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BHCosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette – 1st Edition

Our Best Seller! The 120 Color Eye shadow Palette 1st Edition will lighten up your eyes in the most vibrant ways! These gorgeous colors range from lustrous lavenders to sparkling emeralds. This Palette provides intensely-pigmented colors that last all day long, and comes in a sleek and portable hard case. 9′ x 6′ size.

Key features

  • BH Cosmetics provides high-quality makeup at affordable prices!

Honest reviews


So pretty!

ok let me start off with the quality, it is amazingly bright and beautiful. It works great even without a primer and you barely need any to make it show up intensively. It definetely last a long time on you eyelids but if you really need it to last very very long I would recomend using a primer. The color variation is great but I do feel like it reapeats a lot of the same colors. For example there are like 14 different greens and some look almost the same. But you are getting 120 colors, I mean what more do you want this will most likely have any color you need/want. The eyeshadows are about the size of a dime maybe a little bit bigger and that may sound like a little but I’ve had mine for almost 8 months and i use a lot of the same colors and i still havent hit pan. And yes i do wear eyeshadow everyday.The packaging is also amazing, nice and sturdy so your eyeshadows are protected and i did drop my palette once and none broke, thank god(:

Marisa Fisher, MN

Great palette

This palette is great, especially for a makeup artist that is just starting and doesn’t have a huge budget to blow. You can do virtually any look with this palette and the color payoff is great especially when used with a primer. This palette also contains two matte red eye shadows. Red eye shadow that is true solid red and not brick or burgundy is hard to find.

Candice Reardan, WA


I REALLY LOVE THIS THE COLORS R SO NICE I WILL GET THIS AGAIN THE packing was really good came fastand the color r true what u see there bright and nice and they show up on dark skin trust me im drak i used to have a hard time with colors that would not show up and this work good say on good with primer throw

Addie Kunia, HI

Like Growing to Love

I actually have the 3rd addition, and this is definitely a Kit for someone who is not a beginner. If you look at all the youtube videos you will believe that it is super easy to get a vibrant color from this collection, but it takes a little talent, skill, primer, and use of your fingers, because brushes aren’t really gonna do it. The makeup wells are smaller than i thought they would be, but they are adequate, and their are very few shimmer colors which are the new hot thing. With that said I do really like the KIT and I would order another- when they come out with a shimmer addition. i have been doing my make up for a while, so I know how to achieve my desired look, but if you are a rookie all these colors are too many options… plus you might run into the issue of looking chalky. My first time using this I looked like a ghost around the eyes.

Berta Brashear, MO

Love this

Love this product the best, I recommend this to other friends. I actually brought two more for family and friends

Ada Tropic, UT

BHCometics or not?

I haven’t test it out yet but why didn’t my palette have anything written on it? Nothing at all indicated that it was BHCosmetics? So I don’t know what is the product that I have received or if I should even use it or return it.Okay, I tested some of the colors and they seem very pigmented but I still want to know why there isn’t any label whatsoever on the product or the packaging…

Abby Valley, AL

I love this palette!

I just love the BH Cosmetics 120 color eyeshadow palette. It’s very pretty and very pigmented. I usually wear it like almost everytime now. This 1st edition of the eyeshadow palette rocks!!!

Mary Mitchell, IN


Okay, these colors are soo much more vibrant and pigmented then in the pictures! The colors are sooo beautiful! I got this palette yesterday and i did swatches and i barely touched the eyeshadow and there was the color from that one soft touch! The colors are beautiful and are so pigmented! I am definately going to buy the other paletts from BH Cosmetics!..From other reveiws i read poor shipping, but i decided to take the risk and the shipping was great! it was wrapped like three times in bubble wrap, then inside the box that hold the eyeshadow pallete had more bubble wrap. It was wrappped amazing. But I did have ONE eyeshadow broken. But i didnt complain the little plastic sheets held it there blocking it out of the other eyeshadows, i simply just patted that eyeshadow back down and its all intact. So its really good packaging though, somebody simply dropped it by accident, i cant complain pretty good though out of 120 only 1 broke? haha im a happy camper!Well, amazing colors, pigmented, and packaging really good!(:I recommend

Allene Bristol, PA


It is very well although I received the shimerry ones and not the bright ones….I would buy it again.

Loretta Daggett, MI

Professional MUA: This is a must have!!

Pros: CheapSo Many ColorsHighly PigmentedLong LastingFlawless FinishCompactPlenty of ProductCons: As a Professional MUA you may feel like you are not “Professional”As a Pro MUA I have to say I bought this because I tried a friends version of this Palette and thought you only paid how much? I played around with all the colors and used them at several photoshoots and must say the product and the price are superb. These remind me of Yaby Pearl of Paint shadows..but has more punch than Yaby and MAC’s matte shadows. You get 120 colors to pick from ..what else do you want. There’s no falling off effect, no horrible after tint color.. the colors are true to their colors and honestly the picture of the product accurately portrays the colors. These are dime sized shadows and are packed to the rim. This is well worth the price.I have different types of shadows in my kit and have spent well over $2000 in eyeshadows from Ben Nye to Yaby to MAC ( no longer use .. absolutely not!) ..this is a great extension to your kit..should it be your only palette .. absolutely not.. but it definitely should be in your kit

Rosalyn Logan, IA


I am so happy for my new makeup. It literally arrived quickly through standard mail. I was afraid that some of the make was going to be brocken, and to my surprise NOT ONE was brocken. I have not tried on the colors but I am looking forward to it. Will be writing a review for it.

Dina Munford, AL



Bridgette La Feria, TX

Very pigmented

I am no makeup artist , but as a woman I buy a fair share of makeup from Maybelline to MAC, and I really do hate when a color looks to be perfect in a compact and then you go to apply and it’s too light. That is not the case with these, they are very pigmented and go on very smoothly, and you get such a spectrum of color which is pretty awesome when you just want to try something different.

Christy South Newbury, NH

BH cosmetics

I ordered my palette on the 5th of May and recieved it by the 9th. I’m very pleased with everything the colors are absolutely beautiful. and the packaging was perfect. I tried out a few colors and it is very high and pigmented some more than others. all and all i’m very pleased with this product and i will definately be doing a youtube tutorial on this make-up palette. love! love! love!

Carey Saint Matthews, SC


The best makeup that you can purchase for the right price! I was totally impressed with my purchase. I am proud to say that I own all 3 editions!

Nola Rhinelander, WI

Worth the price

I wanted an eyeshadow palette with many fun colors and decided on this one. For the price it is not bad at all. I was surprised how well packaged it was and it came in a nice black box. There was bubble wrap surrounding the palette inside the box, and Amazon added more bubble wrap around the box to protect it. As for the quality of the eyeshadow itself, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t as vibrant on the skin as I hoped it would be. I have an olive skin tone, very light but still considered olive. I would have to put a few layers of eyeshadow on for the makeup to be as bright as the palette. Overall I was very satisfied and would buy more palettes from BH cosmetics and Amazon.

Irene Earlington, PA

Good item

Colors are great good price love it perfect for first timers learning how to do they’re makeup will def purchase from them again

Lashonda Athens, PA

All the colors!

I love all the colors, but I think that some of them are pretty similar. Also, mine came with 3 shades broken, but I didn’t bother to contact the seller once I had them fixed myself.

Tia Nashport, OH


Almost a year later and i am still loving this palette!! Highly pigmented and great colors, i refuse to buy more higher priced items when i can get this at cheap price and works just as good. Worth the buy!!

Lorena Barnegat Light, NJ



Shelby Exline, IA


use this all the time. I still have it some of the colors are gone now but it holds up way good. my kids have even thrown it and it did not break so it is durable. the colors come out awesome

Ida Hiawatha, UT

You can’t beat this for value

I like being able to blend different colors together and this palette offers so many different colors. Good pigment too. Got it as a Christmas present for someone else, but I couldn’t stay out of it!

Agnes Mccutcheon Field, NC


Great pigmentation, much better than the ELF 144 pallet. VERY Bright colors. There are very few natural and wearable colors. Don’t wear many of the shades in this palette, and it would probably be good for theatrical wear.

Bernadette Conover, OH

Absolutely awesome!

I ordered two 1st Edition palettes. Received them today and the colors are brilliant and really pigmented. A lot of shades for anytime, any event!It was packaged well however, three shades were broken in both palettes (2/1).With that exception, I can’t wait to order the 3rd Edition Palette!

Felecia Batavia, IA

Great product!!!

I’m a makeup fanatic! Love this palet of bright colors!! For the price and timly delivery yessss I will order another one in the future!

Aline Plymouth, NY

bright and pleantiful

I purchased this product after watching some Youtube videos with different colors. I am a MAC girl, but didn’t want to spend oodles of money on a color I wasn’t sure about. The 1st edition of the BH Palette has a wide variety of colors including shimmer and matte. I can’t say that the quality of eye shadow is on par with MAC but it is actually pretty good. The sizes are a lot bigger than I anticipated also. My palette was complete with no broken eye shadow. There is an interesting odor from the makeup I can’t seem to get rid of. I don’t smell it when I apply, it’s just strong when I open the dispenser. I am really impressed and definitely would purchase again.

Tia Slanesville, WV

Just what I ordered!!

I got my BH Cosmetics Palette today! It’s so beautiful!! Not a single one was broke so I am thrilled. I can’t wait to actually use this. Yay!!

Alberta Mc Andrews, KY