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Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce

Biore combination skin balancing sleanser removes all forms of impurities while leaving 90% of skin’s natural moisture, giving your face an even, all over clean.

Key features

  • Clean and balance your skin with this combination skin balancing cleanser from BIORE skin care
  • Skin Purifying Technology gives you an even, all-over clean without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture
  • This oil-free cleanser is gentle enough to use every day to offer deep cleansing action to purify your skin
  • Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


So Far, So Good

I was using Clean & Clear, and it was causing some pretty awful breakouts. I switched to Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser about a month ago.The cleanser will go a long way, as it has the consistency of hand soap and lathers very nicely. It has a nice scent, not antiseptic or cloying. I do not expect anything from my cleanser except to clean my face, and I feel like it does that very well. When I use astringent afterwards there is only a very little bit of makeup or oil that is picked up after cleansing. It does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry, even if I don’t moisturize as I usually do.My skin has been clear and even since I began using it, even curbing the minor breakouts I get during my period. I have an oily t-zone, and the oil issue has been much less apparent. I like this product and will continue using it.

Libby Marcola, OR


not a big fan of this at all. its really thick and goopy and smells weird… hard to describe, like old glue from kindergarten class or something. i dont feel like this even cleans my skin! ive used a good portion of the bottle but im over it, into the trash it goes…

Karyn South Holland, IL

Too drying for me

I am in my 40’s and I have dry wrinkly skin. But I still have oily areas and get zits. So I thought this would be a good cleanser for all areas of my skin.The Biore combination skin balancing cleanser lathered up nicely. It was comfortable on my skin. It did take some extra rinsing to get it off. After I rinsed my skin my face felt really dry. It did not get better with more uses. I will keep using it on my t-zone on occasion because I really like it but it does not balance combination skin.I did have my daughter try it. She has very sensitive skin that reacts to lots of products. She had no irritation or redness from this.

Joyce Stovall, NC


Very good cleanser, makes my skin squeaky clean without drying. One pump is more than enough to wash the face.I also used it to remove make up and it did good job. My only complaint is one of the ingredients sodium laureth sulfate, it might be irritating and drying for some (it is lathering agent).

Alexandria Montezuma, NM

Did not solve my combination skin problem; got a zit

More and more, it seems like everyone has combination skin, right? I don’t know of a single person who has the same kind of skin all over their face. That said, I feel like mine may be worse than the average. I have a very oily T zone (Forehead, nose) and VERY dry cheeks. The skin under my eyes gets so dry that it will start to flake while my forehead is gleaming with grease. Since this cleaner claims to “balance” skin, I figured I’d give it a try.The cleaner itself is very thick and smooth. The smell is not offensive and it washes cleanly away. Afterward, my face is not overly dry but still dry enough that moisturizer is needed.I used it for a week and thought it was a moderate cleaner. I still had dry spots and oily spots but it worked about as well as other facial cleansers.But then I got a zit. A rather large one.I would say I get them maybe once or twice year. Not unheard of, but not common either. Now I know that getting that zit may have nothing to do with this cleanser but at the same time, the cleanser didn’t seem to prevent it either.So I’ll probably stick to my regular cleanser after this is gone.

Marguerite Hamilton, OH

Not for anyone with occasional acne

I have combination skin that is occasionally prone to breakouts. I have experimented with many products in the past, and generally will stick with a product until the bottle is finished to give it a fair shot. After three weeks of use my skin was terribly broken out and very oily. This was the only product that I had changed in my regimen so I am pretty sure that this is the culprit. I had to discontinue use and after a two weeks of using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cleanser my skin was looking significantly better.

Tamara Harpers Ferry, WV

left my skin itchy and blotchy

I’ve been a big fan of a variety of Biore products for many years. In particular, I’ve found their pore-unclogging strips and scrubs quite effective. I also like their foaming cleanser. This particular gel though, did not work very well for me. It went on fine and lathered up nicely, but it left my skin feeling itchy and irritated with a few mild pink spots on my upper cheeks. I’m not sure what about this cleanser caused this since I have never had such a reaction before, and I don’t consider my skin especially sensitive.Everyone has different reactions to skin products so I am not saying my response was typical. My skin is neither oily nor dry, but I use a cleanser to try and reduce/eliminate whiteheads on my nose. I believe that I’ll stick to the scrubbing cleansers that Biore makes rather than use this gel cleanser.

Kristin Bronson, KS

A little dab’ll do ya

The first few times I used this product I pumped out way too much and I had a tough time getting it all off; this stuff really lathers up using very little cleanser. So now I’ve learned to use just a dab and it still lathers up really well.I like the scent and feel of my skin after using it. I have sometimes oily, sometimes dry skin and after using this my face feels clean and soft. I have had no adverse effects from it. I really like that it comes in a pump instead of having to pick it up and pour out some in my hand.This cleanser comes in a 6.77 ounce container and for the amount that I use each time this should last me for months! This is the first time I’ve tried a Biore product and I like it!

Flora Aquashicola, PA

Good for skin that is dry with some slightly oily spots. Not good for really oily skin.

Use just a tiny bit of this, a full pump is way too much for one face. It does not dry out your skin but if you have oily skin (especially if you have acne) I would say that you should choose something a little more aggressive about oil removal. It made acne areas more prone to breaking out.What I like best about it is it’s very mild smell. It did not irritate my skin.Overall this is a good product for those with mildly oily parts to their face and dry elsewhere.

Cecile Nazareth, KY

LOVE it just the right cleanser

This is a great cleanser. It removes make up even my waterproof eye liner easy and with no irritation. A little bit goes a loooong way. You can expect a bottle to last for a while. I like that it has a pleasant smell but not girly.This cleans good, but does not make your skin feel dried out and tight.Perfect cleaner.

Leanna Kanona, NY

Very Mild

The Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser is a nice and mild cleanser that works great and doesn’t irritate my skin. My skin is really sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use on a daily basis and the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser provides my skin with the necessary coverage and protects my skin from any breakouts.I can see the difference in my skin and you will notice the results almost immediately. I am impressed with the condition of my skin and I love this Biore Cleanser.

Nina Pawhuska, OK

My new favorite

I have loved every Biore product I’ve ever tried. This one is great too. It cleans and tightens my pores beautifully. It also rinses away cleanly, which is a must for any cleanser I use. There is no scent and it lightly foams. My skin looks radient and glowing afterwards. I will stick with this one. Highly recommended for anyone like me with maddeningly combination skin. The dry areas are softened, and the center T-zone of oiliness is cleaned and tones. Excellent product.

Jade Toyah, TX

We’ve had no problems with this one

One of our teens is using this on skin that is currently very oily. We have had none of the redness or flakiness that some have reported in using this product. If you can get a sample, give this a test run. The scent is not bad, but we would prefer no scent in facial cleansers. They tend toward aggravating sensitive skin, and boys resist pretty smells when cleaning their faces.

Carly Afton, TX

I like it

The cleanser smells and foams very well. I like the clean feeling it provides for my face. Although I did not notice any changes or balancing effect in my combination skin, I still like it as a cleanser, just not as a remedy.

Priscilla Madawaska, ME

Balancing skin cleanser

I have combo skin, oily tzone. Use it in the shower at night as a facial cleanser. Its gentle, doesn’t dry out the skin, has the right amount of foamy lather, removes all traces of makeup and eye makeup too. A little goes a long way. After patting skin dry, my pores are visibly tighter. I highly recommend.

Rosemary East Point, LA

I love this cleanser!

This cleanser lathers well, it has a lemon scent, and it balances out my skin. I don’t have problem skin, but I have areas that tend to be dryer then others. I wasn’t sure this cleanser would be what I needed, but it works perfectly. I notice my skin is smoother after using it for several weeks, and I don’t have any dry areas. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my face. I LOVE the scent! Lemon is one of my favorite smells, and this smells wonderful. It isn’t a heavy scent, and when you wash it off, the scent is gone. It is a clear, thinner liquid that lathers very easily. A little goes a long way. I also like the pump bottle, which makes it much easier to distribute in your hand. I will be ordering more once I am finished with this bottle!

Therese Bushnell, FL

Leaves skin softer

A tiny amount of this cleanser does the trick as it foams nicely and my skin doesn’t end up feeling dry. The light scent is heavenly and unexpected. The cleanser I was using was effective, but left my skin feeling uncomfortably dry. I really had to use a moisturizer after washing my face. Mostly I do anyway, but sometimes at night when I’m tired, I just want to go to bed and want to keep my nightly routine as short as possible, which means I don’t even want to wait for the water to warm up in that far end of my house. This cleanser does a good job of removing makeup even with cold water and I can skip the moisturizing step.I really value the non-drying quality especially when I’m working outside in a dusty situation and have to wash my face more than once a day and even more so when I’m frequently washing my hands. I got this for my face, but then found it’s really nice for my hands as well. Since trying this, I’ve added another container to keep in the kitchen just for my hands. Again, you need very little so it lasts a good while and does a thorough and non-drying job.

Carole Norfolk, VA

A good facial cleanser ~

Biore is owned by a Japanese toiletry company called ‘Kao’. I was worried it might be part of the Unilever mega-corp (since they offer a lot of Vine products for review), but gladly it is not.After a bit of research we discovered that this product claims to be cruelty free (hence no animal testing). The one drawback is that it contains parabens, which some studies have linked to breast cancer (though mainly for anti-perspirants and deodorants). I won’t get into the claims one way or the other, I just wanted to put the information out there for anyone interested.The nice thing about this product is that it works. We tried some of the ‘Simple’ brand cleanser and had immediate acne breakouts that actually went away right after switching back to our usual brand. Gladly, no acne. The cleaner is recommended for daily face washing. This isn’t a makeup remover or any such. It is targeted to clean skin without affecting pores or drying skin. It is recommended for normal to oily skin.If you have oily skin and want a daily cleanser, this is a good option. My partner and I have also had good luck with Neutrogena (owned by Johnson and Johnson). Our standard face product brands to go to are the ‘Yes to’ brands such as Yes to Carrots. Biore works as well so I heartily recommend this as an option for those needing a daily facial cleanser.

Katharine Joppa, MD

A little of this goes a long way

I’ve been through a few popular specialty facial soaps including Neutrogena which I think smells great. Those soaps are great but not designed for combination skin. The problem with combination skin is the drying out of skin when washing often with soap to get the oil out, and yet the build up of oil and bad consequences when not washing a lot because skin got dry.My experience with this Biore product is it gives the deep cleanse without altering my skin’s natural moisture. I found that it’s not necessary to use much at a time. Then while my skin is still wet after rinsing, I found that a detoxifying scrub can be used for maximum effect.I like the scent of this cleanser. It’s mild.

Pat Greenback, TN

Worth A Try

I use a face cleanser each night as part of my nightly ritual . I (my wife) has a light complexion combination who uses make-up daily. My daily cleanser used to beNeutrogena Oil-Free Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, 7 Ouncebut I found it to be too harsh on my face. I was excited to try the Biore Combination Cleanser since it seems like a perfect fit for my skin type.Notes– Does not lather as well as some cleansers- I have the need to double rinse my face- Much gentler on my skin when compared to the Neutrogena Oil Free- Great fragrance – very refreshing, but it does not linger after you rinse.- Removes all of my make-up (although I rarely wear eye make-up)- I have not had any type of allergic reactionFinal Verdict – I will continue to use the Biore Combination Skin Cleanser to see if balances out my skin, but so far (2 weeks) I have been very impressed!4 1/2 Stars

Maribel Bartlett, OH

Excellent cleaning; non-drying; nice scent

I’m very pleased with this face cleanser. It lathers well, and has a nice scent (it smells somewhat botanical to me). Best of all it does not leave my face dry, which is very much appreciated this time of year (late winter).I also like the consistency of the cleaner. Not too thick; not too thin. Plus, it’s clear rather than be tinted.I have been a regular Neutrogena user for years, but the quality of the Biore products I’ve tried recently is causing me to switch. This is an excellent face cleanser, and I highly recommend it.

Mitzi Okabena, MN

Love it

3, 2, 1….the raving begins. I love this face wash. I’m in my mid 50’s and have always had oily skin. The wash I’d been using was drying my forehead and neck though it helped prevent breakouts. Biore solved both these issues. My forehead and neck no longer feel dry AND, best of all, it’s controlling breakouts. Under the heading of too much information when I started to use Biore I had two eruptions areas that were threatening but after using this product for a few days they literally disappeared, not even lessened…just GONE. Dewy skin, no breakouts. I’m sold.

Daphne South Union, KY

Nice Cleanser

Biore’s Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser is a nice deep cleanser but is designed for combination skin which is what most of us probably have anyway. I liked it a lot. It did a good job of cleansing but my skin didn’t feel stripped at the same time. It’s hard to find a facial cleanser that is deep cleansing, oil-free and yet doesn’t dry your skin.Thumbs up!

Pauline Sinclair, WY

Good facial cleanser

I say good, but not great. For the price it does clean my T zone very well. It did dry my skin more than I would have liked. I have been using Clinique but I wanted to try less expensive alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, it does clean very well, but my skin seems to prefer Clinique. Still worth a try.

Kellie Chagrin Falls, OH

One of the best cleansers I’ve ever used

While I fancy myself as having pretty standard skin that doesn’t give me too much grief, every now and then something goes heywire. I break out, or my skin dries up, or something else entirely. I started using this during a time of total classic combination skin problems and could not be more pleased with the results. It keeps excess oil at bay. My skin is left feeling sufficiently moisturized. I feel like I’m getting a deep and invigorating cleaning. My skin even tingles a bit when all is said and done. I believe this helped solve some minor skin issues for me, and it continues to work as a wonderful daily cleanser. Highly recommended.

Olivia Cairo, NE

After washing with this, face feels like it would with Noxzema

If you’re not familiar with Noxzema, you can skip it entirely and go directly to this product from Biore. If you are familiar with Noxzema…this stuff is even better!While the end result of using this “Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser” is roughly the same as what Noxzema has offered in the past, Biore one-ups the competition in several areas: (1) This stuff doesn’t burn the face when you’re washing it. (2) It has a lot less subtle aroma (you won’t be smelling like a koala bear just vomited up all this eucalyptus leaves). (3) After washing, both products make your face feel very clean and soft, but Biore feels like it has more (or better, at least for me) moisturizers in it. My face feels smoother than with Noxzema (using that, my face feels clean and my skin like it’s been tightened.)All in all, this is has been a great product – it performs well, and it gets bonus points for me for doing better job than a similar product that I use from time to time.Highly recommended.

Cristina Parma, MI

Works Great

I like the smell of this cleanser, and that it is not too harsh on my skin. I have problem skin, and at 21 years old, my face constantly breaks out. It is hard to find a cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin too much, but removes the excess oil that causes my breakouts. THis cleanser works great for that. And with the coupon that Amazon offers, the deal is too good to pass up 🙂

Rosanna Coggon, IA

Fragranced but Pleasant

Usually I prefer fragrance-free products, but I really like this cleanser. The fragrance is quite pleasant. It does a fine cleansing job, although like all other cleansers I’ve tried, it leaves my skin feeling a little dry and tight for a short while after cleansing. The price is a bit steep – $9.95 is more than I typically spend on a cleanser, but the bottle size is fairly generous (almost 7 oz.). I would definitely purchase this again, especially if the price comes down a little bit!June 2013 update: At this new, lower price ($5.99 today) I am happy to rate this 5 stars. It’s a great cleanser and now also a great value.

Elba Wilmington, MA

Works fantastic for my sensitive combination skin

I have extremely sensitive skin – I can’t use a wash cloth as it causes my face to dry out and scab (like hundreds of small wounds), so finding a facial cleanser that can work is difficult. There are a number of extremely expensive soaps (the type you buy at department store perfume counters) that I can use; however, I have never found a reasonably priced soap that I can buy on Amazon or at a local store until I found Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. I use it sparingly, a little in hand during my shower. By using it first and rinsing thoroughly throughout the shower, I avoid having any residue left to dry to skin.I was afraid that it would dry my skin so much that I would need moisturizer to get it feeling normal but that was not the case. My face feels clean but not at all dry. The oily parts of my skin (especially around my nose) feel nice, too.All in all, a great product that I will use daily. I highly recommend it.Update: July 4, 2013 – I have now been using this soap daily for more than three months. I like it even better today than I did when I originally wrote my review. It will be my first choice of facial soaps from now on. The best part is that you only need a tiny dab, so the bottle is still more than 3/4 full after more than 90 days. A great product and a great value.

Rita Shasta Lake, CA

My Favorite

This is my favorite facial cleanser because it’s gentle, easy to use, has a pleasing light scent, and is inexpensive. I have rather sensitive skin, and this product leaves it feeling clean without overdrying. I also like that only a tiny amount is needed to clean my face so that one bottle of the cleanser lasts a long time, usually several months. Paula Begoun, the “Cosmetics Cop,” gives this cleanser a “Best” review, and if you trust her reviewing process you know that’s a pretty good thing. Overall I would recommend this cleanser to anyone because of its mildness, effectiveness, and low price as well as for the fact that it’s readily available in most drug and grocery stores.

Marcia Douglasville, GA