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BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow, 5th Edition

You’ll fall in love with this irresistible 5th Edition eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics offers quality professional makeup products at amazing prices. Featuring the most brilliantly pigmented colors available. Highest quality ingredients for professional makeup products. 120 color palette.

Key features

  • Featuring the most brilliantly pigmented colors available
  • Highest quality ingredients for professional makeup products
  • 120 color palette

Honest reviews


So many colors, and VERY high quality!

I am in love with this eye shadow palette, every single color is SO gorgeous. I was so excited to receive this, I needed an eye shadow revamp anyway! I have never seen so many eye shadow choices. I have created endless looks with this. No matter what I wear, now I have a color to match. Not only are there tons of colors, but they are also easy to apply.I have a duo shadow/liner brush and could very easily create my shadow, liner, and upper eye blend with these colors. These are very professional because I accidentally dropped it AND not even ONE broke.Because there are so many shades of colors, this is very easy to blend. I can create SO many different smoky eye looks (grey, brown, black). There are choices between glitter and non glitter as well, which I love. I would rather have a non glitter shadow on my lower lid and a glitter shadow blended in for the top of my lids.These shadows are very easy to remove when your ready for it to come off, yet doesn’t smudge or wear off quickly. No matter what color/shade of skin you have or what look your going for, you definitely can’t go wrong here!If you are more of a neutral kind-of gal, but would like to eventually add some color in.. or if you would like to test colors on your skin tone or match shades with different outfits- this is perfect for you.How can the pricing be any better on this? I’ve went to department stores as well as Wal-mart and other stores and EACH little eye shadow pack (which only comes in 3 shades) are $6-$10 a piece. Your getting 120 DIFFERENT colors here for $23.50. I LOVE it!!The palettes are ABSOLUTELY perfect for travel. They come in a snap case with one palette on top of the other. There is a ribbon on the bottom palette so that it’s VERY easy to be able to pull out. It fits right inside my makeup bag and I’m not scared one bit of it opening and getting shadow inside my bag.

Nan Imler, PA


This was the first shadow palette I’ve ever purchased. To me, it’s great! I have all the colors I would eve need! There’s a lot of browns, a few blacks and grays, and there are bright colors (corals, purples, greens, etc) in matte and shimmer.

Tami Vian, OK


all the BH palattes i have are great, very pigmented and last me forever! i would highly rec these to anyone.

Cathy Packwood, IA

Excellent Price for Color Payoff

Great starter kit. I enjoy BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. It arrived without any broken shadows. I used it for around 6 months before giving it to my sister. The quality more than exceeds the price. The colors are true, especially if used wet or with a primer. I only gave it to my sister because all of the choices were alittle overwhelming for me, but she enjoys lots of colors. Love it. I will probably order something more neutral or smaller next.

Jan Coats, NC


I received the palette quickly. The colors are pigmented and I love the variety. The only thing I didn’t like was one of the colors had broke during shipping and was all over the case and inside. But other than that, I am VERY satisfied.

Annmarie Royalston, MA

Great Product

Lots of choices and lots of natural tones in the 5th edition. I would definitely get this again. Love it

Mattie Sidney, NY

Best palette that I own!

I am in absolute awe of this palette.I love how there are so many different colors; a mix of shimmer & matte. They colors are VERY pigmented & I seriously cannot wait to try out different looks with this palette.I highly recommend this product! It is amazing 🙂

Shana Santa Maria, TX

Not completely satisfied. ..

I was so exited to get this palette because I love BH Cosmetics but this palette was disappointing. When the package arrived at least 6 of the eye shadow pans were loose and fell out, none of them were broken some had little chips in them but I had to super glue the pans back in. I ordered this palette because it looked like it had a lot of neutral colors in it as well as some other colors but they weren’t as pigmented as I had hoped and some of the shimmer colors seemed to be just glitter with hardly any color. You defiantly have to use a primer with these eye shadows. I had to dip my brush quite a few times to get the color I wanted, even so i don’t think the color payoff was even close to as good as BH’s other palette’s. I’ve seen a lot better quality from BH’s other palette’s. This makes me quite sad. Sorry. I think the price should have been a lot lower for the quality. It is still use-able but it is NOT the best by any means, you do get a lot of product though pans are a little smaller than a quarter or about the same size. Could have been better. I do love the 88 shimmer palette but this 5th edition disappointed me a lot.

Claire Wallace, SD

Everyday bundle

I wold have to say that this array of colors is suitable for your everyday makeup needs as well as if you’d like to spunk it up in the evening. The majority are for the subtle feathery ladies who deserve a sophisticated yet bold look to make a statement. What is absolutely great about BH pallets is that you can mix and match to suit your needs, especially when traveling. You can even have a BH sister and buy palettes together then mix and match your styles and collections. A definite birthday or holiday gift for you and a friend. BH ROCKS! in addition the quality is perfect as the rest (no chalkiness with the matte colors) nothing bad to say at all. 🙂

Opal New Concord, OH

great for gift

I bought this as a gift for my sister and she loved it. I own the 3rd edition and use that one practically every day that I wear makeup.

Lula Orting, WA

great buy

two of the eyeshadows where broken but other then that i have 1 & 3 and has colors that they do not have and great high light colors so did not expect them at all and great bronze colors very pigmented

Molly Middle Brook, MO


I use this in my kit and I love it to pieces, love the colors and so many to choose from. I love the Pinks, Reds and Purples with a kick of browns and golds

Lauren Tuscarora, PA