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BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition

Long lasting, easy to match different make-up styles! Super-fine Powder Produce even and long lasting makeup. Feels light and soft.Easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish. Includes matte and shimmer colors. Case size is 9″ x 6″ Feels light and soft.Easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish. Includes matte and shimmer colors. Case size is 9″ x 6″

Key features

  • 120 colors professional eyeshadow palettes! One palette contains 2 layers,portable and convenient to use.

Honest reviews



I just received the makeup kit today and so happy with the appearance of it. NONE of the colors were broken and I was super happy about that! I did not use it yet so I can not rate it 5 stars. 🙂

Betsy Elmora, PA

Terrible quality!

It arrived with the makeup crumbling away. As I lifted it out of the package 2 more colors broke in half (horizontally).

Marie Saint David, AZ

Not Too Good to Be True: It’s Really That Good!

Not Too Good to Be True: It’s Really That Good! Really “that great” is more like it. All my girlfriends and I thought, “120 colors for under $40 means it’s got to be low-pigment, low-quality eye shadow,” but that’s so far from the truth. These are richly pigmented, quality shadows in an unbelievably array of colors, plus you get a mixture of mattes, shimmers and metallics. With or without eye shadow primer or base, this makeup applies like a dream. However, I recommend using a primer or base, whichever you prefer, to prevent creasing or fading that may occur from your eyelid oils, not from this shadow’s tendency to do either, because it doesn’t. Whether you’re a pro or simply a gal who loves to play and experiment with color, stop worrying that this is too good to be true and just order it. You won’t be sorry. Additionally, this would make an awesome, affordable gift for any loved lady in your life. I must add that if I’d started with this palette, I wouldn’t have had to buy as many other palettes, quads, duos, etc. because this palette of 120 colors covers the spectrum. In fact, I’ve compared it to other palettes I have and aside from a few colors, I’ve been able to match up almost every color I have to either an exact match or an extremely close match (with differences so minor that it’s negligible). Finally, I chose the 2nd edition because I saw a picture on where the artist used colors from this edition, but I’d love to know what the 1st and 3rd editions have to offer and what makes them different enough to get them, as well. If you know or find out, please let me know. :0)

Corinne West Stockholm, NY

Great Product!

I love this product!! All of my eye shadows were perfect! none of them were harmed from shipping! when i received my palette it came with a ton of bubble wrap around it! So there was no possible way of the eye shadows breaking! The eye shadows are very very pigmented which is super good! It comes with a ton of amazing colors! The picture does this palette no justice! The colors are much more richer! I completely recommend this palette!! plus the shipping was really fast Evan thought i picked the longer 5-8 day shipping because it was $5.00 cheaper! I love this palette! now im going to try to buy more because of the amazing deal and great quality!

Edna Dania, FL


Love the makeup and the name brand I like how it apply on the face love the fact how fast i received it. Thank You

Nadia Holly Grove, AR

really good

i love how it shows up and am dark so really good you dont to get alot there a lot of COLORS the delivery was fast i got it in 2 days so i will get this again 🙂 love

Helena Corning, IA

Beautiful colors!

All I have to say is that this is an amazing palette. It was sent to me in perfect condition and I was surprised on how sturdy and heavy it felt. I had a very similar palette years before but it felt light and unstable… but of course it wasn’t from BH Cosmetics. It was some knock off I bought at the flee market pretty much. Anyways I would definitely recommend anyone who loves makeup to buy this. It’s a fun and great way to either get started or create new ideas. I practiced on my boyfriend (LOL) and the colors turned out very nicely. Extremely pigmented and gorgeous. BUY IT! ;D You won’t regret it.

Rowena Oregon, WI


I absolutely love THESE palettes! I feel like i scored big! These colors are so pigmented and beautiful!! When i got this in and saw them with my owned eyes i almost was in tears. Just amazing, even the shipping was really quick!! I ordered this tuesday night and got it by thursday afternoon on standard shipping!! I would definately recommend this to a friend!

Joni Hornitos, CA


I honestly bought this because I wanted red shadow. Red shadow is very hard to find and I love the pigment and color payoff I have come to expect from BH Cosmetics

Mamie Higgins, TX

LOVE IT!!! =)

Bought this as a gift for my Daughter & she is at the age of experimenting with all colors. She watches videos on YouTube on how to apply eye-shadow & she absolutely LOVES these eye-shadows! I wish she would let me take pictures of her eyes so I could share them on here, but she’s too shy for that…..right now anyways…lol.She actually wants all the series in these shadows, & I will work on that as gifts are needed quite frequently. VERY VERY quick delivery, GREAT & SAFELY packaged, & price is AMAZING!! =)

Michelle Coleman, GA

This Is NOT BH Cosmetics….. BUT

I must say that I was majorly disappointed when I received this palette and realized that it is not BH Cosmetics palette. I had been watching many youtube videos of reviews and was really ready to start experimenting with that product. If you are looking for BH cosmetic palette then you should avoid purchasing this product. Since I spent the money on the palette I decide to give it a try and found that the colors are still very pigmented and I really do like the palette overall. I have been trying many makeup looks with the palettes and have seen great results and have received awesome feedback. So in conclusion, I would still say get this palette for the number of colors that it has and the fact that they are pigmented. However, just know in advance that this is not a BH Cosmetics palette.

Sheena Karnak, IL

In Eyeshadow Heaven!

I had this on my Amazon wishlist for maybe 2 months before buying. I’m 26 years old and JUST started getting into makeup!!!! Sad I know lol. I’m not a complete makeup buff because I feel as though I still don’t need that much but I have come to be obsessed with eyeshadows, lipstick, and lip glosses. When I saw these 120 colors my eyes lit up. So many colors to choose from! After ordering and counting down the days until I’m suppose to receive them… and tracking my package lol.. the day finally came to receive them. They were suppose to arrive this past Saturday. I waited 2 hours outside for the mailman
• I live in Alabama and it’s hot here around this time of year
• . The mailman didn’t come and then it was a substitute mail carrier. I called the post office and they said they deliver sometimes as late as 7:30pm. I finally got my mail
• had ordered something else off Amazon that was coming at the same time as my eyeshadows
• and I got that package.. but no eyeshadows. I called again and they said the mail carrier would come back to deliver it and that sometimes they don’t realize there is more than one package. I went back to my house and kept tracking my package. Here it was 7:50pm and it still said out for delivery. The post office was closed at that time. I was confused as to why it said it was still out for delivery. 9:05pm came around and when I tracked my package again, it said attempted delivery and a notice was left. I was a little irritated but excited. I checked the mailbox Sunday… AND NOTHING!!! NOT EVEN A NOTICE!!!!! I was frustrated at this point. I honestly thought since it was a female substitute that she took my eyeshadows!
• I can laugh about it now but I was serious at the time LOL
• . Monday came and I went to the post office with my I.D. and tracking number in hand. The post office worker went to the back to find my package… then came back and said he couldn’t find it. I told him to check again because I know it’s back there. He went to check again and sure enough he found it. The box was definitely too big to fit in my mailbox
• the case could have fit perfect but not the package box it came in
• . Then he gave me another package. I ordered something that was suppose to come Tuesday and thought it came early. I got in the car and tore open the box and stared in amazement….at the paper it was wrapped in. I’ve never seen wrapping paper like that before and it reminded me of my fishnet dress I own except my dress was white.
• random observation…moving on
• . Well after unwrapping it from what seemed to be 3 boxes worth of paper… I got to my eyeshadows!Condition of Product: The case was beautiful and I love how you have to push the button to open it. This means it will stay securely closed. When I opened it, my eyes carefully scanned over each eyeshadow color. I then came upon the purple. The purple was broken
• sad face
• but it was still usable. Then I counted and noticed that was only 60 colors. I was looking around wondering where the other 60 was. After inspecting the side I saw a little hole where your suppose to place your nail and lift up. Up under the shadows I was looking at, was the other 60. All 60 of those were in perfect condition, none of those were broken.Surprise Bonus?: Ok I’m not sure what I did to deserve this next mention or if it was by accident but the other package…was ANOTHER 120 eyeshadows! It was the same thing I ordered. I checked my orders and sure enough I ordered only 1 set but they sent me a 2nd order of the same set. I gave the 2nd set to my 15 and 17 year old cousins because they are just getting into makeup too.WEAR A PRIMER FIRST: I can’t stress this enough because if you want it to last longer and bring out the colors more, use a eyeshadow primer first. I use De-Crease Eyeshadow Base by L’Oreal Paris. So far I’ve did a ombre green and that lasted me from 6:40am until I took it off around 7pm that night. It still looked as though I just put it on when I went to take it off. The next one I did was a pink hued smokey eye. My boyfriend went crazy over that look on me LoL.HEAT WARNING: Even with a primer, in humid conditions like here in Alabama, the shadows still creased. My other shadows do it as well when it’s really humid. Maybe I need to apply more primer before putting it on in weather conditions like that but just a usual application of primer won’t keep them from creasing if it’s very humid outside or your in a humid environment.Over all I’m loving these colors! There are so many different looks I can create from just the FIRST 60 set of shadows. Just imagine how many can be created if you choose from the full 120!Side Note: When my cousins opened their set that I gave them, all the shadows were in perfect condition….except the purple. So it wasn’t just mine, I’m starting to think the purple breaks easily or it was the delivery to the post off? I don’t know but it’s still usable, the purple in mine and theirs are just broken a little.Final Note: These don’t burn my eyes after wearing them for long hours. My other eyeshadows tend to burn my eyes if I wear them for too long and to this day I’m not sure why…but these BH Cosmetic eyeshadows don’t hurt nor burn my eyes and that’s a definite plus.Would I recommend them to others?? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Winnie Mason, WV

love this

i am in love with this product, i like to play around with a neutral and bright color so its not too extreme but when you base your eyelid first (i use face foundation) it stays all day. love & recommend

Deborah Blanchard, IA

Great for beginners

got this for my bfs lil sis some colors arent as pigmented as others but all in all great product for the price, and as long as you use primer, itll help alot, she uses too faced shadow insurance.

Latonya Ashby, MN

love it!

i love the colors and how they stay put. the only thing that i dont like is that its kinda of hard to pull out the top part to get to the bottem one…

Brandi Jennings, LA

Beautiful variety of colors!!

This palette was so worth the extremely low amount that I paid for it!! The colors are amazing and they are very well pigmented! I’m extremely pleased with this purchase, and very glad that I took the chance on this palette after reading the reviews.

Rosetta Bivalve, MD


Love this, wish there were more mattes but it is super cute and I love the colors, makes me go out of my comfort zone!

Kaye Hamilton, AL

Pretty Colors

Bought this for my daughters birthday. She is just getting into makeup and loves all the colors this set has. They are small samples but good enough to play with when her friends come over for girly make overs. The colors are fun !Some reviewers posted that theirs came in broken but not one was out of place, they did a good job packaging it for shipping.

Lidia Big Sur, CA


this set has both matte and non matte shadows, can basically create any look, as long as you have a good primer, even though the pots look small, it lasts a lot, and you get a lot of bang for the buck, plus i follow a lot of muas on youtube and they have this palette, so i can easily recreate the same looks.

Casandra Dozier, AL


a few of the eyeshadows came broken but for the price and quality and quantity its fine, not really a big deal, the eyeshadows smell a little funky though, like kids paint but whatever for a beginner its a good palette to start with, a lot of variety

Teresa Scammon, KS

The colors are very pigmented

If you are looking for an inexpensive, extremely pigmented eyeshadow palette, I highly recommend this palette.The colors are all pigmented. While applying the eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush, there was no fall out. I’m very impressed with this palette. I will most likely try different palettes and products from bh cosmetics.

Agnes Arrowsmith, IL

Five Stars

great product great value! i will be getting the neutral set too

Jo Grenville, NM


I was really impressed with how nice this item was. The colors are beautiful and plentiful. Now I have all the choices I would ever need to choose from!

Cara Avera, GA

In love!

I love the variety of colors the palette has, i feel in love with it right as i opened it! Everything was well maintained nothing was broken. I love doing my eyeshadow now happy buyer will purchase again in the future

Earline Sadieville, KY

Great Item

Ive had this for nearly a year. It is great all of the colors are pigmented really well and some have very nice shimmers. well worth the money and will purchase another set one day.

Annmarie Lexington, IN

It was okay

This says it’s a bh product but it’s not. The pigmentation is kinda low but you get what you payed for

Kim Fulshear, TX

Love it

I recieved my 2nd edition palette in one week after I ordered it and the colors was beautiful it had lots of shimmers as well as matte colors very pigmented and its very affordable and I will definately be ordering from this company always!!

Paula Gillespie, IL


Even though this palette took a long time to ship, I must say that this is one of the best products out there. Mainly because it offers a wide variety of colors in a compact, slim case, which is great. It has a great mix of neutral and standard colors, as well as bright, eye-catching colors. I can’t wait until summer and spring so I can really use all the colors and have fun with it. Also, all the colors are very pretty and pigmented and I just can’t get enough of it!!

Erna Delaware, IA

Surprisingly saturated pigments!

I knocked off one star rating due to 4 of the mini pots of color being broken in the mail, but they are still usable. Every color I’ve tried is far more saturated than the drug-store variety (even the name brand stuff). This means you use less of it and can actually see the color you are applying without using a trowel. Most of the colors have a matte and shimmery version, and there are loads of matte neutrals so you can use this palette for whole-face contouring rather than just eye shadow, making this a wonderful kit for theatre makeup.

Constance Crosbyton, TX


This eye shadow has an amazing performance. I was actually interested in a MAC palette since all of the tutorials with shadow I watch use them. But I wanted to NOT spend 80+ dollars so I tried this one instead, it looks nearly identical other than the name of course. I must say, the pigments show up quite well. I personally pair it with eye primer (link included) and it makes it show up and last all the better. Even the yellow shows up well and I’m very light skinned! There is literally every color one might need and even there isn’t you could certainly mix one up. I am able to sport a different look every day now and I love it. I can’t say every color is astounding since it will take months to wear them all, but I have no doubt they are all 5 stars with pigment and lasting ability. If you aren’t a name brand junkie I definitely recommend this. You will have a longevity and great wear from it. I guess my only complaint would have to be that it is rather large, so it’s not exactly portable unless you have a giant purse. Although I myself don’t actually need to take it anywhere I’m sure many of you do make up for friends and family so that’s really the only issue! Have fun and express yourselves.e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer elf

Shanna Meador, WV