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BH Cosmetics Hollywood Palette

BH Cosmetics Hollywood Palette

Key features

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bad eyeshadow pigmentation but the blushes/ bronzers are great 🙂 but cant complain though since theyre only six bucks each

Felicia Florien, LA

The colors

I love how the colors are vibrant and go on easy. This is my go to palette every time I put on my make up.

Dessie West Concord, MN

Love love love!

The palette it just.. it has everything and the pigments are amazing and the price its set is a steal and they’re made in the US which gives me a lot of relief. I will be getting more cosmetics from this brand again!

Elinor Manter, KS

OK… Great colors.

I like the idea for this travel kit. The packaging is great, and the colors are pretty. The shadows are a little harder/chalkier than I hoped for. I’ve had BH palettes before and didn’t find them this consistancy. Maybe they did it so they would break less, being a travel kit, but it does make it harder to get a good amount on the brush. The shipping was incredibly fast, which I always appreciate. Maybe I’ll try the Mailbu set out, as it has more of everyday type of colors, so the travel kit would be used more.

Janice Millburn, NJ

Love it

I’m glad I got this pallette this is one of my favorites I’m so glad I got it love the blushes nice brown blush love it

Celina North Falmouth, MA

Cute package, great price!

I fell in love with this set because of the cute palette design. I really have been enjoying this set, the colors are very pigmented and fun! The blushes are nice because they include a highlighter, bronzer color, shimmer color and matte color! I do recommend keeping the plastic cover over both the eyeshadows and blushes to protect your product! The set also doesn’t sit up like the picture would suggest, the mirror section falls over. BUT, the package is magnetic so you don’t have to worry about it falling open unexpectedly. CUTE!

Jerry La Center, KY