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BFlowerYan Taiwan’s Famous Hair Bun Sponge Hair Bang Clips

Taiwan’s Famous Hair Bun Sponge Hair Bang Clips (Large)

Key features

  • Creat a bun in moments that makes it look like you spent a long time!

Honest reviews


This makes long hair a breeze

You can put your hair up in so many ways and it’s so easy. Styling long hair can strain your arms, neck and upper back. This takes out the pain and shortens your styling tome. Good stocking stuffer!

Annmarie Beckemeyer, IL

It pulls my hair out

I decided to try this out since my hair is not that thick. I thought it would be fun to try some new hair styles and see if I could add some volume to my bun.The first problem is that I clearly don’t have enough hair for this size. There was no guide to determine which size to buy based on how much hair you have.The second problem is that my hair is really fine and sticks to this thing a lot. Every time I tried to use it (and failed), I’d lose a lot of hair when trying to remove it.I really did not like this product. I’ll probably throw it away or give it to my sister. She probably has enough hair for it.

Carissa Ramah, NM

Good buy!

This is a really great buy! It makes you look like you have a lot more hair than you do and makes a really clean bun! I’ve found that even though I have really, really blonde hair, the black device doesn’t show through my hair, which is great! It’s such a fun, functional, easy to use piece! It should be in every girls hair care regime!

Tania Millstone, KY

Oh man, where to start!

The picture shows black with no other color options available to choose from, that I saw. When it arrived, it was bent and was unpackaged in a 3 x 3 envelope with no instructions, and was BRIGHT PURPLE! How do you hide that??!! Change my hair color to purple, I guess. Anyway, I sent it off to Good Will.

Caitlin Clarks Mills, PA

Bun sponge

This was easy to order and came in quickly, but am concerned it will break after using it repeatedly. But works great and is easy to use. Great item lets hope it holds up to the continued use.

Beverly Wisconsin Dells, WI

Ok product

It works but it is very big so you need to have a lot of hair or very long for it to look fine

May Wideman, AR

This thing sucks

Tried it and it doesn’t work. I had high hopes and thought for the price why not give it a go. I have never been so wrong. The quality is poor and it cant even hold my hair. If you have thick Middle Eastern hair this is not the product for you. Do yourself a favor buy a Tangle Teaser and move on with life. I was disappointed. 🙁

Stephanie Cable, OH

it sucks

unlike the pic it does not stay closed after you’ve managed to put it on . its a waste totally.

Maureen North Carrollton, MS

its ight

bought it for whenever i wan to but my hair in a bun, and this works better than the donut sponge.

Nadine West Dennis, MA

Bun sponge

This item is ok, it is not that easy to use. Does take some work and getting used to. I tends to stick in my hair and not slide very easily.

Kathie Eighty Four, PA


Horrible don’t waste your money ! Item did not work .. Better off buying those donut hair things .. Never again

Charlene Huttonsville, WV


This does nothing but bend and fall. There were no instructions on how to use it, although it should be self-explanitory. Why is there is nothing works?!

Janie Adolphus, KY


a littel more complicated to create than what i thought – i find a sock bun easier but my sister loves it so i gave it to her

Serena Phillipsburg, KS

Love it!

I bought this bun maker hair accessory for my niece and now she always insists on doing het own hair every day. Its soft and doesnt damage her hair.

Lashonda Valley Fork, WV


This is such a waste of money… I really feel bad for people like me who got curious and just wasted money for this. It basically does nothing…. it gets destroyed easily.?. Lowest quality…

Shana Guysville, OH

neat idea to do a easy bun

it is a little harder to do than what I thoughtbut it is a great idea . It has a good size for a bigger bun

Lorna Perry, IA