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Big Sexy Hair Firm Volumizing Hairspray, Spray & Play Harder, 10 oz

Property of Michael O’Rourke. No animal testing. Made in U.S.A.

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Honest reviews


My favorite hairspray

This is the best hairspray. It smells good, gives great hold and is a must have for everyday. I cannot live without this.

Marci Wendell Depot, MA

This is the best firming Hair spray ever!

My hair stylist kept recommending this to me, and I would refuse. One day, came in and actually needed some new hair spray. So I indulged a little bit, and I am glad I have. I don’t get that sticky hair feeling!

Rosella Winside, NE


I bought this for my sister and she likes it and the hair really looks good and shinny so worth giving it a try.

Esther Bradley, AR


I’m super picky about hairspray– I want something with a great hold that won’t fall out through the day. I also don’t want a glossy finish or anything that makes my hair feel sticky and gross. This is it. Hairspray holds all day even in humid weather and provides a very firm hold without looking like you gelled your hair or used some other gross product. Not too much fragrance either, which I appreciate.Only other product that comes close to this is Pureology In Charge Plus or Aveda’s product. Will never use another product in my hair

Savannah Bostic, NC

The ony hair spray I will use

This product is by far the best one ever and Ive used many ,many expensive hair sprays. This stuff brushes out and keeps your style for days. I dont use anything else after trying all the expensive stuff. This is very expensive too, but on this site it is the least expensive Ive found. It keeps my hair for many days and I dont have to wash it like with other cheaper and even more expensive products. This Amazon site is ausome and I love it for shopping online.

Lynne Maryland, NY

Works well

This is my go to hairspray. I do a lot of research before i buy and i was not dissappointed. Smells pretty good and holds well

Francesca Easton, TX

My favorite hairspray – nothing else compares

This isn’t a cheap hairspray, but it’s a super value. This stuff HOLDS. I use it to curl my hair, then I brush through and end up with soft curls that hold, which is damn near impossible for me. This hairspray is no joke.

Gertrude Bellmont, IL