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Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce

Break the cycle of blemishes and help treat acne with biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. Featuring a formula that penetrates pores, this biore fighting ice cleanser targets impurities that can cause acne. Biore ice cleanser will help clear your complexion and leave your skin smooth. Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser comes in a 6.77 oz. bottle with a pump top.

Key features

  • Removes over 99% of dirt for clear skin
  • Defends against blemishes before they appear by removing dirt and oil that can cause blemishes.
  • Get an invigorating clean with a blemish fighting formula containing salicylic acid.
  • Oil, dirt, and make-up don’t stand a chance against this this refreshing liquid cleanser that helps to stop blemishes cold and leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.
  • Oil-free

Honest reviews


This is a great everyday cleanser!

Biore’s Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser is a really good everyday cleanser. I wear foundation and powder, so I need something that removes my makeup and keeps my skin clear, and this does the trick! It gets rid of ALL my face makeup (I don’t use this for my eye makeup though-if this gets in your eyes, OUCH it burns!!) I also love the slight cooling effect. It feels good! Obviously, no cleanser is going to give you completely clear skin, and I still slightly break out even when using this cleanser, but it definitely does help and is a good addition to your skincare routine. What I also love about this product is that it doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin at all. I have repurchased this cleanser many times and will continue to do so!

Caroline Dulac, LA

One of my favorites!

I have skin that dries out really easily, doesn’t react well to scrubs, and full of acne. Finding products that treat my acne without leaving it dry or flaky or irritating it is hard to do. This is one of the best I have found. The salicylic acid helps keep the acne at bay, but it doesn’t over dry my skin or bother it at all. I love the “ice” feeling- it’s very refreshing in the morning! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and keeps it clear.

Jeanie Clymer, NY

Love this

This feels great on my skin, and really cleans my skin as well. It seems to really kill my pimples while cooling my skin.

Nadine Kaw City, OK

love the icy sensation…

I bought this originally at my local pharmacy for around $9. Pretty high but it’s worth it. To find it for around $6 with free shipping rocks but more importantly, it clears my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed with an icy kick. Love it. It’s one of my “go to” daily facial washes.

Ginger Zacata, VA

Fresh Feeling, Great Results!

I absolutely love this product. I am not a big make-up/cosmetics user, so my skin care ritual has always been very basic.I only use occasional H20 Plus Brand eye-makeup remover before washing my face with Biore’ cleanser. I do not wear foundation or powder, ever. Just the occasional mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip gloss. I have normal to slightly oily skin, prone to minor occasional breakouts, but NOT very frequently (Usually only when I drastically change my diet). I have used this product to wash my face every morning or evening in the shower for over 4 years. My skin is virtually always perfect, blemish free, not oily or dry and it is always even in tone because of this wonderful cleanser. It is the best skin care product I have ever found, and I tried them all, from moderately priced drug store brands to exorbitantly expensive designer skincare products before settling on Biore’. I simply follow this regimen by applying Neutrogena Clean & Clear Moisturizer after washing and drying my face. No pimples. No oil. Just smooth, refreshed feeling skin. I’m about to turn 30 and my skin still looks like it did when I was 21! Thank you Biore’!

Marva Montgomery, MI


I got a free sample of this from sephora and after three washes,(I KID YOU NOT!) 99% of my acne was gone! I had to buy the full size. This is an amazing lifesaver when it comes to acne. Its just one less thing to worry about on the rollercoaster of adolescence. It never leaves my skin feeling even a bit dry or tight like other cleansers. Just feels like my own skin, new and improved. It foams into a nice, creamy lather and is very refreshing to put on. THANK YOU, BIORE!!!

Lilia Langley, SC