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Bio-Oil® 2oz: Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil is a specialist moisturizing oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 126 skincare awards since its global launch in 2002. It is America’s number 1 selling multiuse skincare oil.

Key features

  • Clinically proven and dermatologist recommended* for scars and stretch marks *GfK Recommendation Study 12/2014
  • Helps improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, dry and aging skin
  • Non-greasy and won’t clog your pores
  • Hypoallergenic. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • #1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 18 countries and winner of 224 skincare awards

Honest reviews


Great for scars, uneven skin tone, moisturizing, stretch marks, but be PATIENT with the results

Heck not every product out there is a miracle worker, I am sure very few give overnight results. I began using this product every single day about two months ago and it works WONDERS. First you can use it for stretch marks but with a 2 oz. bottle I would stick with small areas. Then you can use it for scars and to moisturize your face and neck, ladies! You must follow the instructions even though they are pretty simple. If I am using this for acne scars, skin discolorations (sun exposure), uneven skin tone I apply either over makeup (may not be recommended as this could remove your makeup)and on a freshly washed face. I use the lengths of my fingers not fingertips since they produce the oils that could cause you breakouts from YES touching your face. I rub into the affected area or scar (even works on cystic acne scars) atleast two to three times a day when I am able to. But if not I do this at night before going to bed. Be patient and wait one to two weeks before you notice a big difference as the scar gets lighter your face appears to be glowing and skin discolorations slowly fade. Keep on it atleast everyday and if you want faster results like I did then rub this oil into the area two to three times a day. I am glad I bought this and one bottle lasted me over two months and I used it everyday! Give this product a try, be patient, follow the directions and you may not be disappointed.

Maribel Christoval, TX

Recipe for a rash.

The timing on this product was excellent for me. I had just had surgery, and I was looking for something that might help reduce the appearance, redness, and tightness of the scar.The product arrived, but I wanted to give myself a little more time to heal so I held back from using it. I’m on antibiotics which are drying the heck out of my skin. Seeing the bottle, I used a little on the dry skin on my wrists.The oil had a lovely scent; the oil went on and sat on my skin like…well, like oil. And I had used a drop for both hands! I had to wipe the excess off if I did want it on everything my hands touched.A few hours later, I noticed an army of little red bumps on the back of both hands. The rash wasn’t itchy but definitely noticeable. A day later, I still have dry skin on my wrists, but now it’s dry skin with an obvious rash. But at least it’s not itchy!What’s shocking is that I’m usually not allergic to anything. What’s fortunate is that I tried this first on my hands instead of on my tender, sensitive surgery scar! I don’t want to think of what it would’ve done!This product may work for some people. I’m not one of them. Considering that I’m fairly hearty with products and don’t get allergic reactions as a rule, I’d be careful before I applied with stuff slapdash to any iffy places on the body. This is one rash you really don’t want.

Kerri Belden, CA

Wonderful for uneven tone on face and more

I for years have struggled with Rosacea. The prescription creams from my doctor manage to prevent outbreaks but do not address the redness well. I’ve been using this product for over two weeks and there has been a marked decrease in the redness on my cheeks, nose and chin.The product applies well and is quickly absorbed by the skin. There is no oily residue.Another thing I really like about this product is a little goes a long way. As I said I have been using this for over 2 weeks and looking at the bottle just a little has been used.This is a great product with wonderful results!Update 1/11/09I have a friend who had several rather large new surgery incisions. She was really worried about scaring. I told her about Bio-Oil and she started using it. Now 6 months later she is still raving about how well her scars have healed! She states that even her surgeon is very impressed!

Lee Scranton, PA

A Must have for anyone having Or had Surgery ! Especially Women Of Color !

I brought and used this product after seeing it advertised on Tv . My surgery was Last Sept 2007. I’ve been using this product for 1 month now . It’s Great ! I need to re-order now. My Scares were very Deep & Ugly !Women of Color , You Need this !

Paige Hanscom Afb, MA

Did nothing for stretchmarks

I had been using Bio Oil for my stretchmarks for a little over three months and had noticed absolutely no change in them. The stretchmarks are new (reddish in color) and remained that dark color the entire time. I have light-medium skin, so they were very obvious. I decided to stop using the Bio Oil for stretchmarks and use the remainder of the bottle as a moisturizer instead. It smells great (a nice, clean smell) and it does make the skin more supple. However, I will not be buying this product again, simply because it does not do what it claims for my stretchmarks. It could be that Bio-Oil would begin to work on my stretchmarks given several more months, but if that’s the case, and given that stretch marks fade over time anyway (although they never disappear, no matter what you do to them), I feel there’s no use paying for this product to do what naturally occurs anyway over what may be the same or a similar period of time. By no means am I saying that this product simply doesn’t work; it just didn’t work for me.

Tonya Mentor, MN

not all natural and is a bit greasy

This product is not all natural so don’t let the name fool you, others have listed the ingredients so I don’t feel the need to repeat it. It contains mineral oil so it is very greasy, it does absorb mostly into the skin but it still has a slightly greasy feel. There is too much perfume in it for my tastes.It does relieve dry skin but I have not seen any real imporvement in my skin so far (for wrinkles and fine lines). I think this may be good for someone with severly dry skin but don’t expect miracles.

Virginia Sedona, AZ

My Skin Sez: Bio-Oil is a Winner!

The biggest test with any skin cream or oil with me, is will I be able to tolerate it, because my skin is so sensitive. Bio-Oil was such a pleasure to smooth on and massage in; my skin must have been thirsty, because it soaked in and feels like silk after applying it per directions (“massaging gently with the fingertips in a circular motion until fully absorbed”). It has practically no scent (and the slight aroma is quite pleasant) and does not leave a greasy feeling on your hands (your hands are actually getting the benefit of this marvelous oil as you apply it!).My testing area for this product is a disaster area: My famously scraggly neck, and also the increasingly crepey skin on my upper chest. I will diligently apply Bio-Oil twice a day on these 2 areas and post an update to this review in 30 days. It is supposed to be good for aging skin, which at 63, would be my category, as well as scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and dehydrated skin. If I see an improvement, this will be my skincare product for the rest of my life, because I love the feel of it!The bottle is well designed with a plastic insert so that you get a small measured amount on your fingertips (ever get those bottles from the health stores that plop out a mess of oil all over you?) and the 2 fl. oz of oil looks like it will last a while, unless I go crazy with it and use it from head to toe every day. Thank you Bio-Oil, so far so good!Update 4/4/08: I didn’t have to wait that long to see big results. Now it’s 10 days after the first application, and the improvement on my upper chest is most noticible. Scraggly neck looks much better too. Thank you Bio-Oil!

Alyce Wheeling, IL

Highly Fragrant Mineral Oil

I was very excited to try this Bio-oil as I use natural products for skincare most of the time. I believe that I can get better results using natural products than any other products as a rule.This product claims to be good for reducing stretch marks, scars, and skin unevenness. What a deal!So the first day I received it, I began to apply it twice a day to a prominent scar on my foot- and I applied this product each day to my foot completely, leaving the other food untouched. That way I could compare the results in time.Well, after almost two weeks, I can honestly say that there was no observable difference. Now the instructions say that you are supposed to give it three months, but I wanted to review it BEFORE then.There has been no change at all in my scars or my skintone of the foot, so in my opinion, that is just a bit too long for me.The other thing I am not fond of with the Bio-oil is that it comes in a plastic container, but contains mineral oil. Oils will leach plastic from the container over time, so that is a concern to me. Also, I do not like using mineral oil which is a cheap more unhealthy way of stretching cosmetics.If this had Almond oil, or apricot kernel oil as a base, it would work much better.The oil does NOT soak into the skin as promised, it does leave a greasy film on the surface, although it could be worse. I have tried worse products than this.The fragrance is very fake smelling and extreme. My daughter thinks it smells like bug spray. I find myself recoiling every time I try to smell it. For having lavender, rosemary, and a few other oils in it, this sure smells chemically fake to me. I use essential oils constantly so I am used to using all kinds of strong natural fragrance.This is not a fragrance I am fond of.

Cassie Big Lake, AK

Yes, It Works! Just Wait it Out…

I was skeptical at first about this product, but after giving it a bit of time in trying it, I come to find that it actually works. You just have to keep using it and checking up on your progress. My only disappointment was that I wish I had more of it. I have used this on my old acne scars and stretch marks and have watched them slowly fade. I also like the fact that it has mostly natural ingredients that I can clearly read and understand on the box.

Gretchen Gray, KY

Fine, but nothing special

This is a fairly light, not-too-greasy oil that’s mildly moisturizing, but not that much more. It has a fairly pleasant, herbal scent, to my nose. And that’s about all I can say. I don’t believe for a minute that it can prevent or fade stretch marks (which are genetic, and which mostly fade on their own, anyway). I don’t really have any scars, so I was unable to test that theory.I’ve also read on some sites that some people use this to treat acne. That seems extremely counterintuitive to me — if you have oily, acne-prone skin, the LAST thing it seems you should do is put more oil on your face. This may help with very dry skin or with wrinkles, to an extent.

Linda Afton, MI

Not bad, but . . .

Bio Oil is okay, I guess, although I can’t say it really lived up to its claims. I didn’t notice any improvement in my skin, although it didn’t feel bad wiping this stuff on my face. It’s a little greasy, though, sort of like baby oil, and takes its time drying. It’s not something I think I’d buy, but it may have more effective results over the long haul and can’t be adequately judged when you used casually.Brian W. Fairbanks

Kelsey Abbyville, KS

Felt nice, but I don’t think it works any miracles.

Let’s get real here, ladies. Nothing we order from the Internet is actually going to get rid of our stretch marks. The best we can hope for is some quick fading.I used this post-birth and two bottles later, I didn’t notice much fading. It certainly didn’t seem to prevent new ones from showing up… most of my stretch marks appeared during breast feeding. A year later and the dark purple marks finally faded to a subtle silver. Was it because of the Bio-Oil? I don’t know, but it can’t hurt to try.Here’s the deal: If you want to try something, I’d say this might be your best bet. But don’t expect miracles.Now, as far as a moisturizer, I loved it. It made my skin very soft… I actually ended up getting a bottle to use on my hands.

Krista North Conway, NH

Seems to Work

Actually, my wife is the one who tried this. I did too, but only once. She tried it regularly. The directions say the user will see improvements after 3 months. Since this is an Amazon Vine review and we have to post our reviews before the next monthly offering in order to continue with the program, obviously my wife did not get to use this for the full 3 months as recommended.For the time she has used it, however, she said that her skin did feel tighter, i.e, it firmed up wrinkles. Since her skin is on the oily side she didn’t want to use it in warmer weather (with which we are now afflicted in Southern California) because it made her skin feel oilier. She also said it smelled quite strong but I think that was from applying too much. Bottom line, she said it does seem to work as intended.I also tried some so I could put in my two cents. The bottle dispenses only a small amount and you really don’t need that much. As the label states, it doesn’t really feel very greasy and it is readily absorbed into the skin (I used it on my hands). It has a pleasant, mild herbal smell that I didn’t find too strong. I think my wife used too much at one time or else her sense of smell is much more sensitive than mine. The area on my hand to which I applied the oil does feel smoother, though.

Karyn Boise, ID

Too Soon To Tell, But Promising

Bio-Oil claims to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin with use over the course of 3 months. Does it live up to the claims? After using it for 10 days, the answer is it’s too soon to tell, but it’s promising.It has the consistency of oil and a pleasant smell, a cross between tanning oil and massage oil. It’s packaged in an easy to use bottle that with a couple shakes dispenses the perfect amount of Bio-Oil onto your palm. A 60 ml bottle should last you at least 3 months depending on the amount of the applied skin area.So what happened after 10 days? Well, it definitely hydrated dehydrated skin, though any oil or lotion could do that. I didn’t notice any effect on uneven skin tone, but the Bio-oil did appear to slightly soften and reduce the height of scar tissue and stretch marks. However, used over the course of 3 months, it might have a visibly noticeable effect. Is it any better than rubbing lotion or massage oil on your skin? Not sure. Buy it and try it.

Dora Oakland, NE

Average skin care product

As one who adores aromatherapy products and beauty aids, I found this one to be rather average. There is no delectable aromatherapy scent, and the consistency, which is rather like baby oil, may not be very appealing.When it comes to reducing scars, skin irritation, stretch marks and the like, some cheap African shea butter is more effective and less expensive.

Fannie Weiser, ID

Recommend for all pregnant women

I was given this product first by a friend from England as she had had lots of success with her stretch marks. At the time I didn’t use it but then I got pregnant and of course those stretch marks started to arrive. I loved the feel of the oil on my skin and found that it really helped in reducing the itching while my body was stretch into forms I knew not. I do have stretch marks but I feel the oil kept them down and also helped my skin deal with the pregnancy. I have also found that when I have a cold it was a great product to dab on my nose and stopped it from drying out. I love this product and now always have a bottle near by.UPDATE:It is 4 months since I gave birth to my son and I have been using Bio-Oil on my stretch marks almost every day. I have found my stretch marks look a lot better. I do have one on my side that I always seem to miss and I can see a difference between that one that has not received any Bio-Oil in the sense it is a lot redder than the others.

Britney Petersburg, PA

Didn’t work for me

I tried this for a long time after I had my baby. I saw no reduction in my stretch marks and have since resigned myself to unfortunate genetics. Maybe I’ll hit the lotto and afford laser therapy. In the meantime, I won’t be wasting my money on false hope.

Mara Trinchera, CO

Not a pleasing product (D Grade)

I was a bit skeptical about this product to begin with and after using it a few times my initial opinion remains. The Bio-Oil is too sticky and uncomfortable to put on. And after it is all over your hands, it takes a long time to wash off. And I really can’t see this oil getting rid of stretch marks because there is nothing in the ingredients that would help at all.Stick with another creamer or something a bit less harsh. This product is not worth it.Kate Garrabant

Marina Highlandville, MO

bio oil is OK

I bought this for a fairly new scar. I have been using it once a day and I honestly don’t see a difference. I also use it for a moisterizer also and that does OK here in the desert so who knows. I’ll keep using it and hope for the best but I honestly don’t see much improvement although the scar is fairly new.

Lily Plymouth, UT

The 30-word review.

The 30-word review:Bottle says apply twice daily for 30 days.Initial application made dehydrated skin even MORE dry, so I don’t want to keep this up that long. But it smells good.

Shannon Holton, IN

Not 100% natural

I am very sensitive & have gotten off all synthetics in my lotion, makeup, soap & now even my shampoo/conditioner.The plastic bottle looks as the picture depicts. The red food coloring gives it a synthetic dainty/feminine peachy/orange & the contents are almost watery by how fast it moves around in the bottle.It comes with instructions in English on one side & Spanish on the other. Warning are not to use on broken skin & inject of course.Ingredients:Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil)
• Petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores.
• TriisononanoionCetearyl EthylhexanoateIsopropyl Myristate
• the major ingredient in a can of penetrating rust remover, Liquid Wrench & helps cosmetics apply more smoothly and gives them a slicker, sheer feel
• Retinyl Palmitate
• Vitamin A
• Tocopheryl Acetate
• Vitamin E
• Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil
• Roman Chamomile oil
• Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) OilRosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf OilCalendula Officinalis Flower ExtractHelianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed OilGlycine Soja (Soybean) OilBHT
• Preservative – Oxygen reacts preferentially with BHA or BHT rather than oxidizing fats or oils, thereby protecting them from spoilage. The oxidative characteristics and/or metabolites of BHA and BHT may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigenicity; however the same reactions may combat oxidative stress. There is evidence that certain persons may have difficulty metabolizing BHA and BHT, resulting in health and behavior changes.
• Bisabolol
• Derived from German Chamomile naturally or synthetically
• Parfum (Fragrence)
• studies have suggested/proven synthetic parfum & fragrences are toxic & can cause cancer
• Cl 26100 (Red 17)
• AKA Red 40 food coloring has been shown to cause cancer
• I don’t use synthetics on my skin anymore, therefore I haven’t & won’t try it.

Debra Saint Michael, MN

Doesn’t prevent or treat stretch marks

I got this in hopes of preventing and treating stretch marks (I’m African-American) during my pregnancy, but it didn’t work. I like the feel of the oil on my skin, but won’t buy it anymore. I’m trying coconut oil.

Liliana Leckie, WV

Bio Oil, Slow but Effective

Bio Oil receives four stars because it is effective but the progress is slow. Suffering from discolorations on the body and a few stretch marks around the thigh area, I was looking for a product that would decrease the appearance of these blemishes. After seeing that Bio is made with natural ingredients and does not have a lot of harsh chemicals, I tried it for about a month. I did see improvement, but this was over a month’s time. To see a big difference, one would have to use the product for about 3-5 months. But considering the amount in the 2oz bottle and instructions to apply the oil twice daily, consumers would end up spending a minimum of $30 because each 2oz bottle is $10.00 here on Amazon. So if you are patient and do not mind the cost, then the product will suffice for your expectations.

Melissa New Kensington, PA

Not getting the hooplah…

I feel snookered.My take on this is that it is a well-marketed mediocre product. It has “bio” in the name, has friendly script on the label, and even the touted ingredient, “PurCellin oil” sounds good, like “pure” and “cells”, suggesting it’s pure and doing something on the cellular level. Your basic feel-good marketing.To the good, yes, it’s light, it spreads and absorbs somewhat easily. It even smells very nice. To the bad, it has done nothing for my slightly uneven skin tone, nor for dry skin patches on knees and ankles. Maybe it does more for scars and stretch marks, but it didn’t handle these “easier” issues well. (To at least use the stuff up, I’ve been sweeping it on my lips before bed, and it has not done half as well in protecting and softening as the old DCT.)And Bio-Oil’s first ingredient is -ooooh- “Paraffinum Liquidum”. Let’s call a spade a spade – that’s mineral oil! You could get a bucket of mineral oil for less than this 2 oz. bottle.Fool me twice? Not bloody likely.

Willa Depauw, IN

Not Good For Sensitive Skin

I have very very sensitive skin. I wanted to test this out to see if it worked for me – or does what most skin care products do (which is a nasty break out). The answer, Bio-Oil makes me break out. I’m sorry to say that if your skin is even slightly sensitive, I wouldn’t use this product. As a side note, I let a girlfriend who is pregnant use some and she said that she thinks it is working well for stretch marks.

Beulah Stockdale, TX

Bio- Fabulous

(Review done by my wife)At first I was quite skeptical of this product. An oil that is not greasy? Reduces scar markings? Stretch marks will fade away? Moisturizes dry skin? A tall order for a product I would say. However, it does emphasize that you need to use it twice a day for no less than 3 months in order to see results. I would say that the product is wonderful to use. The oil IS non-greasy. It absorbs quickly into the skin and I can use it virtually anywhere. I focus mostly on my hips for stretch marks and on my hands for dry skin. The smell is nice. The bottle has a top that does not allow you to put too much oil in one spot. Which is wonderful so none goes to waste. This size of bottle is plenty for the 3 month challenge. It is a terrific moisturizer and like I said, it does not leave a greasy residue. As for the stretch marks, I have only used it for one month and I do notice a slight difference. I highly recommend this product, and will recommend this to my newly pregnant friends.

Edythe Trenton, UT

not really for sensitive skin

If my skin had tolerated the different oils that were used to make this product, I’m sure that this would have been in more of the 4 star range. I was excited to try this as it seemed like a good multi-use oil, good for aging skin, discolored skin, scars, stretch marks, skin that had been out in the sun and also as a bath oil, alas, after trying it twice I found it gave me a weird itchy feeling on my skin and turned it a bit red. I’m not generally one that has especially sensitive skin, so I can only assume that I am mildly allergic to one of the oils used in the product. I was seriously bummed…..I liked the product until I had the mild reaction to it. It went on kind of oily but soaked into the skin readily and felt great on the back of my hands which take a beating between the harsh soap at work and the cool air of winter. The scent was very nice. Not too perfumy, it had a slightly sweet lavendar scent. I tried it twice, but the itchy feeling persisted and I had to stop.My husband, has dry hands and is continuing to use the product and felt like it was working for him, thus the three stars. We liked it, but unfortunately, the plant extracts did not agree with my skin, so maybe this is not the best oil for those with somewhat sensitive skin.As for 3 months, I’m sure if you continue to use an oil based product readily and with some consistency you certainly would see results in the suppleness of the skin, that I don’t doubt. As for the claims of reducing the appearance of old scars and the like, well, that definitely would need some further review.All in all, a decent product but I would not recommend if you have sensitive skin.

Aida Mount Braddock, PA

Great for around the eyes.

I had upper eyelid surgery which resulted in some fine line scars so I started using Bio Oil on them and the results have been very good. The lines are a lot lighter and blend in and I am hoping that they may almost “disappear” totally after more time. I also noticed that the fine lines I have under my eyes are much less and the discoloration from under eye circles has decreased quite a bit. The puffiness I noticed is lessened as well that I have due to aging skin. I love this product and would recommend it to people that are not allergic to mineral oil or the other ingredients listed. I read some reviews that people had breakouts from it by using it, but I have oily and acne prone skin and I noticed in the areas that I get the oil around my eyes that I have had no problems with break outs. One thing I noticed that I do not care for is that it does stay a bit greasy on my eye area, but that could be the area that I am using it on and the amount that I am using I massage what is left of the oil that I use into my hands and I have found that on my hands it does absorb a lot much easier and leaves a silky feeling on my hands. Over all, I would not mark down the product for that point. I love Bio Oil and will continue to use it. I have only used it for a couple of months, but I will continue to use it! Hope this helps!

Emily Lyle, MN

I’m using this on my heels….

So, I decided to try this on my very cracked heels. I don’t like to put oil on my face, so I thought, hmmmmmm,let’s give it a go on the feet. The oil itself is very nice and silky. It absorbs quickly which is great. Has a mild baby-oil smell to it. This made my heels very smooth and I really loved the results. (if you have cracked heels you know how hard it is to find something that works!) Make sure you rub it in well and there will not be a greasy feeling. I usually wear socks to bed with it but have done barefoot with no residue getting on the sheets. I am now trying some on my forearms where I have some sunspots to see if they fade. As far as the bottle goes, the opening is a bit large but I use a cotton ball and find it’s just right.

Elma Fritch, TX

Bio Oil review;

I have been using this product for exactly 4 months. I initially purchased the 2 oz bottle, I had a manufacturers coupon , which brought me to my small fee of $5 paying for the oil. I bought the oil to help even out my skin tone. I had a few dark spots on the cheeks of my face due to old breakouts that I had. I must say, this product does a great job healing old wounds. I tried Mederma for a scar and it didn’t work, I used bio oil for the scar, it faded in 6 weeks. So now, I use it for everything, and a little goes a long way. I also use ALBA’s moisturizer which has green tea, on the nights that I use Alba I only use one drop of Bio Oil. Two drops each night, does my face and neck. I mix a few drops into my hair oils as well, and bath oils. I think it works and the price is very good. I recently received the large size bottle from a friend, so I wont be buying for another 6-8 months 🙂

Delores Willisville, IL