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Bio Ionic Stylewinder Rotating Styling Iron, 1 Inch

StyleWinder Rotating Styling Iron. 440 Degrees F Full-Barrel Heat, Dual Heaters, NanoIonic Mineral, with Free DVD and Iron Holder $30.00 Value. Benefits: NanoIonic Mineral Technology. Negative Ions micronize water molecules. Allows for faster styling time (up to 50% faster). Seals and smoothes the cuticle. Hydrates hair for silky, smooth condition Far Infrared Technology. Far out. Styles hair from the inside out. Allows for quick styling without damage. Leaves a smooth, silky feel. Gentle and conditioning Dual Heaters. Hot Stuff.. Helps maintain constant styling heat. Conducts heat more efficiently. Curls, waves and styles hair faster. Makes hair more manageable Long-Lasting Styles in half the time… As easy as… 1.Clamp 2.Wrap 3.Roll.

Key features

  • 440 DegreeF Full-Barrel Heat
  • Dual Heaters for constant heat
  • Digital Temperature Control up to 440 DegreeF/226 DegreeC to customize for different hair types
  • 2-Hour Automatic Shut-Off
  • NanoIonic Mineral fused to barrel
  • If it is clamped on the hair, it wouldn’t work

Honest reviews


Bio Ionic Style Winder 1″

I was looking for the BioIonics iCurl when I came across the Style Winder. The Style Winder didn’t take long to get used to, and it does get really hot very quickly, but I feel it’s harder to control the outcome of my hair style with this iron then with the iCurl. If your hair tends to be long, and you want bouncy curls or waves, this may work out for you. My hair is medium length and layered, so it worked for some sections better then others. Because the clamp is not tight,(It appears to be designed that way.), I ended up gettng some little wing tips on the ends of my hair as another reviewer mentioned. I think the short width of the clamp may have something to do with that. It takes me longer to use the Style Winder then the iCurl as I have to be careful as to how much hair I put under the clamp so it will hold. It’s all right, but I prefer the iCurl, and don’t think I would repurchase the Style Winder. Unfortunately, it looks like BioIonics no longer manufacters the iCurl. Note, because of the rotating barrel, the Style Winder does not come with a “kick stand” attached. But the company does provide a nice heavy stand that you can rest the curling iron on.

Francis Little Hocking, OH

Totally satisfied, great curling iron and easy to use

The reviews on this page almost stopped me from ordering this curling iron but I went ahead for two reasons: first, I know this is the exact same model that the Drybar is selling via Sephora for $125 (they painted it yellow and re-branded it) and I have had this exact one used on me at Drybar before they re-branded it with their logo. It is AMAZING. So easy to use, you just place the iron mid-way in your hair and rotate, so simple and you end up with beautiful waves. The curling iron heats up so fast it shocked me the first time. I’ve purchased a Sedu and a T3 Twirl in the past and neither were as easy to use or gave me as beautiful of waves. Definitely a good buy.

Ilene Creston, OH

Not a stylist but best curling iron EVER

I am not a stylist but have FINE and THICK hair that never holds a curl. This heats up faster than any iron I’ve ever owned – including Hot Tools – and the curl stays until I wash my hair. It is unbelievable to me that it actually works! I paid $5 more just yesterday (it was $99) but still worth every single penny. I am so excited. I cannot believe how fast it heats up and how well the 1″ makes curls on my long, super straight hair.I bought the 2″ Hot Tools tourmaline at the same time and it just doesn’t function as well though it says it heats up to the same degrees…I had to hold that in my hair while the BioIonic came out just a fraction of a second after getting the rod curled up! It is sooooo fast. It did take me about 30 minutes to figure out which way to spin my thumb to get the right spiral for curling but that’s because I’m inept with hair curling devices. Once I got that down, now I know how to work it. There is a DVD included in the pkg and I have not watched that yet.Hope you love it as much as I do!

Gay Grand Blanc, MI

The clip is a little looser than my previous one but otherwise it’s the BEST curling iron

When my old one of these died, I replaced it with a ‘regular’ curling iron like I used before. It’s already stashed in a drawer. This one is great, you clip the hair near the root and then "wind" the rest in which gives you a much more natural curl without the crimp or fried ends. My only complaint with this one (and it’s expensive so … well) is that the clip is looser than my other one (it can’t be too tight or it wouldn’t work) so sometimes I misfire and have to repeat. Still – it’s the best if you want natural looking spirals and even curls from root to hair ends.

Virgie Lagrange, OH


I love this curling iron I use it all the time on my clients it was worht the price and holds up really well.

Miriam Meeker, CO

works nicely

Check out youtube for some instructional videos. It’s got a learning curve but once you master it it works very nicely. Gets HOT and is pretty fast…curls seem to last.That said, my opinion…the price is a bit high. Good curling iron though.

Jolene Guayanilla, PR

Five Stars

The best curling iron out there!!!

Jaime Fayette, MS