixture, because gelatin contains pork as you know.

Harriett Caney, OK


Biore strips are like my sick little addiction. I literally will put them all over my face just to see what they pull out. They really DO pull out blackheads. Its amazing. Just be sure to let them dry totally before peeling them off. Sometimes it hurts a bit pulling them off but its worth it to see what gunk its pulling out of your pores. I love them.

Debbie Kapolei, HI

Not so pleased

SO i was very excited about this thing but it’s not as good as i thought it would b, kind of a rip off tbh.Maybe it works for others better , it just didn’t rly work on me

Jenny Latimer, IA

These are now a regular part of my skincare regimen

I used to use these occasionally, and would get inconsistent results. Now that I’ve been using them for many years, I’ve gotten the hang of it. I get excellent results every time now and I’ve used them as often as three times a week. With my skin (very oily), I finally realized that these oil plugs are constantly being produced. So at any given time, some are more “ripe for the pickin'” than others. Three things work best to help me extract the most oil plugs. 1) cleansing and then steaming my face with a face steamer or hot rag or 2) cleaning my face with either Sea Breeze or alcohol, then wetting it with tolerably hot water or 3)cleansing with an alpha-hydroxy cream and scrub (although it might not matter whether your cream is alpha-hydroxy). I’ve also learned over the years to get the right amount of water. Damp is not good enough. Your face needs to be wet, but not so mega dripping wet to the point where you over-saturate the strip. Also, I guess depending on the environment, your face might start drying before your finish putting on all your strips (I open all the strips I’m going to use to save time). Watch for dry spots and rewet any dry areas with your finger before placing the next strip. I leave the strip on until I start to feel it getting a little hard (which it does within that 12-15 minute range they recommend). And then voila! I’ve gotten a pretty good extraction (I do my T-zone) and have a smooth face. I have tried several other strips including Ponds, Clari-T and Duane Reade brands. I’ve gotten the best and most consistent results from Biore and exclusively use this brand of pore strip now.

Daphne Patten, ME


My Wife and I both use the Biore Cleansing Pore Strips. These work wonderful. We have used Biore and Pond’s and these work much better than the Pond’s brand. It is unbelievable how much is dirt is under the skin on your nose. When used properly the strip is usually full and looks like a porcupine. They leave your nose clean and smooth and you can really feel the difference. You can also use these stips on other areas of your face as well.

Ashlee Saint Charles, IA

It is ok but that not effective

This one did not work for me. Nose strips were perfect but the face strip just does not the trick.

Sheena Caddo, TX

Works really well!

Although I’ve got really sensitive skin, these deep cleaning pore strips work well without me having any reaction to the adhesive.These combo strips do a great job removing black heads leaving a really clean nose and face … take a quick peek at the rows of dubious needles on the pore strip after you peel it off … gross but super cool! :)This cleansing pore strip is a fantastic product! If Biore offers a larger than 14 count combo pack at a super savings price, I would happily give this product double the 5 STAR RATING! :))

Jocelyn Jarratt, VA

Biore strips

I have been using these occasionally for a few years now and have noticed a difference in my pores, especially on my nose. I like how they have added slits around the nose strips to help prevent the wrinkles and bubbles on the strip I used to get. I alternate the face strips between my chin and forehead. The package recommends not using them more than once every three days. I use them twice a month (or when I remember) and use the Biore triple action astingent immediately after removing the strips. I have combination skin, oily on my chin and dry on my cheeks and forehead, but have had no reactions to this item. You should not use if you have sunburn, blemishes, excessively dry skin or are sensitive to bandages or peel-off masks. Also, stick with the Biore brand, I have tried drug store knockoffs and they ARE NOT the same.

Debbie Dupont, LA

A Great Buy

My husband loves these, they work so great, granted he has a great nose for them to work. Where as I have trouble getting the nose ones to work, but the face ones work better for me. What is your trouble area? Each package comes with specific strips for your trouble areas. If you happen to be like my husband and me, then buy this box because I get the face strips and my husband gets the nose strips. A great buy!To see my full review check out: […]Coming from Mom’s Thumb Reviews

Earline Lyman, SC

Great for hair removal too!

I do not have a lot of blackheads because I use the Clarisonic skin brush daily and I get regular peels, but these strips do a great job of tightening pores. My husband has used these as well and the results were so good they were scary, literally, we could not believe the stuff that came out. Yuckkkkkkk.However, a great incidental benefit I noticed is that these strips also get rid of fine facial hair! I have very fine hairs that don’t respond well to waxing and these strips take care of that. I really love this product.

Darla Bradner, OH

I like it

it really did work but you will have to exfoliate the face first and then use it. i like this product but i wish they can include more strips.

Tiffany Pablo, MT