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BIC Soleil Twilight Disposable Razor, Women, 4-Count

The BIC Soleil Twilight razor has three blades, lanolin and Vitamin E enriched lubricating strips and lavender scented handles with rubber grips for added control. Each package contains four razors.

Key features

  • Triple blade for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • Lubricating strips with lanolin & Vitamin E
  • Lavender scented handles
  • Rubber grip handle for added control
  • Each package contains four razors

Honest reviews


I Like Them

I know these razors have gotten a few bad reviews, but for a disposable razor I really like them. The have a rubber handle so they don’t easily slip out of your hand. I do sometimes get a few cuts (but mainly if I use cold water, or not enough soap). If I have warm water and enough soap they make for a really smoothe, easy shave. I love the colors, but I’m a girly girl so I guess that explains a lot. They’re small so I can easily store them away, and fairly affordable. I usually get about 6 to 8 uses out of one razor. After that they become very dull and won’t shave properly. But overall, not a bad buy. I’ll continue to use them. They suit my needs just fine.

Althea Jarbidge, NV

great razor

I have been using these razors for years. They work really well and glide on your skin and give you a close shave but I haven’t had any problems with any nicks or cuts. The handle is easy to use and I just won’t switch now that I have found them.

Mavis Kaibito, AZ

The handle is nice but the blades are not

I don’t care too much for these razors. The blades seem to dull quickly, leading to razor burn on my legs after just 2 or 3 uses. I’ve used 4 or 5 of these razors, with different types of shaving creams, body washes, soap, hair conditioner and baby oil to lubricate my legs and the same razor burn happened. I think the actual blades are too thick to cut effectively. Even a brand new razor never provided a satiny smooth shave. I also cut my shins several times since the head does not pivot and the blades are not springy on the sides like other ladies’ razors. The only thing I liked about these razors was the wide rubbery handle. It was easy to hold onto in the shower. I wouldn’t recommend these razors at all. They seem over priced considering the shoddy shave you get with them.

Yvonne Early, IA

Good price for razors

These razors work well and were a good price. I have discovered that as you get older, you really need a razor that swivels, but these do a pretty good job.

Morgan Pisek, ND

love the razor but nervous

the more blades, the more bumps/cuts it will create — it shaved my legs perfectly – but I am on guard — and so far so good — If it gets bad –will revise my comments but so far so good

Merle Fittstown, OK

Bic Soleil Disposable Razors

This is a good value for the price. These Bic Soleil razors provide a close shave and do not irritate my sensitive skin.

Fern Amherst, NE