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Big Shampoo by LUSH by LUSH Cosmetics

Features Size matters: Suitable for all hair types, but especially for limp locks. Once you go BIG you never go back. Shine on: Fresh lime juice delivers instant shine and leaves your hair feeling extra clean. One of your five a day: Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Tooth Wracked Seaweed strengthens damaged hair.

Key features

  • Body-building shampoo for BIG hair and loads of shine
  • Over half the base of Big shampoo is made with sea salt, giving massive volume to hair in need of a boost. Sea salt is also full of minerals and de-greases hair, removing dead skin cells and dirt without stripping natural oils for a fresh, squeaky clean feeling. We balance the sea salt with seaweed infusion, extra virgin coconut oil and avocado butter for soft, nourished locks. Finally, fresh citrus juices are squeezed in for incredible shine. It’s no wonder this one is a best-seller!
  • Net 11.4 oz
  • Made in Canada, ships from USA
  • Fresh Ingredients

Honest reviews


Had high hopes….

After reading some amazing reviews for this product on this website and the Lush website (as well as a few blogs), I was really eager to try this product. I have fine, thin, highlighted hair and have tried tons of products over the years to give my hair that extra “oomph” it needs.The product itself looks less like it does in the picture and more like chopped garlic in olive oil. Mine didn’t smell like a margarita or like lemons/limes like some other reviewers mentioned…I suspect there may have been a new formulation at some point and they changed the scent. Mine is more of a floral scent.I used a small amount because I didn’t want it to over-dry my hair. It lathered up pretty well, left my hair feeling very clean after rinsing out, and it definetely felt like I had more hair. So far so good!However, after blow drying it, I must say that I didn’t really notice any more body or volume than usual. And I definetely didn’t get the amazing shine that other reviewers mentioned. I didn’t even really have a good hair day. It didn’t add body or take any away. It didn’t over dry my hair or moisturize it. Bottom line: I kinda can’t tell the difference between using this and using my normal Pantene or Dove shampoo. And they cost a lot less.Had high hopes for this product, but for me…it didn’t live up to the hype, unfortunately. I am interested in trying other Lush products, but wouldn’t purchase Big again. I kind of wish I could return it since it’s pretty expensive.

Madeleine Fords, NJ

Looks like salon hair

The salt/lemon/lime combo really seems to “roughen” up the hair cuticle, and create volume. It was apparent even in the shower< with my hair soaking wet< that the strands were more voluminous> I could literally feel it. It probably does damage the hair, but if your hair is silky fine like mine that’s exactly what you need. Will be buying more of this.

Phyllis Brewster, NE

Best smell ever!

I love this and wish I could use it every day but it dries out my hair way too much. I am using Daddy-O and Fair Trade Honey both from the Lush line now but wish every day that it could be this one.

Luisa Sidney, MI

yummy shampoo

smells yummy and clean. i noticed after washing with this shampoo and blow drying my hair, that it was really clean feeling, more so than usual when i wash my hair. my hair smells really good after using this product! i love it!

Terra Anacoco, LA

Unusual and Fun

This is a really interesting and original shampoo. It has huge hunks of salt suspended in a creamy base, which give a really invigorating scalp massage. The scent is light and fresh- I think it smells of clean laundry. My only complaint is that I have to use quite a bit of this to really get it worked through my hair, which is unfortunate because the shampoo is rather pricey.

Opal Herman, NE

5 stars despite having a big “con”…. still AMAZING.

I have fine, oily hair. As in I choose to wash it every morning and by tomorrow 1pm, my hair will have oil streaks. Thus I wash it every morning to prevent those oily streaks. I have used this shampoo 4 times now and my hair responded WELL the first time! WOW-O!! Big INDEED!!! My hair felt so clean and when I styled it, it was voluminous, bouncy, lovely! I skipped a few days and used a different shampoo because I had heard that this shampoo, if used too often would make your hair feel like straw. It would get dry and tangled. So I waited. I then chose to experiment to see if this straw-like hair would happen to my oily hair, so I used BIG 3xs, for 3 consecutive mornings, each time using it with conditioner afterwards.The first time of this 3 consecutive day trial, my hair, again, did GREAT!! Clean (squeaky), bouncy when blow dried, lovely, BIG, wonderful!The 2nd time I could feel at the top there were a few stringy-straw like feel but not really. I just put Veganese conditioner (the LUSH conditioner that was created to pair with BIG) and again all was good with same results as the first- squeaky clean, bouncy when blow dried, lovely, BIG, wonderful!The 3rd time? OH MY!! Straw-like hair!! It was tangled on top! It felt like it had gotten chemically treated! OH OH MY. But no worries, I just put conditioner in my hair and it was back to being wonderful. =)The reason why I am chipper about this product and have given it 5 stars although it turned my hair straw-like the 3rd time I used it is because this stuff is STILL amazing!!!!! I just can’t use it as an everyday shampoo. I can use this 2-3xs a week as a pick me up for my hair, to get out any grime and residue. It makes my hair do AMAZING things… but it also makes my hair a bit dry and straw like if used too often and consecutively.BUT, I most DEFINITELY WILL NOT be writing this off. NO WAY! This stuff is GOLD!!With these cons, and I’m still giving 5 Stars, that means that this would’ve been a 6 star rating with one star knocked for the straw hair. 😉

Carmela Gustine, TX

Smells like summer!

I have very fine hair, but a ton of it so I look like I’ve got thick hair. My hair tends to be oily at the scalp and dry and limp everywhere else so I thought I’d give this a try. My hair is shiny, smooth and smells amazing. I’m using this with the Retread conditioner. It is a little difference, and they mean it when they say it’s mostly salt. Big grains of salt! But once it disolves the lather is super rich and smooth. Great stuff! Will be using from now on I think.

Sherrie Seaside Heights, NJ