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Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce

Break the cycle of blemishes and help treat acne with biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. Featuring a formula that penetrates pores, this biore fighting ice cleanser targets impurities that can cause acne. Biore ice cleanser will help clear your complexion and leave your skin smooth. Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser comes in a 6.77 oz. bottle with a pump top.

Key features

  • Removes over 99% of dirt for clear skin
  • Defends against blemishes before they appear by removing dirt and oil that can cause blemishes.
  • Get an invigorating clean with a blemish fighting formula containing salicylic acid.
  • Oil, dirt, and make-up don’t stand a chance against this this refreshing liquid cleanser that helps to stop blemishes cold and leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.
  • Oil-free

Honest reviews


It Works, But At A Price

It definitely clears up blemishes very quickly, but I had two major problems with this product:1) It dried out my skin BIG TIME after just one use…if I don’t use moisturizer EVERY day, my skin starts flaking up immediately.2) That “ice” feeling that is supposed to be refreshing smells and feels likeVicks Vaporubon my face, which is not worth the use.Since I have to use moisturizer anyway, I’ve tried using scented face lotion, but nothing can cover up the awful smell of the Biore “ice.”I’ll use up the rest of this bottle, but I won’t be adding this to my regular skin care.

Lucia Empire, CA

Another Great Formula.

I have no idea how I’ve not used Biore in the past.I have, since my teenage years, 30 years ago, the worse acne/ oily skin and blemish condition.The only thing that helps to control break out, for me, has always been rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.Neutrogena never worked.ProActive never worked. And, certainly generic soap and water never worked.After using these products for a few days, it is clear– just by touch– that the ingredients by itself removed huge areas of stubborn oily patches on my face.***The diffence, I should say, the only difference between this formula which Biore calls its “Blemish Fighting Ice Cleaner” and its “Steam Activated Cleanser” is that one works with cold water and the other works in a hot shower. The end result is the same: VERY clean skin.***This is a marvelous product. 5+ stars.

Sabrina Aberdeen, MD

More pleasant to use than the Neutrogena wash

This is similar to the Neutrogena 2% salicylic acid face wash I’ve been using for quite some time. But, after using both, I prefer the Biore.Both have the same concentration of salicylic acid (2%) which is the active acne fighting ingredient. Both are very thick – just a small amount is needed to get a good lather. And both require caution against overuse since the salicylic acid can be rough on your skin if you use it too often. I find that once a day – with the occasional skipped day – works for me.Where the Biore pulls ahead is in the scent and how it makes my face feel after using it. The Neutrogena does not smell bad – it basically smells like soap. The Biore has a fresher scent that is more botanical in nature, and my face feels cool after using it. I expect the latter is due to the inclusion of menthol in the Biore.I can’t fault either in terms of results and performance, but the Biore is more enjoyable to use. Highly recommend.

Alexis Lerose, KY

A little burning clears up the oils!

So maybe you’re not supposed to use this in a hot shower, when all your pores are opened and sweat is pouring out. Or maybe you are – the instructions basically just say to use it as soap. I used this while showering, and it’s packs a bit more of a punch thanBiore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce. It burns.It’s not a painful burn – in fact, in the heat of the moment (pardon the pun), it serves as a reminder that this stuff is actually doing something. After rinsing it off (the slight burn sensation stayed for a bit) and having the face dry, one other thing because very apparent: this stuff works great. My face feels like the accumulating oils (and perhaps even other soap residue) has been removed…and replaced with very smooth skin. Very nice feeling.I’d recommend this stuff if you have oily skin, or perhaps the Skin Balancing stuff if you just want a very clean, very soft face (and don’t have oily skin.) Great product.

Lakesha Cedar Springs, MI

A little gloopy.

Product has the requisite acne-fighting ingredient, and the “iciness” is subtle enough to be pleasant…it probably helps open the pores a bit to let in the active ingredient salicylic acid. The pump is convenient, and the container size is ideal (I find most pump soaps too skimpy; at nearly 7 ounces, this bottle is just right).BUT.The texture–the VISCOUSITY–however, is pretty obnoxious. It is difficult to wash off, requiring a great deal of rinsing before one feels one has gotten it all OFF. It’s roughly like pancake syrup.Which is perhaps what some people really like, and would describe the feeling as “rich.”For my part, I’ve given up using it as a soap, but find it acceptable…as a shaving gel.

Minerva Lascassas, TN

An Excellent Cleanser

I use cheap white face cloths when I wash my face, so I can see that I am indeed removing my make up and cleaning my face. This cleanser is amazing. I know, because I see it coming off onto the face cloth! I would recommend it.

Jaclyn Burden, KS

Good Product with So-So Fragrance

Biore makes fantastic products, and this one is no exception. My skin felt clean and smooth after using it.The only complaint I have is that the scent was not great. It smelled like plastic, and I was expecting a more pleasant fragrance.

Josephine Avilla, MO

Nine out of ten dermatologists agree…

Squeezing the pus out of blackheads until they decoupage the bathroom mirror is not the best way to address ingrown hairs. The other one is okay with it but they are as juvenile as I am and their malpractice insurance rates are not impressive. When I feign being an adult, I use applications that include salicylic acid so I decided to try this Biore product.Sorry to say, the prickly, tingling feeling I had for a few hours after rinsing and shaving will not work for me and unless the annoying sensation I felt is supposed to be the cool icy feeling, that didn’t work either. As it is, removal of what seemed like the first application of a plaster of Paris mask was more work than I am to prepared to take on, even once per week or as needed for blackhead removal especially as the area seemed to dry out but the ingrown hair follicle was still an irritation.Anyway, my grand experiment was a bust…no pun intended…so I will return to straight pin and tweezer artwork when so required.

Irene Cache, OK

Feels and smells nice!

I only need a very small dot of this cleanser to clean my face and it feels great on my skin. It has a nice, fresh scent that I quite like. Seems to be effective too. It really helps with oily skin, and calms irritated spots as well. It has become my favorite face cleanser in just a few short weeks!

Catalina Stanley, ID

Another Biore hit

I started using Biore face scrubs about two years ago, and was absolutely blown away at their effectiveness.This from a woman whose pediatrician (lo these many years ago) promised that acne would be gone by age 21. Well, decades later, I was still dealing with it.After a huge success withBiore Pore Unclogging ScrubI decided to try this slightly different version.Different feel and smell, but same result.If you have oily skin, and perennial trouble keeping acne in check, this is the stuff for you. Highly recommended.

Madeline Mayodan, NC

Get that York Peppermint Patty feeling on your face!

You know that feeling you get when you bite into a York Peppermint Patty…well that is what you face is going to feel like when you apply Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser to your face…icy tingly feeling.I have mixed feeling about this cleanser. It does remove dirt, oil and makeup and left my face feeling “squeaky” clean afterwards. I like facial washers that are more substance and have some kind of exfoliating beads that dig into my pores. I just prefer using exfoliating scrubs likeBiore Acne Clearing Scrub. This cleanser was too runny, so make sure to pump it into the palm of your hand and not on your fingertips or it will slide down in between your fingers. Resembles unhardened clear gelatin. I also did not care for the scent of the product. Had a medicine like aroma. However, it did not overly dry my skin and my skin was left smooth and soft.

Rhoda Craig, MO

Mildly tingly, effective cleanser 3.5 stars

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce is an effective face cleanser, removing dirt and makeup and leaving little or no residue behind. The pump bottle is convenient, but a full stroke of the pump is not needed as a little of the product is very effective. The active ingredient, 2% salicylic acid, is a common acting fighting ingredient. I have no issues with 2% salicylic acid, but my daughter finds that salicylic acid at this concentration actually makes her acne worse.I did not really feel any cooling or iciness from the cleanser, but that is rather low on my list of priorities in a face wash. The cleanser removes the dirt and makeup from my skin and left it feeling clean and not sticky. I would buy this product for myself, but not for my daughter whose skin is slightly more sensitive to the active ingredient.

Josie Rumsey, KY

great cleanser

This cleanser contains 2% salicylic acid, which is great for those who have acne. Since my skin still breaks out, I always use an acne cleanser. This one gives my skin a little tingling sensation while using it. This cleanser works well and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

Addie Hinkle, KY

Deep Cleaning – Recommended

This Biore Blemish Fighting “Ice: cleaner makes your face feel very clean, indeed. My teens have used Biore products with good results for years and this is decent addition to their skin care regimen.Using as directed will keep your skin clean, but twice a day might dry your skin out too much during the winter months. My kids have noticed an improvement in their completions since starting to use this in the morning and using other “targeting” products at night.Recommended!CFH

Gretchen Omaha, TX

Glycerin and salicylic acid = fight blemishes

This review is from: Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce (Misc.)Customer review from the Amazon Vine ProgramThis product works, clearing up my blemishes fairly quickly, and it requires figuring out how often to use it. Even though the product has some potentially moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, it dries the skin deeply. It cleans and dries.I recommend getting aggressive with this very serious blemish cleanser and then through experience figuring out how often to use. That’s because when blemishes are present, it’s necessary to get a deep cleaning and to get the problem areas dried at least to some extent while the blemishes disappear.

Susan Sextons Creek, KY

Works great!

A few minutes after I wash my face, I can feel it drying up my skin. I actually have to use a moisturizer afterwards, except I don’t apply moisturizer on my t-zones where it’s most oily. This wash has a light, fragrant scent which I like. I only use a small amount on my fingers and then apply it to my wet face and then I rinse it off with a cloth, which also gives my skin cells a bit of scrubbing action. It’s a bit pricey though… but this may last me a long while as I just use a small amount each time and it seems quite cost effective since I don’t need to use it every day. I feel it has reduced my blackheads too.

Eileen Bella Vista, AR

Refreshing face wash

This is a nice face wash. It has a pleasant smell and makes my skin feel clean. I like the pump bottle and the fact that it foams slightly when you apply so you can see what areas of your face you have covered.

Mia Jamesville, NC

Best Facial Cleanser Available!!

I’ve tried lots of different facial cleansers over the past 30 years and can safely say that none are as good as Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. What makes this cleanser different is simply the way it feels on my face and the results I get. No sticky buildup, easy to rinse off, and when I use it I feel cleaner than ever before. I use facial cleansers in the morning and night and am ALWAYS happy with Biore products, they are the best you can get.***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Colleen Bassfield, MS


I really like cooling facial cleansers. There is something about that ohhh moment when you feel the sensation. Biore’ Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser gave that cooling sensation and did a great job of cleansing my face at the same time. It’s a high salicylic acid content of 2% but this still didn’t dry my skin out which I really liked.Very good product and I would recommend it.

Brenda Albany, LA

Cleans skin with a total tingly feeling

I gotta begin by saying what I loved most about this cleanser was its “ice” effect, that tingly, cooling sensation left on the skin afterwards that assured me I had in fact washed my face. Indeed, I believe many people will love this about the product: it’s soothing, reassuring, and just leaves the skin feeling absolutely clean. Beyond that, this is about as good a cleanser I’d expect from Biore. Skin is well-cleansed and left just dry enough to impact acne–I did not find it overdrying as some products can be, so those suffering from combination skin might do well by this cleanser.

Ernestine Paulding, MS

It’s tingly!

I like the smell and the feeling of this item. It’s a gel straight out of the pump that lathers up when you put it on your face. One note of caution: this stuff tends to “slide” down your face, so keep your mouth shut and eyes closed. Learned that lesson the hard way.This product is gentle on my face and washes off easily. My face feels clean and fresh after use. My skin feels pretty smooth, too and I haven’t had any issues with it drying out my skin. I have semi-oily skin, even in the winter. Whatever is in this stuff, it’s worked out well for my complexion.Although I didn’t have any huge blemishes before using the product, I can say that I also haven’t seen anything new sprout on my face since using this face wash.Would recommend!

Brenda Essex Fells, NJ

A refreshing blast

This soap is really foamy and feels tingly while you are washing. It literally felt refreshing while I was washing and splashing. Once I rinsed, my skin felt tight and dry. The active ingredient is the reason for that – salicylic acid. Why do they still put this in cleansers? You can clean your face much better without it.It also had this refreshing smell to it. Very interesting. I’ve had a cold for a week and haven’t been able to smell anything much (except the Axe stuff and I do NOT recommend that being your first scent after a cold).This was one of those instances of you-go-first that my teenager has been insisting on. He has had other cleansers in the past, including the ProActiv stuff, but those bother him. This was more palatable to him although I can’t say why. I’m really easy though. Anything he likes is good to me.Packaging problem: Mine came in a bottle and a bag and an envelope and it was pretty evenly distributed. The bottle wasn’t damaged, just leaking through the pump. I’m wondering if it is useful to order this with something else so it increases the likelihood they will throw it in a box?

Carmella Willard, MT

Sort of an interesting smell, but effective and gentle at the same time

I have really sensitive skin, but I’m also acne prone so I need to use something with salicylic acid in it… and hope it doesn’t dry out my skin and make it worse. I’ve been using this product on my skin for the past week and I’m really happy with it. My skin looks smooth and clean and it hasn’t dried me out at all. I’ve also been hitting the gym more often and was getting the dreaded back acne from where my sports bra was rubbing on my skin… so I’ve been using this with a shower puff to scrub my back and that is also clearing up nicely! I like products with menthol in them, this one is a bit different in that it’s almost a fruity menthol smell which I’m not used to and I’m not sure I like but the results are so good that I can easily look past the smell.

Vilma Daphne, AL

Helps, dries face. Talk to Dermatologist Prior to Use on Teens

Biore Blem Fighting Ice Cleanser uses salicylic acid as its primary anti-acne ingredient. This means it will likely be effective. It is helpful for my wife when she develops some acne each month. Her primary complaint with this and other salicylic acid products is that it can dry your skin out. If this is a problem, we have found that hot water exacerbates the drying problem. A warm rather than hot facial wash seems to allow the product to clean your face but is not overly drying. So, in our experience, for intermittent problems with acne, this is an effective facial cleanser.I do recommend for adolescents (and especially children), that you would discuss the risks and benefits with your dermatologist or other doctor. The primary ingredient salicyclic acid has been associated with Reye’s Syndrome. National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation warns that salicyclates in creams may be a cause of Reye’s Syndrome.

Brandie Raccoon, KY

Invigorating? Feels more like an allergic reaction or sunburn

Although middle-aged, I’m still prone to the sporadic blemish and liked the idea of salicylic acid which leaves skin with a fresh look and healthy appearance. However, I totally disliked this product! First, it leaked and although it was wrapped in a bag so didn’t cause a mess, it was still sticky and icky.The consistency is a lot like dish soap…kinda like a soapy liquid feel although it does provide a nice lather. The fragrance is nice…not overwhelming but pleasant and within an acceptable limit.After washing this leaves my face feeling clean and non-oily although it didn’t seem to have that promised fresh and invigorating feeling. No big deal, my face still felt clean and non-oily. So, why the one star ranking? Despite the fact that initially I was impressed by this product…soon after using it started to ‘warm up’. My face felt hotter and hotter. My checks got redder and redder. Soon it felt like a sunburn and then an outright allergic reaction. Fortunately it didn’t turn out to be serious but was itchy, red and uncomfortable.To my knowledge, I’ve never had a problem with salicylic acid so what may cause a red irritated sunburnt feel is beyond me…I have to assume it is the salicylic acid but again, it’s not been a problem in the past.VERY uncomfortable and I do NOT recommend for those with sensitive skin or potential allergies.

Valarie Mullica Hill, NJ

i LOVE this face wash

By far this is the best face wash i have ever used. Not that i’ve ever had any real gripes about other face washes, this one just leaves my face feeling extremely smooth after. My face does not feel as dry after using this, yet my face has remained as clear with the face washes that leave me skin somewhat dry. Also the scent is not overpowering at all, its very subtle, which i like as well. I love love love it, and i have been recommending it to all my friends.

Ramona Rochester, TX

Feels good…

This is a clear gel like facial cleanser with a very nice fragrance. Only a small dab is needed. I didn’t work it into a lather as suggested because I didn’t want it to end up all over my palms. Instead, I worked it into a lather on my face and that worked just as well.It rinsed off cleanly and my skin felt nice and clean afterwards without much of a scent. This cleanser contains salicylic acid which is the active ingredient in Aspirin but it’s also known for it’s anti-acne properties.Overall, I’m very pleased with this cleanser. It has a nice smell and leaves my face feeling clean.

Christy Frederic, WI

Very happy with this cleanser.

I got this very specifically for my 17 year old daughter to use. She has mild acne, with some flare-ups throughout the month, and this product has been one she has been pretty happy with, using it on a daily basis. She usually washed her face with this in the morning (she uses something else in the evening) and she feels like it really leaves her skin clean and soft and is not too drying, like some products can be with salicylic acid as the main active ingredient.Also, she loves the pump bottle, very convenient and easy to use!

Tamera Lafayette, AL

Excellent and effective product

My son started using this cleanser and after only two days there was a noticable improvement in his complexion. The cleanser is effective at reducing blemishes and pimples (probably due to its active ingredient, salicylic acid). The cleanser leaves his face feeling clean and fresh. Highly recommended.

Krystal Ardenvoir, WA

good face wash

I always keep a pump bottle of face wash with 2% salicylic acid at my sink for morning and evening uses. I’ve tried several brands, and I like this Biore version as well as any others. The salicylic acid helps control any tendency towards acne without being too harsh for me. Biore foams and rinses, leaving my combination skin nice and clean. I haven’t noticed any drying or irritation. Although this has “ice” in the name, there’s just a very mild cooling sensation from the menthol, perhaps even less than I notice fromBiore Acne Clearing Scrub (1% Sal Acid), 4.5 Ounce.One minor note of comparison: some pump bottles (likeClean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser, 8 fl oz) will lock in place if twisted, so that the bottle can be packed without making a mess. Biore’s pump doesn’t lock into place – a small detail that will only matter to you if you want to travel with this bottle.

Juliet Quincy, CA