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Billion Dollar Brow Universal Brow Pencil

No more guessing games. As your brows begin to take shape, enhance new growth with the revolutionary Universal Brow Pencil. This pencil is formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colors. You’ll never have to guess which eyebrow pencil is right for you again. The water resistant Universal Brow Pencil will give your eyebrows a beautiful, natural look all day long.

Key features

  • Natural look all day long
  • Natural look
  • Give your eyebrows a beautiful, natural look all day long

Honest reviews


Works perfectly

This universal color blends in perfectly on my brows which are a dark brown. It’s twice as big as other more expensive Dior universal color pencils I’ve bought at Macy’s. My only complaint would be that it is not quite as thin as I would like it to be, but I can usually get it right. It goes on soft and smooth so it’s easy to blend in. I think it’s a bargain for its size and it doesn’t dry out and get hard like the Dior pencil.

Bette Fort Myers Beach, FL

got better with time

I actually didn’t like this at first. But after being forced to use it after I ran out of my favorite pencil and came to like it more. I still don’t care for the comb at the bottom. Because the pencil is a stick I think its just not feasible to use the stick like comb to comb my eyebrow. I use a disposable eye lash brush and then this pencil. I use the pencil lightly and try not to put too much because then it will look fake and drawn on. Its pretty dark if you press down so be careful. I will probably buy this again even though I didn’t like it at first. I think it works great for me now.

Casey Loyal, OK

Ashy Color

I found this pencil to be a bit big. It goes on heavy and I end up over lining my brows if I am not careful. Also, the universal brown is a little on the ashy side so I did not like using it.

Sherri Shafter, CA

Not my Favorite

This is not my favorite brow pencil. The universal color may work for many, but blondes should be careful. The crayon is not as slender as I would prefer for a brow pencil. You cannot make feathery strokes. But it does fill in sparse spots in your brow. It just does not appear as natural as I would prefer.

Janna Knightdale, NC

love it

This is a must have for those who like to shape there eyes with a brow pencil. It is so hard to find the right color some are too dark others have a red tone but this is just the right color.

Annie Byars, OK

My sparse eyebrows holy grail!

I love this eyebrow pencil. It goes on smooth and blends in perfectly. I used to be a devoted BrowPower user but this product is far superior.

Olivia Patriot, IN

Good color and goes on smoothly

Works well for about any hair color. My hair happens to be red. I also use it as an eyeliner.

Martha Bellevue, IA

Love this product

I have very dark brown eyebrows. This brow pencil is a perfect match, but would work well with lighter or darker brows as well. Stays on during the day, doesn’t smudge easily. Love how there is a built in brow brush.

Sharron Freedom, NH

Not universal

This shouldn’t be called a universal brow pencil because its too dark for my already dark brows. I tried pressing really lightly and still end up with unnatural looking brows.

Ginger Greenleaf, KS

better then most

awesome product looks very natural, not like a crayon or like your eyebrows are drawn on. will continue to buy

Meredith West Point, VA

I like it but…

I gave this 4 stars only because you can’t sharpen the tip for a more defined thin line. As you use it, the tip becomes rounded, henceforth, wider lines. Otherwise, it’s a great product to use on the wider parts of your brow.

Amie Pepin, WI

Very Nice

I really like this eyebrow pencil. The color is nice and it goes on very smooth. Took a star away because it is too long and it does not fit very good in my makeup case.

Arline Adamsville, RI


My sister the make-up maven recommended this to me. Since our brows are not the same color and this product comes in only one color, I was a bit leery. However, as usual, sister was right! I love this brow pencil – my brows don’t look “penciled in” – in fact they look great! I have recommended this to several friends who are now using it – and no one has had anything bad to say about it!

Blanca Morrill, NE