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Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5″ Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron Black

The OnePass allows users to straighten hair in half the time compa. “The Fastest Straightening Iron Ever!

Key features

  • Bio Ionic
  • The Fastest irion Ever!

Honest reviews


Bio Ionic is Good..but there are something I dislike.. read my advice.

The Bio Ionic One pass flat iron is good. But I must say that I was expecting a ‘great’product, since all the reviews on it say it is a “magical” flat iron. It is a good flal iron, I’m not saying it is not. It will straight your hair, and leave it soft. The most of It that I love is that belive me, this thing heats up in seconds!!!! I just plug it, and in about 5 to 8 seconds it is ready to use!! I also like that you can curl your ends inside, with this flat iron ( I know most people, even the manufacturer says that you can not do this with this model, but it aint true, yes you can, just when you get to your ends, curl in the flat iron, with an “inside” movement and it gives your hair a pretty aspect. Or you can just run it straight from root to ends and you’ll get the pin straight look,that some of you love, I prefer it with a slight wave in the ends) Another great thing is that it is not heavy like other flat irons, you can use this flat iron and never get tired of holding it. But now talking about the “not so good stuff” of this flat iron, I must say that the “one pass’ thing is not true for all hair types. If your hair is wavy, just slightly waved, then you will just need to run only ‘one pass’ as it says it works. But if you have curly hair like mine, I have fine, curly hair, then you will need a ‘two pass’ instead of ‘one pass’. And my hair is not extremely curly, I would say its a normal curly hair. So if your hair is even curlier then you will need even more passes.. Another thing I don’t like much, is the blue silicone lines this flat iron comes with, I really don’t know if these really do anything, but they do get dirty, and you have to clean them often, more than a normal flat iron, because these silicone stripes are inside of a sort of canal made in the ceramic plates, and the products you use in your hair ( like heat protectants, smoothing lotion etc.) get stuck in these canal with the blue silicone stripes. It’s not a big deal, if you clean very well your iron after using it every time, but The normal flat irons are free of these ‘things’ and I think it is much easier to clean them. My advice; don’t use to much products in your hair, to prevent this build-up on the silicone stripes.Another advice: always, always, always use heat protectant!! This flat iron heats up to really high levels and if you use it on these levels without heat protectant your hair will damage. I guess this was what happened to a lady here who gave a bad review of this iron, saying that after a month her hair was breaking. My hair is fine too, its curly,(I am a latina) and I use a heat protectant named: ‘Beyond the zone, Turn up the heat” and so far I’ve used this flat iron with heat protectant for about 5 months and my hair is in great condition, and long to my back. I use it once a week. and also deep condition it once a week. (btw, one of the best inexpensive hair treatments I’ve used is called: “Loreal, Nature’s Therapy, mega moisture” it’s only $10.00 and you’ll find it in Sally Beauty supply stores or in amazon, leaves hair extremely soft, silky)finally, I would recomend this flat iron to everyone who likes pretty straight hair, fast! I bought it here on amazon, the seller was payless beauty, and they are ok. ( the only thing I complain is that they don’t offer the tracking item service, I like it when I can track my items, but anyway the item came in perfect condition, and in time) So if you are thinking of buying this flat iron I would say: Yes! buy it. But remember it’s not the same result to everyone (the “one pass” thing), but it will surely leave your hair much more prettier than other flat irons out there ( belive me, I’ve used a lot of them) It’s worth the money!

Antoinette Alma, KS

Truly One pass

I bought this straightening iron recently, when I realised from speaking with my hairstylist that my previous cheapie Conair iron was causing my hair to look frizzier and more damaged than it already was! It took me on an average 45 minutes of struggling to straighten my waist length thick curly hair (type 3A) and doing it in my bathroom vanity in the humidity of Summer was a horrible experience! (The cord on the Conair is too short to reach the mirror in my bedroom). I used it with almost every straightening balm, serum and spray available and was still disappointed with the results- either straight but dry and frizzy in a day or wavy and dry!When I was hunting for a good, effective hair straightener online, I found a video for the Bio Ionic One Pass through Youtube vlogger itsjudytime, and that convinced me that I had to have one to sort out my hair issues. The iron is amazing and truly One Pass! I use it at a temperature of 320*F- 360*F, after blow drying and using a heat protectant spray. The 1.5″ iron plates ensure that I cover more ground hair wise with one stroke, and it literally takes me 10-12 minutes to get my hair done entirely! The cord is long enough to reach my bedroom mirror too! The top of the plates do get pretty warm when you try to grip the iron while sliding it down your hair with the other hand, but nothing compared to my previous iron. Also I can easily give myself a wave at the end or create volume/ curls etc with this iron, contrary to some other reviewers who preferred the 1″ iron to do that- just have a look at some videos on Youtube! Or twist the iron around a small lock of hair close to the root and gently pull it out. This is definitely the best iron I’ve used (at home or at a salon) and I would recommend it to everyone! It’s pricey, but save up for it and get it on amazon! It’s SO worth it.

Kerri Ralston, PA

Great Iron

really only takes one pass over each section for my super curly hair! great product!

Lucile Orange, CA

Not one pass for me

My star rating is more like 3 1/2, but I rounded up.This is a good flat iron. It heats up in NO time (seriously, about 10 seconds), which is a HUGE bonus. It glides through my hair nicely. But, it’s not a one pass for me. I’m still having to go over my hair 2 – 4 times to get it straight. I have fine, frizzy, color treated hair and a lot of products just don’t work for me, which I understand. That’s why I decided to round up in my star rating.UPDATE: I finally decided to use the product that I purchased with this flat iron. it’s called Crack (I love the name), and it has made a WORLD of difference. Now my One Pass is really a ONE PASS! If you have this flat iron and it’s not doing the trick as far as de-frizzing your hair….try Crack. I love it…and now I love this!

Sue Amston, CT


This product has changed my hair for the better. It is worth the price. I have had it for quite a while now and it’s held up to daily use on very frizzy hair. I absolutely recommend it.

Concepcion Mc Lemoresville, TN

Bio Ionic is very good indeed but debatable on the One Pass…

I really do like the bio ionic straightening iron. I like that it’s 1.5" and therefore I can get the job done faster and it feels nice and smooth and heats up in a crazy short amount of time. I first tried the iron at 320 degrees as per the instruction manual stated for my type of hair which is medium thickness. It did not straighten in one pass. Maybe 2-3. I then turned the iron up to between 350 and 360 and then I did get the one pass straightening. I like it a lot but really do not like having to turn the heat up to get the one pass. Is it better to use lower heat and multiple passes or higher heat and one pass? Would appreciate it if anyone can leave a comment about this. Otherwise, it’s a great, effective iron. It is tempting to be able to get my hair done faster but I question the heat necessary to really get the one pass they claim.

Nellie Unionville, IA

Very Good

Is a very good product, my hair is so shinny, and heathy!! You can use it every day without damaging your hair!

Robin Carleton, MI

Love it

Amazing product!!! Love it, leaves hair soft, silky, shinny and straight.

Bernadine Darien, IL


This is the best flat iron I’ve used so far. Even the lowest heat setting makes your fair very straight. This iron eliminates all frizz and makes your hair very silky and shiny. The hair never looks dry but healthy.

Mavis Yucca Valley, CA