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BIC Soleil Shave & Trim Disposable Razor and Bikini Trimmer, Women, 4-Count

BIC Soleil Shave & Trim is the first disposable razor and bikini trimmer in one. The razor features 3 flexible blades for a flawlessly smooth shave and the slide-on trimmer safely and evenly trims bikini hair. Conveniently shave & trim with just one product! Each package contains three razors and one bikini trimmer.

Key features

  • The 1st disposable razor and bikini trimmer in one!
  • 3 flexible blades for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • Pivoting head and rubber grip for ultimate comfort
  • Lubricating strips with Vitamin E
  • Slide-on/slide-off trimmer attachment safely trims bikini hair for desired look;Each package contains three razors and one bikini trimmer

Honest reviews


Great regular shaver… bikini area? No.

Let’s face it, many of us like a well trimmed bush. No one wants to admit it, and no one wants to see the words "pubes trimmer" on the packaging, but that’s what the attachment on this shaver is for – your downstairs lady garden.The razor works well, as it should. I’ve owned several Bic razors before and never have experienced a problem. These have a nice big handle are are PINK, so you you know they’re meant for the ladies. 😉 Wink wink.After I was done shaving my legs (and it did a fine job), I thought I’d try out the "hedge trimmer". I put on the attachment and went to work. It does instead "trim"…but I use that term loosely as it’s really hard to get a good, even length down there with this thing. There are just some areas of your lady garden that are going to be hard to go over with something that isn’t flexible. I had to repeatedly take off the attachment and clean it out since it gets clogged with hairs fairly quickly. It was quite a mess! I did eventually get the job done, but it’s uneven and using the attachment was a hassle. Unlike an electric trimmer, you can’t really pivot and dart in an out with this thing… you have to shave in a linear fashion and that just doesn’t work on an area full of peaks and valleys.If you like a well-maintained bush, this is not the product for you. I would not recommend this razor for that aspect. Now, if you want a regular leg shaver, this will get the job done.

Stefanie Eagle Grove, IA

I just need the shavers

In the package you get 3 shavers and 1 "trim shaver." The shavers are same as other BIC Soleil’s that I have, so I already know that I really like them. The trim shaver is just a waste to me. #1 I’m not saving it for a month to use with the other shavers in the package. And #2 I like a close shave, so this is pointless to me. Overall maybe it would be right for someone traveling, in that they could upkeep themselves, but I am not sure that it would be worth the money to purchase this every month. It is not something that would work for me and I threw out the trim shaver.

Josefina Newcastle, ME

Clever idea

What a clever idea. Remember to slide the covers off rather than flip them off as is often the case. 3 shavers plus 1 trimmer. Small parts. Works as expected.

Polly Maricopa, AZ


You get a fine 4-pack of razors at a decent price, plus the extra bikini comb/guard that simply slides on or off a razor for trimming the bikini area. Bic razors are uniformly of good quality, and this is no exception. Excellent performance at a decent price. Personally I think the packaging is a bit overboard as I any my lady friend are pretty tired of the girls-pink/boys-blue mentality, but when that’s the biggest gripe I can launch toward the product, you know it’s good.

Annmarie Niceville, FL

Equatorial Landscaping Made Easy

When it comes to this type of grooming, the best is professional waxing. If you choose the DIY route, the Bic Soleil Shave and Trim seems like a good alternative. Other options for home hair removal include depilatories, but not for the bikini area, I hope, and that Epi-Lady contraption that grabs the hairs a few at a time and rips them out. Yeah. Right. Just as soon as I finish poking my eye with a stick.Anyway, most of us choose shaving. The Bic is the first to combine a shaver and a trimmer. Smart stuff. You can use the razor for a clean, hairless shave in certain areas and the trimmer to groom others. Both are both kept in that little torso container, so they stay handy. In theory. The shaver is a good one, with 3 blades for a close, smooth shave, and a pivoting head that glides over curves easily. I’ve used those wand-shaped trimmers before, but this removes hair more easily and moves better, probably because of the triple razors and fancy pivoting. The trimmer attachment slips onto the razor and stays in place until you take it off. It has 1/4 inch of clearance, which is a good length. Remember, you do need something to work with; if there’s not 1/2 an inch of material to shave down there, there is nothing for the trimmer to get hold of.The problems with shaving are it must be done very often, there is rough stubble, and some skin types react by going bumpy. The Bic Soleil provides partial solutions to all of these. The trimmer is made especially for grooming in this area. By not cutting down to the surface of the skin, the stubble situation isn’t as bad, and so far so good regarding the bumps. By the way, these can be prevented with some smart shaving techniques (except for very sensitive skin). If they do happen, they are treatable.Bumps occur when hair follicles are irritated or infected. A clean, sharp razor and light touch help prevent this. Pressing down irritates the skin. If you need to go over an area, take your second sweep in the direction of hair growth so there’s less pull. Shave in the shower. Hot water steams open follicles, and washing first removes dead skin that can harbor bacteria. And good exfoliation, particularly on the legs, will eliminate ingrown hairs. Also, always use a good quality shaving lotion. It holds hair up so the razor can cut cleanly, provides ‘glide’ and essential moisture. And don’t shave too often. Every other day at the most.Afterwards, rinse in cold water and, if you like, try an after-shave preparation with salicylic acid or glycolic acid and aloe vera. In any case, the last step should ALWAYS be a splash of witch hazel. The stuff is magic. It’s anti-bacterial, a very nice toner for the face and body, and tightens the skin. It can even help tighten eye bags (a little), and it helps skin retain moisture.But back to the razor…it’s not perfect, but it is the best among the similar products that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried most brands. It has the trimmer option which others don’t, the trimmer works well, and it helps eliminate some of the skin issues resulting from shaving. So, Five stars…Brazilian if they have any.

Teresa Bloomville, OH

I could take it or leave it.

I really didn’t see much of a difference between this product and other shavers that I have used. I probably would only specifically look for this shaver if I had a coupon for it and it was on sail. This is not a product that I simply must have compared to others.

Marlene Bath, MI

excellent razor with very convenient trimmer

The razor is well designed and easy to hold and grip without slipping. It gives a nice close she on my legs with no nicks bumps or scratches. I’m impressed with the razor but it’s such a bonus to have the trimmer attachment. It makes it very convenient and is easy to slide on and off the razor head. Love this razor.

Kimberlee Kingsville, OH

Bic Soleil Shave and Trim Shaver

This comes with three razors and one attachment for the bikini area. The three flexible blades are nice and sharp and bend to your body shape as you shave. The handles have good grips to keep from slipping. All blades have clear covers that slide off one side. The trimmer is a plastic head that attaches over the razor blades. It slides on easily and has a blade built in.If you like disposable razors you will probably like these.

Socorro Lithopolis, OH

Just ok

I got these through the Vines program and was happy to give them a try. They’re not bad, but nothing special. They weren’t terribly sharp, so the shave wasn’t quite as close as I prefer and it left my legs slightly irritated. The "trim" was ok but not great – just didn’t seem to be sharp enough to be worthwhile. I’ll use them because they were free, but won’t buy again.

Chelsea Glen Ullin, ND

A good razor with a really helpful tool

This is a pretty solid disposable razor on its own. Easy grip, blades slide smoothly, adding the trimmer onto it goes well. Makes hair about a1/4 of an inch long: either making it easier to shave from there or just to have short.The trimmer just slides on and off for easy cleaning as well as easy access to using just the plain razor.You only get one trimmer for the three razors in the pack, but it works because you can use the regular blade for maintenance and won’t need to use the trimmer as much.

Mamie Bayside, CA

Your basic Bic disposable razor, plus a guard

This Bic Shave & Trim is a pretty good idea. I like the convenience of having one device act as razor and trimmer; everything can be taken care of in the shower at one time, and it’s much less messy than using a conventional trimmer would be. The razors themselves are your basic Bic disposables — nothing outstanding, but they get the job done. And the trimmer attachment is easy to attach and use. My only problem with it is that it is so tiny that I’m afraid I’m going to lose it in the shower one of these mornings.The packaging to this product says "4 count," but that is a little misleading. The package contains three razors and one trimmer attachment.On the whole, I’m not completely blown away by this product, but it definitely works. I think this would be great for travel and will probably keep one of these on hand for that very purpose.

Liza Literberry, IL

All-In-One Makes Things Easy

The Bic Soleil Shave and Trim Shaver is an all-in-one easy shaver to use. The attachments slide over each other so you do not have to remove the other blade head before using the trimmer. However, I still fear for my fingers because water, shaving lotion and the shower and I can never cooperate. And I know I am not the only one. So while this shaver eliminates my usual two chances of slicing my fingers by allowing for the trimmer attachment to slide right over the shaver blades, the danger remains in doing just that — sliding the trimer attachment over the actual blades you use to shave.Also, it is a little harder to clean out quickly if you wait to shave and the hairs are longer than usual.Overall though I am pleased and find this shaver excellent for shaving, leaving no skin burn, stubble bumps and my sensitive skin has not reacted to anything on it. That’s a huge plus for me too.

Chandra Cameron, TX

no big deal

The razors themselves are fine though, my preference is non-pivot head. This is over-priced for the fact that it comes with just three razors and one bikini trimmer that slides over each razor head. The included trimmer isn’t that great, not worth the price. If you like Soleil, you should just buy the usual package. If you buy this, I suppose you could use the plastic trimmer on other Soleil razors. I don’t have any others to try this. Good concept, not great execution.

Caroline Harpster, OH

So Glad Bic Came Out With This

I’ve been using another trimmer for year, and it always drove me crazy that it was not refillable. I even wrote to them to tell them to make a refillable one. Did they listen? No. But Bic did it! It works great to help trim unwanted hair. While the razor on it’s own, won’t replace my usual razor, with the trimmer attachment – it’s replacing my usual trimmer. I would have given it 5 stars if it could have replaced both of my razors, but one will do and I will keep buyit specifically for the trimmer.

Veronica Oak Bluffs, MA

Meh – prefer the Venus shaver.

In my opinion, the Bic Soleil Shave & Trim Shaver is a step backwards in the world of shavers. It has a smallish head and is stiff & abrasive. It also nicked my knee area. It has the feel of a disposable razor.In comparison the Venus brand of razors has a better feel/grip, has a larger head, and doesn’t produce nicks. This is the razor that I have been using for over a year. The Bic Soleil did not make me want to change brands.

Marie Stockholm, ME

maybe it’s just me

So maybe I’m a bit challanged but while the razor works great, I just haven’t had an consistent results with the trimmer. It works sometimes and not others. I’ve never used a trimmer before so maybe I’m just not doing it right but I tried to follow the instructions that came with it and am just not having much luck.

Yvette Minerva, NY

Good Razors, Couldn’t figure out the bikini one.

These are good razors in that they are smooth and work well to shave with. I have to admit, I tried using the one specifically designed for the bikini area and I just couldn’t get it to do right. I ended up tossing it away and just using the regular razors for that part. However, it is a good set of razors and they do work well.

Johanna Ocklawaha, FL

Works Well, Decent Price

I often compare razors to the cheap pink Bic disposables, since those were my go to for years. These are much easier to clean after use, stay sharp longer, and have a good lubricating strip on them. Overall, would consider buying these in future.

Susana New Sweden, ME

Razor Bumps for me!

I see from the reviews that this razor works well for others. For me, this razor made little red bumps all over and it felt horrible after-Ouch! I will stick with my electric trimmer or scissors when I need to trim the bikini area. That will also keep down the number of disposable items from going in the trash.

Agnes Callao, VA

The wife doesn’t like them

The wife reports that these razors seem abrasive and since they are not very flexible you can easily push too hard. They are pretty but don’t work too well.

Ola Shirland, IL

Nice Razor, Trimmer Works OK

This is a nice, multi-blade shaver with a moisturizing strip; and the tilting head moves over the curves of the leg and underarm easily. The added trimmer is a plastic length guard that I found to be of little value; but depending on the type of trimming desired, it might serve a purpose. It seemed that the trimmer left the hair too long for a bikini trim; but not completely shaved. I would certainly use the razors again, but probably not the trimmer guard.

Leola Delta, MO

Does a much better job than other trim shavers I have tried!

Found this shaver really shaves much closer than others I have tried. Best of all, I found it to be non irratitating. This shaver is a great find and one that I plan to keep on using in the future as it works so well.Highly recommend this shaver.

Ginger Moulton, TX

Works fine

Overall, this is not the absolute best razor that I used but it’s not the worst either. It’s pretty easy to use, I haven’t had any problems getting the attachment on and off the razor so far. I have gotten a pretty smooth shave while using both features of the razor. Although, I have experienced some itchiness. But my skin is pretty sensitive, so I was expecting that to happen. But I didn’t get any nicks using the razor, so that’s a good thing.Although I’m not absolutely crazy about this razor, I am pleased with it and I don’t have any major gripes about it.

Alberta Waynesville, IL

Shaves OK but does not do the trimming job

There is not a lot of difference between this razor and other name brand disposable razors out there. The interesting part is the product can also be used as a trimmer. While it can do the trimming job, it’s not very good at it. Overall, I would pass this up as a trimmer and just use it with the expectations of a disposable razon and not a trimmer. Ideally I would use an electric dry trimmer and a better razor.

Nell Prairie Lea, TX

Shave and Trim

I’m really torn on how to review this. I’ve used Bic Soleil razors for years and been very happy with them as razors. I was looking forward to the "trim" option, but was let down when I realized all that was a single snap on piece of plastic (one per pack of 3 razors) which really didn’t do much, but raised the price of the razors significantly. I hate to rate the whole package down because I do like the razors (which are exactly the same as the standard Bic Soleil with an added little metal piece to assist with the snapping on of the trimmer), but the main reason for purchasing this product as opposed to something else would be for the trim option. So, in the end, I dinged it one star because I didn’t feel like the trim option really worked well and caused the price to increase way too much for what it actually is.

Amy Lonsdale, MN

the dullest, saddest razor I’ve ever used

The first razor out of the package felt as though it was dull from the very first swipe. These are intended to trim the lady bits — the package comes with three razors and a separate trimmer attachment — but I used it on my legs first, because nothing goes near the bits until I test it out first. I’m glad I did, because the conditioning strip did nothing, just felt like a piece of dry cardboard, and the razors were dull. It was irritating and uncomfortable right out of the package.That said, the second and third razors were better, so I’m thinking there’s a quality control issue here. It only lasted one shave on the legs, though, when most razors last two, sometimes three on the higher-quality disposables.Then came time to try the trimmer attachment. It’s a kind of comb with a razor underneath meant to trim (let’s be honest) the bush. It looks very similar in shape to the attachment on the electric razor I usually use. One swipe of this Bic attachment and it was clogged. Cleaned it off, did a second swipe, and it was dull enough I didn’t want to use it anymore, so I used a third swipe to "even things out" and moved on with my life. I’d say that this said more about the hair on my bod than the razors, but other brands have worked just fine, and I see other reviewers had similar issues, so I’m thinking the razor is the issue in this particular situation. I really cannot recommend these razors at all.

Nita Blanco, OK

More a “Thinner” than a Trimmer

This package contains three triple-blade razors plus one trimmer-cap — essentially a tiny comb that snaps onto the head of the razor and lifts hair so that the razor can cut it.The razor itself works very well, shaves closely and without razor burn or bumps later. While I always nick myself during the first use of any disposable razor, I did not with this one — maybe it’s the blades or the angle of the head or how the handle is shaped to be held — and that was great.As for trimming, I’ve been using a Schick Quattro TrimStyle, which has a razor at one end and a battery-powered trimmer at the other, and it trims very well. But I wouldn’t mind doing without a battery gadget so I was interested in this Bic. Unfortunately, the Bic functioned more as a “thinner” than a trimmer — after going over the area numerous times at different angles, the hair was definitely sparser but what remained was as long as before using the trimmer, and there was no way to customize the length to individual preference. I’ll stay with the Schick for trimming.

James Mercersburg, PA


With bikini season right around the corner, I was thrilled to review this product. I typically use Nair or get waxed in the bikini area so as to avoid the dreaded red bumps in that area. This is one product I will definitely use in between the above mentioned and I can already see that the red bumps are in the past for me IF i use this Bic Soleil Shave And Trim Shaver. It’s easy to use by simply sliding the "trimmer" attachment on. The 1/4" clearance keeps you from shaving too close and gives a nice all-over short look – no strays here!

Jeannette Raeford, NC

Nothing special

These are pretty standard Bic disposable razors. They work well and give you a fairly close shave. The "special" feature of this type is the "trimmer" that’s included. What you actually get is a small plastic cover that fits over the razor head which keeps it from cutting down to the skin. There is one cover per pack that you are supposed to save and use with the different razors. It’s supposedly for trimming the "bikini" area. Let’s just say that it is not exactly a comfortable experience when used as a trimmer. It’s not something I’d try again or recommend for that purpose. The razors are fine although nothing new or different.

Wilda Cardinal, VA

Bic Soleil Shave and Trim Shaver

I gave this to my wife to use and review and she loved it. She stated that it was a close shave with no nicks and cuts. She especially enjoyed the trimmer attachment because it did its job nicely with no problems. She’s very happy with it. A happy wife is a happy life.

Tara Fairfield, WA