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Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant Shower Cap, The Hipster Collection, “Flower Power”

The Betty Dain Hipster Collection of Stylish Shower Caps shown here in the pattern “Flower Power” offers a waterproof and mold-resistant shower cap that is oversized to fit thick or long hair. The Hipster Collection of Stylish Shower Caps is made from frosted PEVA and comes with a colorful elastic lace trim. Additional patterns “Tough Love” and “Hippie Chick” available separately.

Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Made of mold resistant,PEVA
  • Trendy, fashionable design
  • Oversized to fit all lengths of hair
  • Available in 3 patterns: flower power, hippie chick, tough love

Honest reviews


Finally, all of my hair fits!

I’ve been looking for a shower cap that covered all of my hair. I apparently have such a large head that standard shower caps always left me with wet hair around my hairline. This one is not only cute, but it’s plenty large enough for my big noggin!

Betsy Ursa, IL

works well

I have a lot of hair and I can put it up and under that cap and it will keep it completely dry for my entire shower.

Tommie Wayland, OH

Better Than Shower Caps Purchased at the Grocery Store…

I got tired of the shower caps I purchased at the grocery store not keeping my hair dry. Additionally, they seemed to get holes in them fairly quickly or the elastic gave out sooner than it should have. Of course, I got two or three shower caps for the price of this one. It was time to choose whether I wanted to save a few cents or to have dry hair after showering. I opted for dry hair and ordered the Betty Dain “Flower Power” design shower cap.The cap is a good weight; the plastic is thicker than my grocery store purchases. I would call this a medium-sized cap; my chin length hair fits comfortable into the cap without undo fuss or bother. In fact, it keeps my hair completely dry and, in that respect, keeps me happy. I think individuals with very thick or very long hair might be challenged to get all their hair into the cap or to have their hair stay completely dry. The elastic is not as wide as I had hoped it would be; in fact, it is more like an elastic thread. By my measurement, it is about .1 cm wide. Even though I use a shower cap infrequently, I will be surprised if the elastic lasts a year. The design of the cap is fun – very colorful and whimsical.It is because of the cap’s size and the width of the cap’s elastic that I rated it as a four-star purchase. It should last longer than my grocery store purchases, but I question how much longer.

Pansy Simsbury, CT

Where has this been my whole life?

I have lots of thick hair, which I spend a lot of time (and some money) on to straighten and keep straightened…which means I do not wash it every day. Since I do, however, shower every day, I can’t live without a shower cap. I have been living with supermarket finds (or Target or the like) for years, and they were okay if I lucked out and found a LARGE size instead of the normal one-size-fits-most variety. They worked, but even the large wasn’t really big enough once I had a pony tail on top of my head (and you had to put your hair up, because the elastic generally wasn’t strong enough to keep the hair in on its own).Enter this shower cap. And my life has changed… :)It doesn’t have any plastic smell, it’s high quality, it’s BIG (fits all my hair when pony-tailed), and the elastic is strong (I wouldn’t need to use a pony tail, but it’s a hard habit to break)! What more can I ask for?I am definitely ordering another one or two of these to keep in my travel bag (so I don’t have to use the pathetic ones hotels offer) and have as backup!

Deanne Agana Heights, GU

Misses The Mark

I ordered two of the Flower Power caps, and while cute looking, I cannot recommend them. I have a wide head and long hair. There is ample room for my long hair, and the cap is wide enough where the elastic band doesn’t gouge into my head. BUT, the cap is almost too wide. When I first place the cap upon my head, I have the elastic band near my hairline, which is where I want it to stay. This cap steadily slips down further and further until the elastic band is covering my eyebrows. It will not stay in place. My skin is dry and has no moisturizer on it before I put the cap on, but no matter what, its slips down to my eyebrows. Did I mention I have a wide head? I can’t believe this is happening. Before, I was using two large size shower caps at the same time and I had to cut the elastic bands on those because they would gouge into my skin, leaving me with a headache and an elastic band tattoo across my forehead. I was really hoping these extra-large caps would do the trick but they don’t.

Sandy Trenton, MO

pretty roomy…

i bought this cap for my young daughters. It does what it’s supposed to, keep hair dry, but this cap is pretty big. It fits my 7 yr old ok, sort of fits my 3 year old, and the cap is very poofy. I would imagine that if you were an adult with long hair, this might be the perfect cap for you. For the kids, it’s a little too big and too much.

Latonya Aibonito, PR

Works we’ll, a little too big

A little too big for my head but it dose it’s supposed to – keep hairs dry! It also dries nicely without any foul smell like those with a trey cloth lining. This one is simple and functioning

Casey Cornelius, NC

Substantial shower cap, good quality. Worth buying!

Nice shower cap. The material it is made of is substantial, not like those cheap hotel-provided caps, and has good elastic so that you shouldn’t have water leakage problems. The flowers are fun.

Ollie Brownfield, ME

Great shower cap

If you have thick hair, long hair, a lot of hair, and want to keep it dry in the shower, this is THE shower cap. I have used so many types over the years and this is the first one to actually do the job. It’s big enough. The elastic is tight, It is sturdy and it does not smell.Note that it IS pretty tight fitting. You can’t expect to wear it around the house. But for a shower, I can take a little tightness to keep my hair dry. I save time every day by not having to wrestle with a shower cap and then dry the strands that escaped. GREAT shower cap. Great deal on Amazon.

Fannie Grand Island, NE