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BH Cosmetics 28 Color Eye Shadow Palette, Neutral

You’ll fall in love with this irresistible neutral color eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics offers quality professional makeup products at amazing prices. Featuring the most brilliantly pigmented colors available. Highest quality ingredients for professional makeup products. 28 color palette.

Key features

  • Featuring the most brilliantly pigmented colors available
  • Highest quality ingredients for professional makeup products
  • 28 color palette

Honest reviews


Great Christmas gift!

I purchased this product as a Christmas gift for a friend who loves make-up. It looks almost identical to the Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette but more than $7 cheaper which is a plus in my book! It comes in a really nice, black packaging. The picture above is pretty deceiving. I assumed it would have pastel shades of pink and purple. I looked at the palette, and they were mostly shades of brown. I don’t really care though because this is merely just a gift. Great purchase!

Rosalyn Beallsville, MD

Bh cosmetics 28 neutral palette

I bought this because I love doing makeup! I’m a makeup artist for a hobby (lol) and I wanted a few different colors that were versatile. These are just that! There are 28 neutral colors that are buildable! you have every color you need right here in one cute compact! This isn’t exactly travel size but it works for me! you can create a beautiful natural look or a smokey look with this palette and the colors work for everyone! these are a pressed powder type not creamy or anything like that. some are matte some are shimmer. These are known color dupes for Mac and coastal scents. The compact it comes in has a clear top so you can see all of your colors and a black bottom. The shadow pans are staying in the compact I haven’t had one fall out or crack or bust on my palette. I guess I should say that you can complete an eye look with this kit easily. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Gertrude Fargo, OK

Pretty basic colors

I really love the colors on this palette but I feel there is alot of the same colors. I wish it has a little more varity of different natural shades but there are about a dozen colors that I really love and are there own color. There is alot of browns and light browns that look the same. but the dark brownish purple and the few lighter shades I really like. The pic online is not true to color of what it looks like either, I thought I would have at least 5 light highlighter shades but there is really only 2 that you could use for a highlighter but the rest you could only use to blend with the other darker shades for no harsh lines..

Pearlie Riddlesburg, PA

jo jo baltimore

It came and the colors are a beautiful option of neutral colors! I love the color variations in the shades!

Agnes Farrell, MS

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Color Palette- Review

This is a cool palette. I think the ingredients in this palette is a little different from the ones in the 120 palette. These seem more powdery. I use this one less than the others. Also, no good highlights in this palette.

Tamara Emery, UT

Different packaging than shown in picture

It has The Bh cosmetic logo but the lid is clear and not black like shown in the picture, therefore it looks cheap but the pigmentation of the shadows are good.

Nora Rozet, WY

BH 28 neutral palette

It is ok for starter makeup but I probably should have got the 88 warm palette. A majority of the shadows don’t show up on my nc 30-35 skin tone and are not blendable. Wouldn’t repurchase

Josefina Little Cedar, IA

Just what i needed

I love all the colors. Especially for this price the quality is amazing. You can create many looks for day and night time

Chandra Whitesboro, TX

I looooovvveee this makeup palette it is a good size when i received it was not messy or anything thanks

Lela Moriarty, NM

Great product for the price

Great quality neutrals for a good price. I have recommended this to people already who have asked me where to get good, cheap makeup. It has a good amount of colors, the only thing it’s lacking is a matte white. The colors blend pretty well and you can make countless looks with this (from no-makeup makeup to smokey and the things in between) I use this on a pretty regular basis and have had no problems with it. I hit pan on a flesh tone color I’ve been using for a highlight pretty fast, so that must be some indication of how much I like this product. I’ve been using for for a few months and feel I know it’s pros and cons, for the price the cons are very minimal (lack of mirror, some colors are a bit chalky but workable). If you need/want a lot of neutrals, I’d buy this. I think the only thing I use more than this for natural/neutral/smokey colors would be theUrban Decay Naked Palettethat is almost always overpriced on Amazon and is more than this at retail anyhow. ($48)Knocked off two stars because no, it isn’t AMAZING. But it’s definitely usable.

Juliana Marks, MS

Powder is flighty

This is a handy addition to my eye shadow collection. The reason for my three-star review is that the powder has too little body. This results in probably half the powder on the makeup brush flying off and landing on my upper cheekbones and around my eyes. When I go to tissue the powder off the rest of my face, it never comes all the way off. This occurs despite the fact that I use eye shadow primer. Many of the colors are so similar that it’s like getting three pots of the same color at times. Nonetheless, I would probably buy from this manufacturer again – the troubles are not as big a deal as how long the eye shadow does last after the application, and the colors are quite neutral, suitable for warm or cool complexions.

Rosalia Gales Creek, OR

Must-Have Palette.

This neutral palette is a must have for anyone who adores makeup. I actually purchased two of these palettes, one for myself and the other one for my sister. The eyeshadow isn’t chalky, and I find that the colors are easily blended. Definitely a staple for everyday looks, can be applied heavier for a wonderful night on the town!!!

Edna Saint Rose, LA

Pro MUA Review

This is a decent product. I like trying seemingly cheaper brands. Mainly because after working in the cosmetics industry, you realize there are only a few people who manufacture these brands. They are cheaper, usually because they are missing the brand names, but the product is the same. I would say for everyday use this is a fantastic product. For Professional use, it is Ok. The pigments are great. The product has a shimmer effect to it. The wells are quarter size oppose to dime size, like most BH Cosmetics eye shadows. The packaging was not what I expected, which is my biggest complaint. It comes with BH Cosmetics written on the front and the top is see through plastic. I personally prefer the all black packaging.ProsHighly PigmentedStaying powerDoesn’t take much to apply a whole lidConsPackagingSome of the colors ( due to the added shimmer) on African American skin , comes on the same.Shipping was 1 day as usual. I never pay for expedited shipping, because Amazon always ships fast.

Etta Fisty, KY

First time buyer & I’m impressed!

I’m not new to make up, but i am new to BH cosmetics, I’m a MAC cosmetics girl, but i’m really sick of the high prices, and not finding all the color variety I would like with them……Looking on youtube found an artist i love who uses this BH cosmetics and MAC and who works for MAC. So i decided to give BH a try……Well So far I am impressed, the colors are very pigmented and beautiful , i wasn’t sure what to expect cause some of the reviews on here sound horrid. But i’m pleased, for such a low price this product is really good. I’ve also purchased a few of their brushes to give them a try, they should arrive next week.The packaging was good, only issue i had was one of the shadow pots had came out, but nothing was broken or messed up. I also bought the party girl palette and there were no issues at all with that one.

Billie Seltzer, PA

A great palette to have

Great warm colors. I found that I use this palette more than I thought that I would. I even can use a lot of the colors on my 12 year old daughter and they don’t look too dark at all. I got this palette on Ebay ( it was a lot cheaper there ) and it is something that I would buy again. 🙂

Antionette Felton, CA

Nudes on a whim and loved it

I mainly got this palette because it was 11 bucks plus free shipping…..can’t be that for 28 neutral palette right? I’m glad I did purchase this because this palette so versital with different colors of neutral shadows the look can be endless.

Nina Clermont, IA