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BH Cosmetics BH Party Girl

This 40 Color BH Party Girl Eyeshadow Palette was made to fulfill the ultimate socialite’s dreams. Whether you want to go for flirty or cosmopolitan, this makeup palette contains must-have shimmer & matte shades for double-taking beauty at your next big event.

Key features

  • 40 Color Eyeshadow Palette
  • Perfect for a Night Out
  • Fun and Bright Eyeshadow Colors

Honest reviews


If you’re new to makeup, this is a fun palette to have

I bought this months ago after seeing so many reviews on Youtube–and while I agree with most of the reviews here, there are some things I don’t like about this palette. My review is below.PackagingBH Cosmetics always has nice, no-frills packaging. All shadows are kept sturdily in a slim case, which is easy to open. I wish the casing also had a built-in mirror, but it doesn’t…I’m not going to dock off points for that, though.ColorsThere are a lovely assortment of colors here, from blue to red. Pigmentation is very good–with the exception of a couple of shimmery colors (mainly the two colors in the upper right corner), these eyeshadows go on opaque. They’re somewhat easy to blend too. Most of the colors are matte, but there are a handful of shimmery shades as well, which I found comparable to NYX eyeshadows. These colors WILL NOT last if you don’t apply a primer first; I usually use MAC Paint Pot to make the eyeshadows stay put.QualityWhile these colors have wonderful pigmentation, they literally feel like ground up chalk. This may not be an issue for some people, but this turns me off. Also, I’ve noticed that with this palette’s most pigmented colors (mainly the matte reds, blues, and greens), they actually stain the eyes even after they’re removed with makeup remover. For instance, one day I wore the red eyeshadow for a vampire look, but my eyelids stayed red for a day after the makeup was removed…not a great look.Also, these eyeshadows are NOT MAC quality. I’d compare these colors to Wet n’ Wild, they do have the same consistency and feel (not a dig towards Wet n’ Wild though, they do have surprisingly good drugstore eyeshadows).Overall, this is a good palette for beginners who loooooove color, but there are staining issues.

Rosie Warrenton, MO

New buyer! i’m impressed!!

I’m not new to make up, but i am new to BH cosmetics, I’m a MAC cosmetics girl, but i’m really sick of the high prices, and not finding all the color variety I would like with them……Looking on youtube found an artist i love who uses this BH cosmetics and MAC and who works for MAC. So i decided to give BH a try……Well So far I am impressed, the colors are very pigmented and beautiful , i wasn’t sure what to expect cause some of the reviews on here sound horrid. But i’m please, for such a low price this product is really good. I’ve also purchased a few of their brushes to give them a try, they should arrive next week.

Barbara Richvale, CA

very good selection & quality for the price

i bought this for the color selection.most the colors are great – super pigmented and soft/blendable quality.there are a few that have quite chunky glitter in it, resulting in fall out – but for the money, its great quality. i will be getting my money’s worth from this palette.

Marissa Nitro, WV


This palette is just beautiful. The colors are bright and perfect! I’m soo happy I got this. I’m getting one for my sister too.

Bettye Mountain, WV


These eyeshadows are so pigmented, and did I mention gorgeous? The color payoff is amazing, and definitely worth the price.

Earline Buchtel, OH

Party Girl

40 awesome colors in this palette. Some are more pigmented than others. Comes with an array of matte, shimmery and satin colors.

Martina Durants Neck, NC

exactly what I have come to expect from BH Cosmetics

Wonderful pigment and color pay off. I bought one for myself and one for 2 of my 4 nieces. Amazing

Tracie Shawnee Mission, KS

So far,Great!!!

I am a coco complexion african american and the few colors i have used stay on great even without primer ,i just have to use the right brush.the pigment is awesome. i wish it had a compartment for a small or maybe even came with one.

Jennie Barco, NC

random mixing of colors but i like it

i love BH cosmetics, so i have nothing terrible to say. this is a random picking of colors though lol , although they are pigmented so its okay.

Paulette Bunker Hill, IL

i like it but I don’t love it

Ok some of the colors are hit or miss, for the most part the color payoff is great, but then you have some colors that come off more sheer, you have to use a base and build build build, then blend for your life. Its ok for the price, but not the best possible palette they made.

Ladonna Saint Lawrence, SD

Christmas Gift for my Cousin..

I buy from BHcosmetics regularly and it took EVERYTHING inside me not to keep this palette!!! (Not really , i had a small budget lol ) But it’s very pigmented, colors are gorgeous. You can experiment from neutral make up looks to , dramatic smokey eyes and then of course the bright or colorful party make up. I loveee it. 🙂

Elinor Andrews, NC

OMG ! Must Buy !

i know my heading sound very Cliche , but it’s true.this pallette have a lot of different colors and they arevery pigment’d . if anyone lay there hands on this palettethey will also fall in love with it. and you can’t beat this price ! (=

Dina Newberg, OR

BH Cosmetics BH Party Girl

Great palette, colors are very pigmented and goes on smoothly and there is very little fallout. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend to my friends.

Tammy Mount Pleasant, UT


Very pigmented product. A must buy for WOC. I had my doubts at first, but I’m glad I gave BH Cosmetics a chance.

Brigitte Barberton, OH

BH Party Girl Palette

Just got my palette and so far I am loving it. I swatched some of the colors and they are SUPER pigmented and gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it out with different looks. I am a big UD fan and these shades are just as good for the price.

Elisha Eastport, MI

Pleasantly surprised

I usually buy MAC eyeshadows (neutral colors), but I was wanting to branch out try out colors that weren’t so neutral and didn’t want to spend a fortune on shadows that I might’ve not liked. I saw this palette and was interested in all the bright colors, but I was worried by how cheap it was (in my experience, cheap = bad quality usually). With it being so cheap, figured I didn’t have much to lose though. I haven’t tried out all the colors, but the ones I’ve tried so far I’m impressed with. They’re very pigmented (maybe not as much as MAC, but for the price they can’t be beat), go on nicely/blend well, and stay throughout the day. I should mention I do use the Urban Decay primer potion in Eden before applying it, as I do with all the eyeshadows I use so I can’t comment how well the shadows do without a primer. I’m still shocked I spent less than $15 for (a LOT of) good quality eyeshadows. Highly recommend this palette, whether you’re just starting out with makeup and don’t want to spend a lot of money, or you just want to add to your eyeshadow collection .

Christie Sherrill, IA

Party Girl colors

Loooove! Perfect palette, unique colors & great pigmentation! Came perfectly intact & I love using it, hasn’t let me down one bit 🙂

Allene Gruver, IA

good product

i bought this for my sis, but she hardly uses it so i wish i didn’t wanted something nice for her but she is sooo … i like it still

Wanda Cimarron, CO


This palette is amazing. You receive so many wonderful colors at a great price. This is the only eyeshadow palette I use now. What I like about it are the color choices. You can go natural or more intense. I haven’t tried the more intense shades, but I love the natural colors. I definitely will be ordering more palettes from BHCosmetics.

Tracie Wesco, MO