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Bioderma Crealine

Bioderma crealine H2O micelle solution – sensitive skin

Key features

  • Make up remover
  • Specially formulated for the sensitive normal to dry skins bioderma sensibio (crealine) H2Omicelle solution guarantees a mild cleansing of face and eyes
  • Can be used daily, morning and evening
  • Make up remover
  • Specially formulated for the sensitive normal to dry skins bioderma sensibio (crealine) H2Omicelle solution guarantees a mild cleansing of face and eyes
  • Can be used daily, morning and evening

Honest reviews


Is this real?? or Fake??

I ordered this product after seeing people raving about it on youtube. I think the product must be good but this does not feel a real product as it gave me a very bad reaction under my eyes. I will never suggest anyone to use it.

Carmella Brill, WI

Periorial Dermatitis

I have a skin condition that makes me super sensitive to basically everything. I can use this product to "wash my face" and then follow up with coconut oil. I even use this to remove the makeup off my daughters during dance recital season. Love it!

Patsy Yankton, SD

Well-worth the money

Like many reviewers, I first read about the Bioderma Crealine cleansing water from renowned make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge. I’ve used make-up removers on and off and didn’t really think they were necessary if you have a good cleanser. (I also use the Clarisonic brush three times a week). But once I heard that Bioderma cleansing water is used at all the fashion shows and for celebrity shoots and is a staple for make-up artists, I decided to try it. I’ve used it for just two days and I absolutely love it! It removes every ounce of make-up and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without that tight, dry feeling. I use a cleanser afterwards and find that I don’t have to use a lot because the Bioderma does such a great job.

Mari Barneston, NE


This product is amazing for removing makeup and it literally feels like water, but obviously gets rid off any trace of makeup. I’m in Love and don’t see myself using anything else. My skin is loving it.

Susana Osprey, FL

Ohhhh yes

A fabulous product that I used to purchase in London. I am happy to have found it on Amazon. I use it to remove my makeup (waterproof or not). I soak a cotton pad in Bioderma, and then let it sit over the area for about 15 seconds. Everything dissolves away and sticks to the cotton pad. The formulation of this is ingenious, otherwise I do not think that I could justify buying it. Seems like it is just water, but it isn’t. I keep this on my vanity table at all times. It makes a great quick brush cleanser (if you need to switch between colors quickly). Will repurchase.

Dianna Georgetown, CO

Works perfectly

I love this stuff! I was hoping it would help my skin clarity but even though my acne hasn’t improved I am sure having all my makeup off is good for my skin anyway! This is amazing for removing eye makeup also.

Faye Mark Center, OH

Cleans and softens

I’ve used KohGenDo and Caudelie cleansing water but neither came close to this product. Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle solution cleans and softens your skin and you get a huge bottle for the price. Best of all? No parabens.

Angeline Delmar, MD

best buy on amazon

Use daily. Love this cleanser. Takes of all makeup and 50+ sunscreen. It is odorless and light and does not irritate skin.

Suzanne Prue, OK

My favourite cleanser

I’ve tried this cleanser before. Definitely my favourite. Used many products and this one seems to be the best. I would recommend this cleanser to everyone.

Mary Winnebago, MN


This doesn’t actually remove my makeup as well as its fans claim. You must take time to allow this product to soak in before it will remove waterproof mascara. I find that mac’s cleanse off oil works faster. I do like this for cleansing my face overall but doubt I will buy another bottle.

Frieda Warm Springs, OR

Best make-up remover HANDS DOWN!!

This removes all make-up, but I especially love it for removing eye make-up. It is so gentle and it does not burn or sting. Every single trace of make-up is gone and a little goes a long way.

Teresa Islamorada, FL


Compared the ingredients to the one I have from London and they are the same. Love this product. Keeps my skin soft and face clear. I use it as a cleansing water and toner depending on whether it’s the morning or night

Jenifer Burr Oak, MI

Absolute fav makeup remover

I bought this after seeing a tutorial by Lisa Eldridge. My skin is sensitive & I have rosasea & this is the only cleanser that does not irritate it.

Melanie Webster, MA

good for the $$$

This is definitely safe for your eyes. I have been using it and sometimes my eyes are slightly open and it does not make them hurt or teary or itchy. It for sure removes your eye make-up. Also, for the price and size, I would buy it again!

Frieda Headland, AL

Fabulous Eye Make-Up Remover

Easily and quickly removes even the most stubborn eye make-up. I use the round, flat cotton pads, rather than cotton balls, and am able to slide off even my false lashes by placing the soaked pad on my closed lid for a few seconds. I use Bioderma to clean the false lashes, too. The product doesn’t irritate my eyes at all and doesn’t leave them greasy. I can use it to clean up excess make-up under my eyes and wipe it off completely, so my make-up doesn’t smear later. Will definitely buy this again.

Esperanza Converse, LA

pretty good

this stuff will wipe away eye make up and face make up with no problem yet still leave your skin supple and not dry.

Lillian Loco Hills, NM


Best and most gentle yet effective make up remover I’ve ever tried. Where has this been all my life!???!!! I will never go back to anything else. Effective, gentle, works fabulously, cheap. You won’t regret this. I only wish I could get it where I live!!!

Emilie Belmore, OH

good product

good product as everyone says, erases all my makeup, however i dont recommend use this to clean ur eye makeup, it may irritate ur eyes. it is great for cleaning up facial makeups.

Diana Upland, CA

very good!

I love this! it really helps me to take my makeup off and cleans my face, and my face feels really refreshed after using this. But it’s a bit pricy though, wish it’d be cheaper.

Lynn Nanticoke, PA


This is the best make up remover I own! It is so light it feels like water and works great, perfect for sensitive skin and removes all kinds of make up with no problems, even waterproof mascaras.

Gussie Ringling, MT

Great gentle makeup remover and cleanser.

Great gentle makeup remover and cleanser. Does not have much of a scent, does not irritate skin and if you get it in your eyes it burns less than soap and water (which is how I used to remove my makeep; NOT good).

Therese Ardmore, AL

I recommend this product

i love this for taking off extra eye makeup. It won’t remove waterproof mascara, but it does really well with the residue and other makeup, and it feels wonderfully refreshing on the skin.

Lupe Camp Pendleton, CA

Best Micelle Water Out There!

The only negative about this product is it’s price. Otherwise it works miracles when it comes down to removing your make up. Although, it doesn’t remove heave mascara well. I haven’t tried removing the waterproof mascara but I don’t think that will work either. Otherwise, it leaves your skin very clean. Removes any eyeshadow with one swipe.

Leola Jetson, KY


This stuff is AMAZING!!! It will take off the most stubborn make up. It is great for sensitive skin and doesn’t burn or even tingle when it gets in your eyes! It may seem pricey, but 500 ml go a long way. I will definitely re-purchase this product!!!

Tammy Clearville, PA

It Does the Job

I bought this thinking it was a miracle but it does the same job as baby oil for a much more expensive price. It does take off all makeup and it gentle on my sensitive skin.

Hilary Safford, AL


I use this because it is the only thing I found that doesn’t burn the heck out of my eyes. I only use it for eye makeup and the large bottle lasts me about 8 months. I hate the price since there are so many cheaper alternatives out there but I will continue to use until I find something as gentle and effective.

Nina Dover, IL