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Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant Shower Cap, The Hipster Collection, “Tough Love”

The Betty Dain Hipster Collection of Stylish Shower Caps shown here in the pattern “Tough Love” offers a waterproof and mold-resistant shower cap that is oversized to fit thick or long hair. The Hipster Collection of Stylish Shower Caps is made from frosted PEVA and comes with a colorful elastic lace trim. Additional patterns “Hippie Chick” and “Flower Power” available separately.

Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Made of mold resistant,PEVA
  • Trendy, fashionable design
  • Oversized to fit all lengths of hair
  • Available in 3 patterns: flower power, hippie chick, tough love

Honest reviews


Good Shower Cap for A Reasonable Price…

I got tired of the shower caps I purchased at the grocery store not keeping my hair dry, so this is my second Betty Dain Shower Cap. The cap is a good weight; the plastic is thicker than shower caps that were grocery store purchases. I would call this a medium-sized cap; my chin length hair fits comfortable into the cap without undo fuss or bother. It does not droop down into my eyes as did the Conair shower cap that it replaced. If I use a sweat band to lift my bands and the hair at the neckline, it keeps my hair completely dry. I think individuals with very thick or very long hair might be challenged to get all their hair into the cap or to have their hair stay completely dry.The elastic is not as wide as I had hoped it would be; in fact, it is more like an elastic thread. By my measurement, it is about .1 cm wide. I use a shower cap about every other day; my last Betty Dain lasted six months before it became a bit looser fitting than I like. However, I am still able to use it as a travel shower cap and just be sure my hair is tucked into a sweat band. My hair is a bit damp on the ends, but it takes only a few minutes for it to dry and my chin-length hair retains its shape. The design of the cap is fun – very colorful and whimsical.The price is reasonable. Even though I purchase two per year, the total annual cost is not prohibitive.It is because of the cap’s size and the width of the cap’s elastic that I rated it as a four-star purchase. Its relatively short use-life also factored into my rating.

Roslyn Oelrichs, SD

Designs smudge off

I used this product for a few weeks without noticing anything wrong with it, but then realized that the design would smudge off on anything it touched! Will not repurchase.

Angelica Cowlesville, NY

Good shower head

I own one I bought few month back. It’s good quality.I bought this for my sister.I recommend this shower head.

Tori Renton, WA

It’s a shower cap

OK, I am not a regular shower cap user. This one stays on and doesn’t feel too weird. I use it once a week after an afternoon workout. It contains most of my hair while up in a ponytail. It does what it needs to do.

Danielle Dupo, IL


Purchased the Tough Love for my 8 year old daughter, and I purchased the sassy strips cap for myself. The tough love cap is huge! Luckily my daughter has a large head and much hair. The sassy stripes worked better for me as it is a tighter fit. I think that these would make great gifts too! …and both are fun.

Celia Monte Rio, CA

Large Shower Cap

This is a large shower cap. I was skeptic at first because my daughter has long hair and most caps are too small. This one easily holds her hair. It is of good quality and will last a long time if taken care.

Roslyn Rogersville, AL

Don’t Buy It For the Design

The fit was fine around my head, my hair fit inside the cap, but the design washed off immediately. After getting wet about 3 times the design was gone and it was a plain white cap. This doesn’t matter to me at all as no one is looking at me when I have the cap on, but I feel using "Stylish Design" in the product description as a selling point is a lie if it’s going to be a plain white cap within a week.

Latoya Lolo, MT

Nice Product

I bought this shower cap because my last one was not tight enough and my hair got wet. This one fits snug but not too snug. Keeps my hair dry. I would recommend this. I have short hair but it is large enough for someone with long hair.

Marietta Columbia Falls, MT

Functional but …

PROS:The elastic is very stretchable (stretches comfortably without losing shape).The cap is plenty roomy. Will likely fit 90% of users. Only those with super long/monstrously thick hair will likely have problems.The material itself is very durable.Does what it says … keeps water out. :)CONS:Pattern fades and rubs off after only a few uses.Like another reviewer said, the ink rubs off of the cap and leaves black marks on your hands. After only four uses, the ink started rubbing off at an increasing rate. After 8 uses, the pattern on my cap is half gone! I am amazed because the cap in general is incredibly sturdy and keeps all of my hair dry (hence 3 stars). However, I think that if a company is going to offer a product in various patterns, they should create the pattern in such a way so that it is as durable as the cap. I’m really amazed at how easily the shower cap pattern has faded and literally rubbed off onto my hands.CONCLUSION:All in all, this was a decent buy for the price. I got mine on sale for $4.95 with free super saver shipping. But, I would not repurchase. What’s the point of buying a shower cap with a pattern if it fades/rubs off after only a few uses?

Sheree Absarokee, MT

It does what it’s supposed to!

I saw a lot of reviews mention that the pattern wears off and frankly I didn’t really care about that so I bought it anyway, but I’ll update if it does. I’ve used it every other day for about a week or two now and so far it hasn’t. The elastic is tight but comfortable and it keeps my hair dry (and even relatively unfrizzy) except for the very base of the back of my head because it tends to slip upward a bit.All in all it was worth the money for me!Update 12/19/2013: I’m still using this every other day and the pattern has not even begun to wear off. I don’t know if everyone else is letting the shower beat down on their head the whole time or what, but I haven’t had a problem at all. The elastic still works fine too. Adding the extra star because I have absolutely no negative things to say about this product, especially for the price.

Dayna Readstown, WI

Does the job

I use this as intended — when I just want to wash my smelly parts it does a fine job of keeping my hair dry in the shower. When I just want to wash my face, it does a fine job of keeping my hair out of the cleanser and water. It’s pretty cute, but I do not intend to use it out of the house, so that was not really a concern for me. I just went with the cheapest model. The elastic is snug but not too tight and is a bit thicker than the run of the mill drugstore variety of shower cap. This is only the 2nd shower cap I have ever owned, and I went many years without a shower cap. How? I don’t know. If this one gives out, I may or may not replace it. I know I can manage without it, and I’m not really dependent on it. It’s like that can of beets in the back of your cupboard — nice to know it’s there if you need it.

Nicole Primm Springs, TN

Works just fine

It’s a shower cap which means it best keep your hair dry in the shower. The hipster shower caps does that just fine especially so since the cap is secured with extra strong head hugging elastic. The plastic is relatively thick and the painted cap pattern is pretty too.Works fine.Recommend.

Traci Hillman, MI

They go the distance….

These caps really go the mile. They keep out water well – it is surpirising how many don’t – and I love that I have been able to put them in the washer with no ill effects.

Dionne Fort Peck, MT

big enough!

we hate shower caps. but one of us has long hair she doesn’t wash as often as she showers. so she needs caps. we can say that these are plenty big enough, which was the main need. we don’t use t hem as a fashion accessory, so what they look like is irrelevant to us.

Brandy Swansboro, NC

Great item

Package arrived on time and fit my head snugly.No water got on my hair and I use it for my deep conditioning treatments

Julia Peyton, CO

Dry head

Fits, fun, works well. Love the design. Cap stays put and works very well. This is one of the best ones we have ever seen.

Felecia Lowell, IN


When I first got this cap, I really liked it because it was so cute and functional. Now I am disappointed. The design has flaked off, for the most part, so it looks tacky. It still does the job and keeps my hair nice and dry, but I am disappointed.

Jeannine Belleview, MO