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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution, 100 ml

Genuine and brand new Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 3.5 fl. oz. (100 ml). The benchmark micelle solution that daily cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin. Made in France.

Key features

  • Bioderma sensibio H2O ultra-mild non-rinse cleanser for face and eyes
  • Removes make-up from sensitive skin
  • Made In France

Honest reviews


love it

Great makeup remover for my sensitive (eczema, sensitive, dry, congested and oily)! Super effective (removes mascara!) and gentle on my skin. I remove my makeup with this every night and then wash my face with vivite hydrating cleanser (and my clarisonic!). I would say that you could skip washing your face after this, but only every once in a while if you tend to breakout or have oily skin. If you have dryer skin, you are probably fine with this alone. I use the 500 ml and it lasts for months!

Muriel Pendleton, SC

Excellent Product; Ambitious Pricing (perhaps brilliant)

Admittedly; I am a sucker for ‘mini’ versions of my favorite things. Yes, I am the reason why companies are able to charge exorbitant prices for travel-sized packaging. In my defense (batting eyelashes), I travel 30-40% of the time for work and I rationalize purchases like this one by affirming the need to maintain my comfort and normal routines whilst on the road.To me, Good Skin Care = Good Self Care….and Bioderma has been a permanent staple in the skin care routine for a year or more. LOVE this product so I put up with the price.

Eliza Williams Bay, WI

Not worth it

At first I liked this but after a few days, it worked like any other makeup remover. I would wake up with stuff all under my eyes and have to scrub my face to get anything off. Not worth the hype at all. I’m glad I ordered a small size before buying a big one. I much prefer jojoba oil to remove my makeup.

Dena State Line, MS

Effective but….

This is effective in removing makeup. But, I found that my skin became a bit irritated because it took several pieces of cotton pads to get to a point where the cotton pads came clean. This is essentially water in texture so wiping your face multiple times with cotton pads soaked in a watery solution can irritate your skin.

Tonya Elmira, CA

Bioderma Mania

I had seen this product reviewed multiple times on YouTube and decided that I would try it as the cleanser I had been using wasn’t working in the way I wanted it too. This product is awesome! It cleans away any makeup the first time you use it. I like to use it a second time to penetrate deep into my pores.The shipping was great as it arrived on the date that it said it would and considering the time of year (Christmas) I was very surprised. The product is expensive because it is imported from France but it is worth the investment. I recomend trying the small 100mL bottle first. This allows you to try it out and make sure you don’t react. It is made for sensitive skin so most people will be fine.I love this product so much that I recently ordered the 500mL and for now I will recomend Bioderma to everyone!

Lucy Fowler, CA

Refreshing way to get make-up off

I ordered the larger size after trying the travel size. It does take off make-up and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. It does not take off mascara easily – for that stick with Bi-Facil.

Katherine Converse, SC