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Bikini So Teeny – 2012 Summer Collection

What is this product? Essie is the ultimate color authority offering a line of superior nail polishes. The fashion-forward shades with an exclusive award winning formula are always classic, chic and elegant. More info: Essie polish provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability, a chip-resistant formula and whimsical names in the most up-to-the-minute colors. All Essie nail polishes are DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free.

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  • 2012 Summer Collection

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Bikini So Teeny

I really love bikini so teeny. it’s like a pastel lavender or a light periwinkle color that I think is adorable. In the picture above it looks like there is a lot of shimmer in it, which is not true. There is only a little glitter that you can only notice if you really look at them. Bikini So Teeny rocks my socks.

Mavis Mayesville, SC

Beautiful Shades

I am a huge fan of Essie nail polish and have many bottles. When I saw this color, I didn’t hesitate! It’s a gorgeous periwinkle blue with a hint of white/silver shimmer. If I use a base coat, 2 coats of Essie polish and a quick dry top coat, such as Seche Vite (my favorite) my manicure lasts at least 10 days! It may be a “drugstore” brand, but I’d rather purchase Essie over more expensive brands. This color looks amazing with a tan or on ladies with a natural tan/deep complexion! Loving this one!

Lara Pleasant Hope, MO

The perfect spring/ summer blue

I saw this color on a friend of mine a while back and have been coveting this polish ever since. I absolutely love this color. I often apply white polish under pastel colors to make them pop but I actually prefer the way this looks without white underneath. It definitely dries darker than it appears in the bottle and is more periwinkle than baby blue when its dry.

Dorthy Moody, TX

perfect color

I love love love how this color contrasts against my pale skin. Even my boyfriend said he liked it! It has subtle shimmer in it, but it’s barely noticeable. I tend to avoid shimmer, so that’s how subtle it is. Perfect summer color!!!

Dana Rosendale, WI

Five Stars

Love the color and the texture. This is just like the one I buy in target.

Olga Boswell, IN

Essie Off the shoulder

Cotton candy pink. Nice color for young girls. looks sweet and pretty. Summer and Spring color, complements light skin tones.

Lana Crocketville, SC

Great green!

I was looking for a green polish because I don’t have any in my growing polish collection. I picked mojito madness because the color looked bright without being neon green. I love the color on my toes and the application was effortless.

Susanne Baskin, LA

Very pretty

Very pretty nail polish, especially on my toenails. Not only for the summer season!Really fun and pretty looking, very delicate.

Lorene Oglesby, IL

Cascade Cool – Great Color for Year Round

I watch QVC regularly and the hostess, Lisa Robertson always has on a lovely shade of PINK nail polish – she wears it year round. I decided over a year ago to try and seek out a similar shade – think that was easy? Wrong – one year later today it arrived and it’s name is ‘CASCADE COOL’ and it is absolutely a lovely shade of dusty pink. The price here at Amazon is the best on the Net. and delivery was 3 days – I was shocked it arrived to quickly. The packaging was also good. If you like a suttle pink – this is your baby – you’ll love this shade of pink and it goes with everything. Believe me it isn’t just a summer color.

Janette Tamaqua, PA

Really cute for spring

Really nice spring time color. I use this with fashion playground as an accent nail or vice versa. I’ve gotten many compliments on these two colors.

Christie Kirbyville, TX

Not So Smooth

This color does show on the nails nicely. One would have to paint multiple coats to get a clean look.

Lola Bowling Green, SC

Perfect color

All of Essie’s colors are fantastic and the same is true of monitor madness. Just a beautiful low key green. Most essie polishes chip after a few days for me and this wasn’t an exception but I love the color!!

Carmela Leroy, AL

Not for Summer

Cascade cool is an awesome color that… unfortunately looks better on lighter skin. I have brown skin and tan *super* dark. In the summer with a dark tan, I can actually wear more colors as I lose my yellow undertones. Unfortunately, Essie’s summer colors just weren’t among the ones I could wear lol. (Their spring colors on the other hand were gorgeous!) I could tell the summer colors wouldn’t work just from looking at the bottles, but purchased two of them anyway. As I figured, Cascade cool and Mojito Madness were not working on me at all. They were okay I guess, but didn’t do anything special on my skin tone.Fast forward to now, and I can actually wear them. Cascade Cool I love a lot! My tan is fading, my yellow undertones are slowly returning, and Cascade Cool is beautiful on me. Sadly, it’s a little too bright for fall and winter, but it’s def not going to work on me in summer! Mojito Madness is a little too close to a winter 2011 Revlon color I have (Emerald city… which is actually lighter than I thought it would be). It’s okay, but not as unique as I was hoping. Cascade Cool and I are just going to have to work something out. 🙂

Geri Prescott, MI

Bikini So Teeny is a hit with me!

I love this nail polish. This is my first time buying anything by Essie; I generally believe that anything higher than $4 for a nail polish is too much, but in this case, you get what you pay for. The color goes on smooth and the polish itself is just the right consistency. It only took 2 coats to achieve the color I wanted. Dry time isn’t the best though. The color itself is enough to satisfy me. It’s very unique and different!

Lois Elgin, OR

Brighter in person

The color was not what i expected but was still a nice color. It has a light duo chrome about it. Is a nice bright coral.

Maureen Roy, UT

Great color, terrible application

This is a beautiful periwinkle blue, but streaky beyond belief. I wear polish all the time and can apply my own polish with very professional results. This took three coats and streaked even on the third coat. It evened out with some Seche Vite on top of it, but it’s still not perfect if I look closely in sunlight. No worth all my hard work. I’ll take it off in a couple of days. It’s going in the trash.

Libby Gordon, KY

a bright pink

The pink is bold. The color changes significantly with differently lighting. I like it when indoor, but when out door under the sun you can see some slight shimmer which gives it a bluish purple undertone which I’m not that a big fan of.

Michaela Laguna Park, TX

Believe me when I say this color is MUST HAVE

I’ve never seen such a gorgeous summer color before…. it’s like beyond words how great this polish is. It paints on PERFECT, it’s shiny, and flat / even so it doesn’t clump, does not chip easily, looks exactly like the color in the bottle.Honestly this nail polish could not be more perfect and I think that everyone needs to have it.

Tisha Grand Forks, ND

love this color

i love this color. essie is a great nail polish and goes on great and lasts long. would highly recommend

Frances Glen Campbell, PA

not what I expected

this nailpolish is disappointing. I dont like the color much. and, it doesnt seem to last.guess I should have read the reviews.

Tanya Snowflake, AZ

Great Price

The price of this product was cheaper than any other Essie nail polishes I have bought. The other colors I bought at other stores were twice this price! Great color and I love the Essie polishes! Definitely recommend this color!

Mari Potter Valley, CA

Love This Color

I really love this shade of blue in the Essie line. It makes my nails look longer. Really does remind you of summer, bikinis, and the beach. Highly recommended.

Tammy Springport, MI

Pretty Pink!

This is great shade of pink , not too bright, not real shimmery, just very pretty. Definitely a shade I’m glad to have for the spring & summer.

Josie Basile, LA

Beautiful Pastel!

I wasn’t sure I’d like this color, but I figured I’d try something new anyways. The color is a bit darker than what the photo shows, but I still really love it. It’s an excellent color for any season! The application is thinner than other Essie polishes I have, and requires 3 coats for maximum opacity. I love this polish with silver glitter gradients or just by itself!

Ann Strang, OK

Colour looks different from Target

I found this colour at Target and loved it but as I’m always on the look out for a bargain, decided to try Amazon. :)This polish seems to dry super quick as in as you are painting your nails. After three coats (one base coat) it looked really cheap on my hands and/or I did a really crap job. I had to do three coats to try and get it even. Like I said before the consistency of Essie is different to OPI, but this one was even different from to other Essie polishes. Maybe I got a weird one, maybe not.Anyhow, this one can go on my toes and it looks fine there, far away from criticism and critique. A little disappointed cause it looked so great to begin with!

Hannah Malabar, FL


Looooooved this color. It’s just the greatest light periwinkle that you could ever hope to find!! This is a great buy.

Evelyn March Air Force Base, CA

Not the color in the picture

While this nail polish has the same great Essie quality, the picture in no way resembles the color i got. This is more of a raspberry/magenta mix, and the color I got was pepto-bismol pink. Disappointed in this color.

Phyllis Sulphur Rock, AR

Essie off the shoulder

I love this color! Great mauve bubblegum pink. Great application that is fully opaque with 2 coats. Can get away with one coat it’s that good. Fast shipping.

Kari Dovray, MN

great pedi color and works in winter, spring, or summer!

I initially skipped Bikini So Teeny because I’m not into glittery, shimmery polish – just not my style. I finally saw the bottle in person (in a store) and barely noticed the sparkle until I held it up to the fluorescent light. I decided to buy it anyway, and I’m so glad I did!I received SO many compliments because it’s a unique color without being too over-the-top. It’s richer than a pastel and bright enough to be fun, but muted enough to avoid a juvenile cutesy look. The shimmer is VERY subtle and to be honest, I barely noticed it. It’s also a really fun pedi color.Pro tip – if you want the color to appear brighter or more neon, wear a layer of opaque white (I use OPI Alpine Snow) underneath 🙂

Jewell Ransom Canyon, TX

Gorgeous Color!

This is a perfect blue/purple color! I can finally stop searching for a color like this! It is more beautiful on the nails than even in the bottle!

Madge Snohomish, WA