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Bioderma Crealine

Bioderma crealine H2O micelle solution – sensitive skin

Key features

  • Make up remover
  • Specially formulated for the sensitive normal to dry skins bioderma sensibio (crealine) H2Omicelle solution guarantees a mild cleansing of face and eyes
  • Can be used daily, morning and evening
  • Make up remover
  • Specially formulated for the sensitive normal to dry skins bioderma sensibio (crealine) H2Omicelle solution guarantees a mild cleansing of face and eyes
  • Can be used daily, morning and evening

Honest reviews


Makeup artist and backstage runway staple!

This is what models and makeup artists use — it’s a total insider industry product and I’m so thrilled I found out about it. It’s different from the typical cleanser/makeup remover because there’s no need to wash your face after you use this. You simply soak on a cotton pad, wipe and you’re good to go. I have extremely dry skin that feels tight immediately after cleansing and this is seriously the only cleanser I’ve used that does NOT give me that feeling.It has the consistency of water, no smell and does not irritate my eyes at all. It gets rid of waterproof mascara quite well. There is something about the science behind the “micellar solution” that breaks down makeup very effectively with no residue or drying effect.This cleanser is nothing short of AMAZING; you will not regret buying it if you use any makeup at all.Update: Amazon tells me I bought this product 6 months ago and I’ve still got about a quarter of a bottle left of the 500 ml. I use it perhaps 5-6 times a week. Very cost effective.

Iris Harrison, ME

Where did this come from?!?

This product is wonderful. When will we get it in the US? Until then I will be ordering it From amazon! I hate makeup remover wipes, they never seem ‘wet’ enough to remove makeup. Just soak a cotton round and wipe away, makeup glides off. This formulation is great at removing makeup, even eye makeup. My skin feels so cleansed, soft and moisturized after each use. I have sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. I find this to be a fabulous addition to my skin are routine. In addition to the bioderma I use all Lush products with my clarisonic.

Germaine El Jobean, FL

Good but not great

I am in my 40th with dry/combination skin. My skin is very very good and people mistaken me for at least 10 years younger. I bought this after seeing the review from Lisa Eldridge. It works fine and it’s very mild. However, it does not take off eye makeup as well as some of the following I have been/am using;* Lancome Bi-Ficil – excellent. Takes everything off without irritating my eyes.* La Mer Cleansing Lotion – excellent. But I prefer to use a wet cotton pad when removing eye makeup. Then use La Mer to cleanse the rest of my face.* Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil – excellent. But I prefer to use a wet cotton pad when removing eye makeup.I have found my perfect balance – first use Lancome Bi-Ficil to clean my eye makeup, then use either La Mer or Shu Uemura for the face. IF you don’t mind using a pad with lotion or oil then either La Mer or Shu Uemura will work perfectly well on it’s own.

June Fairview, WV

Wow, wow and WOW!

First let me tell you about my skin. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I would say 80% of skincare products found in drugstores and in the market are of no use to me because they irritate my skin and make me break out, so I have to be VERY careful what I put on my face. The clarisonic mia made me break out, just to give you an idea.So, I was very weary to purchase this but felt it was ok after watching numerous youtube video reviews on this product. It looks like water and when I tell you it gets all makeup off of your skin, it really does. I use it on my whole face and neck including my eyes, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed.I have seen that some people use this as their cleanser and/or toner and don’t use moisturizer after the fact. That may work for some, but basically my regimen, is I use the bioderma to get all makeup off my skin. Then I use the Skin 79 BB Cleanser to deep cleanse and get all the dirt underneath. If I’m exfoliating that day, I use Cure Natural Aqua Gel. I then use Thayer’s Witch Hazel to tone and Embryolisse Lai’t Creme Concentrete to moisturize. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to try these products out because they have improved my skin immensely.All in all, this makeup remover does not burn and it feels amazing on your skin!

Kate Perry, ME

Gentle, Yet Effective

This is one of my favorite skin care products out there. Its the most gentle makeup remover I’ve ever tried and leaves no residue, whatsoever. It feels exactly like water, yet works. There’s no scent, and I’ve found that it removes even waterproof mascara.

Heather Lahmansville, WV

I’ll never go back.

I don’t see myself ever stop using this product in the future. I learned about it from Lisa Eldridge’s beauty blog. If you don’t know she’s a makeup artist goddess. Google her, you’ll thank me.Getting back to the product itself. I found it very soft and gentle. It quickly and effortlessly removes all cosmetic products with ease. I really find the price high for a product I want to use so often, but I’ll be bitting the bullet and purchasing anyway. I have very sensitive skin and this product feels like heaven. Not oily, doesn’t sting, and most important, no irritation at all. I’ve had other makeup removers on my wish-list but I really cannot justify buying anything else since I’ve found this product. If it works don’t fix it right?

Elma Mullinville, KS

Great for face, not so much for eyes

I was looking for something to help make my makeup removal routine easier before bed, and after reading reviews on this I thought I’d give it a go. I like the fact that it’s just a couple of simple steps of applying to a cotton pad or ball and gently going over the face without the need for water. It removed my makeup without leaving an oily residue. It also doesn’t seem to be irritating my sensitive/acne-prone skin. What I didn’t like is that it does NOT remove waterproof eyemakeup very well. I still had to pull out my Neutrogena eye makeup remover for that. The opening irritates me a little because it seems to "throw" the first couple of drops onto my counter, no matter how gently I try to direct it onto the cotton. All in all, I will continue to use it and will most likely reorder.

Amparo Brookings, SD

As gentle as water

I have a super sensitive skin and my eyes water at everything. I love this product and it’s true sensitive skin mission.

Shelly Mount Morris, MI

Defective/fake item???

I am a big fan of dermalogica cleansing oil and now wanted to give a try to micelle water solution. I saw multiple reviews online of beauty gurus and how much they rave about this cleansing water.I was very excited and tried the very 1st day to remove all my eye makeup repetitively twice. It could just take away my eye shadow fully but it could not take out the waterproof mascara as well as bobby brown gel eyeliner.I do not know if this is a genuine product as I have bought it through a third party seller from amazon. Please let me know if you guys have the same experience.

Debra Frankford, DE

good but not great

This is a really good product but it doesn’t remove all your makeups as early as it claims it does. Doesn’t irritate your eyes and has no smell also this product last a long time.

Glenda Black Lick, PA

Great makeup remover!

This product is awesome! I bought this because I have really sensitive skin, but I haven’t had any negative reaction to this. It takes off all of my makeup easily and I absolutely love that my skin doesn’t feel too dry or too greasy after using this product.

Della Arlington, TN

Like it

It works pretty well to remove my make up. But still I would recommend to wash with water after using it since the sensitive skin like me can break out.

Judy Swansboro, NC

takes a lot of stuff off!

After using my clarisonic, I loosen up the dirty and wash a lot of it away but i always clean up with this bioderma. It takes even more stuff off! and it doesnt leave my skin dry. I have normal to dry skin type

Millie West Winfield, NY

Love this stuff!

This is so gentle, and doesn’t make my face feel dry or greasy. I use this to take off my makeup every night, and it is so great for those nights where you are too lazy to go to the sink and wash your face. It does such a thorough job!!

Wendi Sims, NC

But may change to Shu Uemura since I m alttle bored of it

Third bottle. Nothing to complain. But may change to Shu Uemura since I m alttle bored of it.

Judith Hufsmith, TX

Great no-rinse cleanser and makeup remover

This is the best of its type. I use it mainly when I travel – on flights etc., or in any circumstances where I don’t have access to fresh running water. It’s clean and pure and effective! Highly recommend – it’s always on my shelf!

Gale Lupton City, TN

Very gentle and great for sensitive skin

Perfect make up cleaner for sensitive skin and very mild, it almost feels like water. Takes majority of my make up off, have to work a little harder for my waterproof mascara but overall I am pleased with the product.

Casey Palmer, MI

Excellent for Makeup Removal

I’ve been using this for two weeks now nightly if I have worn makeup, and it’s great. My mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, BB cream, blush, lipstick dissolve off of my skin and leave it clean but not dry.This is actually my second favourite makeup remover, my first choice being Shu Umera’s Pore Clarifying Cleansing Oil (my mother uses it to remove her makeup, and she’s almost 50 and looks nowhere near her age. Aside from good genes and a few other tricks, I’m pretty sure that using the cleansing oil has helped), but it’s a little too expensive for my budget right now as a student in uni.This product is a good investment for those with sensitive skin and who know how to ration the solution. I’ve already recommended it to a few of my friends.

Eunice Morristown, TN

Wonderful product!

I buy this water to clean my face with all the time! I hardly use anything else for cleaning my face from makeup. It does the job well and doesn’t leave a sticky, pore-clogging film. Removes mascara, makeup, lipstick. It’s really worth the price!

Leila Goffstown, NH

good effective and gentle

I am very sensitive and this takes off my face makeup nicely and gently. A little goes a long way.

Allison Mangham, LA

My Favorite!

This is by far my favorite eye makeup remover ever!! This was a repurchase. It lasts a long time, so don’t be afraid of the price. It is so gentle and takes off even waterproof mascara with ease. Just use a cotton round, apply the solution, place it on your eye with gentle force for a few seconds, and gently rub the make up off. Works awesome!!

Tameka Stewartville, MN

Prefect for sensitive skin

I really love this product. This is my second purchase and will buy again. It’s a little counter-intuitive for us Americans, because we have been programed to use water for all out cleansing needs, but this stuff really does take off dirt/makeup without leaving behind a residue (not waterproof mascara though! I found that out the hard way). I have VERY dry skin in the winter and there is no drying affects at all with this product. I have been turning away from American face products for awhile now (including makeup) and it started with this product. It’s a must have now for me.

Rene Ava, NY

nothing wrong

no color, no fragrance, easy to remove makeup by cotton pad, cheaper than other department store brands but French product

Lillian Oberlin, KS

My favorite make up remover!

My favorite make up remover! No alcohol , so it doesn’t bother my eyes or skin. Takes off the dirt off your face like no other solution will. Give it a try, you wouldn’t regret it!

Leigh Nelliston, NY

It’s OK

I’ve been hearing all the hype about this product and I really don’t know why people like it so much. I mean it’s a nice cleanser/toner but that’s it, just nice. It’s gentle to the skin but does not remove makeup very well, and definitely does not remove waterproof makeup. I like it but it’s not a lifechanger for me

Katrina Dunnellon, FL